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Before serving up diners your best service, you need to convince the owner that you're the best personnel to run the place by serving the most outstanding restaurant manager resume. 

Either at a fast food joint or a Michelin star-awarded restaurant, a restaurant manager is responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operation, training new employees, ensuring a positive customer experience, and making sure the fiscal health of the establishment.

In order to become an excellent restaurant manager who is able to lead the restaurant to success, one has to showcase exemplary leadership, communication, multitasking, and firm decision-making skills, just to name a few. 

Writing a unique restaurant manager resume could be challenging, it needs to cover all your skills and work experiences and still manage to impress the recruiter in a split second.

In this article, you can expect to:

  • Learn how to write a compact yet informative resume for restaurant manager.
  • Know what information to include in a restaurant manager resume.
  • Choose a resume format for restaurant manager that is best suited for this role.
  • Be able to compose a memorable restaurant manager cover letter.

How to write a restaurant manager resume

We understand that crafting a resume sometimes can be overwhelming and takes a lot of time because most of us aren't quite sure where to start. There are 6 crucial steps and let us break them down for you.

STEP 1: Recognize the difference between a restaurant manager "resume" and "CV".

Depending on where you are on the globe, the terms CV (curriculum vitae) and resume might refer to different things. Thus, one has to pay attention to what is requested. 

Usually, for a restaurant manager position application, recruiters ask for a brief and most relevant summary of your skills and experiences, which is called a restaurant manager resume.

Meanwhile, comprehensive and extended information of your work history and skill sets is called a restaurant manager CV. A CV is rarely requested for a job application because it could be more than two pages and recruiters normally scan through applications within seconds.

STEP 2: Decide the best resume format for restaurant managers.

Ideally, you want a format that serves your skills and experiences the fastest in the best way possible to the hand of the restaurant owner. As someone who bears many responsibilities, avoid elaborating on the generic restaurant manager duties on your resume, and put the focus on the accomplishments met instead. 

💡 The chronological resume format is the way to go for 3 compelling reasons:

  • It advertises the most recent managerial achievements and roles right off the bat.
  • It keeps the restaurant manager resume looking neat and structured.
  • Recruiters are familiar with its layout.

STEP 3: Look into some online restaurant manager resume examples.

Leave no stone unturned!

Go on the internet and search for restaurant manager resume examples (or restaurant manager CV samples). The purpose is to paint a picture of how the end result should look like. 

🔍 You will also be able to acquire some insights on what and how to write, including but not limited to:

  • An objective for restaurant manager resume.
  • Restaurant manager resume description.
  • Restaurant manager professional summary.

STEP 4: Individualize the restaurant manager resume.

Submitting a generic resume might be the easiest and fastest way to get your application reviewed, but it definitely is not the most effective and high-yielding option. Like any other employers, restaurant owners like to know that the person they trust most to run their business has a deep understanding of the restaurant and its value, vision, and mission.

To increase one’s chance and make the cut, one should always craft their restaurant manager resume to align with the job description, required skills, and experiences.

STEP 5: Attach an application letter for a restaurant manager.

If a resume is a tool to market the jobseeker's value and skills, an application letter (a.k.a. cover letter) is an apparatus to sell and seal the deal, as it might decide if one lands an interview or not. 

Jobseekers are able to elaborate on one of the achievements mentioned on the resume in the cover letter. Therefore, the tone of a restaurant manager's cover letter should be persuasive and supportive of the resume.

STEP 6: Perform inspections and proofreading on the resume and cover letter.

Comparable to a food expeditor's duty, the submitted restaurant manager resume and cover letter should be free from grammar mistakes, irrelevant word choices, and spelling errors. Additionally, any information included should be true, updated, and relevant.

What to put on a restaurant manager resume

1. Resume Header

The essential personal information that should be included is no less and no more than:

  • Full name
  • Professional email address
  • Phone number

⏳ Reminder: For overseas or out-of-state applications, make sure to mention the current city and country of residence.

