Top Remote Digital Marketing Jobs in 2024 (Skills & Where to Find Them)

Top Remote Digital Marketing Jobs in 2024

The pandemic introduced us to a lot of things - masks, PCR Tests, and working while in our sweatpants at home. IMasks are out of style, PCR tests seldom used, but remote work has not left our culture, especially in the marketing world. Remote digital marketing jobs are of the most in-demand benefits today, and many compan. have made it a permanent policy. 

As almost (if not) all digital marketing work has to be done online, it is one of the only industries where you can land a remote job. In this article, we’ll go over 9 different in-demand remote marketing jobs you can specialize in so you can work from anywhere you want. 

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9 Most In-Demand Remote Marketing Jobs

1) SEO Specialist


An SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Specialist is the person who tries to get their company’s content to rank high on search engines such as google.

SEO Specialists need to analyze consumer behavior to determine what are the best search terms (keywords) to focus on. They also need to determine how competitive certain keywords are and if it is worth trying to rank highly. 

SEO Specialists often need to be good content creators, particularly writers. Web analytics skills are essential to finding the right keywords to rank highly in and to optimize the content so that it can rank higher on the search engines. This analytical skill is essential for SEO Specialists to come up with an effective content strategy. Google, which is the most competitive platform for SEO, is constantly changing its algorithm, thus, to be a great SEO Specialist you always have to keep up with the latest trends in SEO.

2) Content Writer


SEO Specialists often work closely with content writers, or sometimes are the content writers themselves. A content writer is the person that writes articles, blog posts, copy etc. 

Content writers often have to implement strategies that the strategist/company has provided them. They need to find ways to interject valuable keywords into their articles while maintaining a natural flow and readability. 

Content writers are often tasked with so many different topics that it is impossible for them to know all of the information off hand. Therefore, finding quick and accurate research about a wide variety of subjects is something content writers need to be good at. They also need to come up with snappy titles and headers that inform the reader what the content is about while also enticing them to click on the link.

Key skills for a content writer are research and communication. Content writers need to work with the strategist and analyst of their company to align with the company’s content marketing strategy and make the content as optimal as possible. Time management and organization are also essential skills as writing jobs often come with strict deadlines. 

3) Social Media Manager


The rise of social media in the digital era has made social media management one of the most in-demand marketing jobs. A social media manager’s key responsibility is managing the company’s social media accounts (such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc). They have to determine what is the best strategy to promote the company’s brand, engage with their fans, and raise awareness to acquire new audiences. Customer engagement is also a crucial skill to have as social media has become one of the main channels people go to for information and social media managers are tasked with handling these interactions with the followers.

Social media managers strategize about what content should be posted on their accounts or even create the contents themselves. They also analyze data to determine the best way to create successful campaigns to acquire more visitors and followers.

Social media managers have to be good at planning and have strong project management skills. They need to schedule consistent updates to stay relevant. They need to understand what their audience wants, and need to figure out ways on how to continuously engage with them.

4) Email Marketing Manager


An email marketing manager launches marketing campaigns through email. Email marketing is one of the oldest forms of marketing, but it still remains one of the most effective ways to retain customers and generate revenue. Email marketing is a tool that grows brand loyalty. 

Email marketers need to develop campaign strategies to advertise their product without coming off as spammy or sketchy. They often optimize their email marketing formula by evaluating what links are clicked on, how long people are staying at the landing pages, and how many sales are ultimately converted at the end of the entire process. 

Aside from data analysis and copywriting, design is an essential skill for a top tier email marketer. A well structured and visually-engaging email with a hooking title is the first step to attracting a potential client. 

5) UI/UX Designer


While UI/UX designers doesn't fall under the umbrella of digital marketing occupations, the skills associated with UI/UX design are becoming increasingly essential for those working in digital marketing today. A UI/UX designer is responsible for the design of the interface we see in the digital products that we use. In order to do this, they need to understand what users want and design it so that the user experience of using the product can be as seamless and intuitive as possible.

UI/UX designers need to collect information, do a bunch of research, investigate and evaluate the product user’s requirements. Their main responsibility is to design app or website interfaces that can be easily understood and used, ensuring a smooth experience when the product is used by the clients.

To become a great UI/UX designer, you must possess not only technical skills (such as prototyping, UX writing, computer programming, wireframing, etc.), you would also need to have great collaboration skills as UI/UX designers need to work closely with internal teams such as software developers, engineers, as well as marketers.

6) Digital Marketing Analyst


Companies have to sort through tons of data in order to make their decisions. Data has become one of the most valuable commodities in the internet era, and this is where digital marketing analysts come in to help gather and interpret it into valuable insights to help make important business decisions.

Marketing analysts need to do more than just collect large amounts of data. This can be data about a certain campaign performance, or just general business data. They also need to explain to people why this data is important, collect and process the data, analyze and interpret it, then come up with solutions and strategies. It is a highly important role as businesses rely on them to make data-driven decisions on which strategies to implement. These marketing strategies can be targeted to various kinds of purposes, such as reducing marketing costs, optimizing campaigns, identifying consumer trends, and gaining knowledge about competitors. 

A fundamental understanding of statistics, data analytics and attention to detail will go a long way as a digital marketing analyst. Aside from that, you will require great communication skills to collaborate with cross functional teams. As mentioned before, marketing analysts need to translate complex data into understandable terms for the decision makers. They also need to leverage their knowledge to help guide the strategist in the company to making the best tactical decisions. 

7) Affiliate Marketing Manager


Affiliate marketers are people who promote other companies' products on their platform. Whenever a purchase is made through an affiliate marketers link, they get a cut of the commission. Affiliate marketing manager’s are people who identify potential partners to advertise their products on their platforms.

Affiliate marketers need to develop scalability to their programs. They need to find partners that can spread their brand to many people, but their job also requires quality control to make sure the person advertising their product is credible or respected. 

The profit margins for affiliate marketing is not as great as selling products on your own platform, so they must compromise reasonable commissions that work for both parties. This makes negotiation and strategic thinking important skills an affiliate marketer needs to possess.

Understanding other marketing tools like SEO and e-commerce are important for becoming a good affiliate marketer. Utilizing strategic placements of links and backlinks that lead to your sales funnel is key to generating passive revenue. 

8) Influencer Marketing Coordinator


While the internet becomes more and more populated, people are becoming more and more sensitive and aware of marketing tactics. That is why influencers are becoming trusted sources of information, as people tend to trust better recommendations made by a real “human”, and contents made by real people, instead of brands. 

An influencer marketing coordinator works closely with content creators, influencers and public figures. Their task is to establish partnerships and collaboration between the brand and people who have high-traffic blogs, niche websites, or influencers who have huge follower bases on platforms such as Instagram, TikTok or YouTube. Once partnerships are established, their task is to coordinate with these influencers to launch marketing campaigns for the business and align with the brand strategy.

Influencer marketing coordinators have to facilitate and grow meaningful business relationships with powerful figures in their industry. They also need to be able to identify which authority figure is worth partnering with. Their work involves finding partners who match with their company’s brand and voice, and negotiate terms and execute collaborations with these partners.

The ability to cold call and negotiate is necessary to work with authority figures. Trend analysis is also useful for finding authority figures who have the potential to become very popular but are not yet. Investing in the right authority figure early on can be a great way to reduce cost. 

They will often be the mediator between the company and the influencer. They need to speak on the best behalf of their company while also covering the needs of the influencer. This might be the marketing position that demands the best people skills. 

9) Video Marketing Specialist


Video marketers can create video marketing content for paid ads or develop content marketing strategies to distribute video content organically through marketing platforms. Video-oriented social media platforms have risen to the top in recent days, with sites such as TikTok and YouTube becoming one of the most populated globally.

Convincing call-to-actions have to be tastefully and tactically placed inside marketing videos. Quality content will keep users coming back, in turn spreading brand awareness as well as converting sales directly. 

This is why video marketers need a wide variety of skills that are not just associated with videography. Becoming proficient in sound engineering, video editing, and cinematography are all essential parts to creating engaging video content for effective marketing. A video marketer should also understand what different audiences find interesting or fun. They need to be in-tune with their audience so they can make videos that feel genuine. 

Short-form video content has risen to popularity, so now many video marketers need to be adept at creating full stories in under a minute or even seconds. Writing an efficient script is one of the most in-demand skills for video marketers. 

Where to Find Remote Digital Marketing Jobs

Job Searching Websites

Most popular job searching websites have filters for remote jobs. Go to a job listing site like LinkedIn, CakeResume, or Indeed and simply turn on the “remote work” filter. 

Type in the position you’re looking for. Remember, many marketing positions have overlapping skills and responsibilities. You should consider typing in similar positions that may have job responsibilities inline with what you want to do.

Social Media

You can use social media as a tool to find remote jobs as well, especially if you are looking to be a social media manager or video marketing manager. If you have a following on social media you can leverage it by saying what type of work you’re looking for and then people will reach out to you.

If you do not have a following, you can still use social media to find communities where jobs are listed. This can include things such as groups on Facebook or chats in Discord.

Company Websites

Think about companies that interest you and go to their career page on their website. If they do not have one, try to reach them via their “Contact Us” link or directly message the hiring managers or HRs on LinkedIn. 


Don’t forget in-person networking. Find job fairs, exhibitions, and networking events where you can meet people. Face to face meetings during these events often leave a stronger impression than emails or DMs. Ironically, connecting to people in person can be one of the best ways to find a job where you work exclusively online. 

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How to Land Remote Digital Marketing Jobs

Finding jobs that suit you is the first step. Next, you have to figure out how to get hired. Here are some tools that will boost your chances of getting the online marketing job that you want.

Cover Letters

Write a cover letter for every job listing. Online marketing jobs highly depend on communication or writing, so this is a good chance to show your soft skills. 

Cover Letters are essentially pieces of copy. They exist to persuade someone to open another link (in this case, your resume). Ideally, a cover letter should be 3-4 paragraphs long. Take this cover letter structure as reference:

  • Paragraph #1 - Introduce who you are, the job position you want and how you found the job listing.
  • Paragraph #2 - Briefly describe your best achievements. Quantify the things you’ve done using numbers. (My niche website generated 2000 dollars per month from affiliate marketing)
  • Paragraph #3 - Either explain another qualification you have or say what you like about the company and why you would be a good fit.
  • Paragraph #4 - Wrap it up! Thank them for taking the time to read your resume and say goodbye. 

Cut out information that is not relevant. Most resumes should not go over 2 pages, especially if you are applying for an entry level remote digital marketing job. 


Your resume should contain information relevant to the job. If your work experience is not in the marketing industry, try to leverage your transferable skills (writing, sales, graphic design, project management, etc.).

You should structure your resume in this order:

  • Header: state your name, location, email, phone number and relevant social media.
  • Summary/Objective: state who you are and what you aim to accomplish - this section is more practical for people with little experience.
  • Work Experience: most recent job goes on the top.
  • Education: your highest level degree goes on top. Certifications go on the bottom.
  • Skills
  • Hobbies/Interest: this is not a priority, but if you think you have a hobby that fits in with the company culture, then it’s not a bad way to show your genuine interest.

If you just graduated from college then list your education before your work experience. Always play to your strengths and play down your weaknesses.

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Customize your resume cover letters to match the information in the job listing. Job descriptions and responsibilities will have key terminologies that you can use in your resume that will catch the recruiting managers eye. You can use CakeResume online free resume builder to make an ATS-friendly resume with ease!


Even if you have never had a marketing job or degree, you can go a long way if you can demonstrate your skills through work outputs presented in a digital marketing portfolio.

After you have decided which marketing job you want, start working on a project. Write sample articles, create websites, grow your social media page, film videos, edit images etc.

You can create a website dedicated to your portfolio. On your website you should provide links to relevant works you’ve done as well as highlight any client testimony. If you have won awards or worked with well established companies, highlight that as well! 

📚 Further reading: 30 Portfolio Examples, If You’re Wondering What a Portfolio Should Look Like

The Interview

Because you are applying for a remote digital marketing job there is a good chance your interview will be online instead of in-person. The basic fundamentals for an online and in-person interview are the same, but there are a couple of things you might overlook if you have never done one before.

First, always test out your software and equipment before the interview happens.

If you’ve never used Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet then install them ahead of time. Create a room, do the audio/video test, and become familiar with the interface.

Dress presentably for your interview. Do not think that because you are home you can be wearing t-shirts and sweats. Also, do not assume that your pants do not matter, you might get up during the interview and reveal you’re not dressed professionally.

Have your interview in a room that is reasonably lit, with nothing messy or distracting in the background. If you do not have a room that is aesthetically suitable for an interview then use background filters. A safe background filter is one that simply blurs out the background. 

Lastly, research the products and services that the company provides in case it comes up during the interview. Review commonly asked interview questions, prepare some answer and you’ll be ready to ace your interview!


Marketing jobs are exciting and rewarding, especially if you can work remotely. You can work under less stressful conditions while strategizing or creating interesting projects, and it’s an industry with limitless growth opportunities.

There is a remote digital marketing job for every type of personality. Find one that suits you and filter for “remote jobs” on popular job listing sites. Even if you have no experience, you can still create projects and prepare a strong portfolio.

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— Originally Written by Christopher Grudge —

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