2. Resume Headline

The function of a resume headline is to let readers know in a glimpse where you are on a professional level and is placed under the applicant's name.

For examples:

  • Restaurant general manager with 10 years' experience
  • Experienced fast food restaurant manager

3. Resume Summary

Regardless of how impressive your work history and skills are, the restaurant manager resume summary section can be the make or break. This short paragraph should entail the most notable achievement and strongest skills relevant to a restaurant manager position. 

Professional summary for a restaurant manager resume example:

Self-motivated restaurant manager and sommelier with 8 years of experience in and extensive knowledge of  European cuisine. Exhibited excellent leadership and service-oriented mindset while maintaining a high-record of profit and loss gain.

4. Resume Objective

This section is to emphasize what you seek in the new role.

Example of a professional-looking career objective for restaurant manager:

Looking to implement my keen managerial skills, vast knowledge of the culinary and hospitality industries at BistroX.

5. Skills

A restaurant manager resume skills list is not only a fraction of the resume itself. Aside from work experience, recruiters put a lot of consideration into candidates' skill sets before inviting them for an interview. 

On a restaurant manager's resume, one could either point out one’s strongest skill that sets them apart from the competition or the highly required skill.

To keep up with the job, a blend of soft skills and practical skills is required, just like the below example:

For examples:

  • Hospitality knowledge, specifically in Food and Beverage industry
  • Decision-making
  • Staff training
  • Food and beverages safety control
  • Profitable-thinking
  • Communication

6. Work History

Everyone has to work their way up to reach the restaurant general manager role. With that said, it is safe to assume that applicants who seek this position have got a few years of work experience in their pockets.

When touching on restaurant manager experience on a resume, it is best to lay it out in a bullet points format

For examples:

  • Established a new training program for customer-facing staff that successfully increased guests satisfaction from 85% to 92%
  • Supervised more than 30 employees, decreased turnover rate to 5%
  • Reduced cost by 10% after evaluating and eliminating inefficient storage issues

7. Education

Although a perfect GPA score is not necessarily what employers look for when you are already a mid-level or senior-level professional, it is still important to include a bit of educational background. Let your future employer know your roots.

8. Additional Information

Any relevant information that can add value to your application should be covered in the additional information section, for instance, language skills, certifications, awards, and others.

Tips for Writing a Professional Restaurant Manager

Tip #1

Make some tweaks and tailor the restaurant manager resume according to the posting. Each restaurant has its preferred qualifications. In order to appeal to the hiring team, the jobseeker should consider adjusting the resume, be it the writing style or which skill to put on top.

Tip #2 

Consider this, the content of a restaurant general manager resume and restaurant floor manager resume will be slightly different because each role requires different expertise.
Slip in the keywords related to the job description and job posting into your restaurant manager resume to increase the chance of getting an interview.

Tip #3

Use quantifiable data in the form of percentages or statistics when describing your achievements. Numbers allow a more definite illustration for the recruiters to measure a candidate's ability.

Tip #4 

Present your application in an ATS-friendly format, which means submitting a restaurant manager resume pdf and leave the MS Word file for your own viewing.

Tip #5 

Choose your words carefully by selecting action verbs to elaborate on your accomplishments and duties. You want to appear as someone with a strong initiative on your restaurant manager resume.

Tip #6 

Focus on achievements instead of explaining previous work responsibilities.

How to write a great restaurant manager cover letter

One more thing to make your job application complete is to write a cover letter. We've prepared a comprehensive guide for ,a href="">writing a cover letter for restaurant manager position for you to refer, but here are the five basic items to keep in mind.

A well-written restaurant manager cover letter requires 5 basic items:

  1. Basic personal information such as name, email address, phone number, and location.
  2. Opening: a polite greeting to the restaurant owner or the hiring manager and institute an introduction about you and your professional career.
  3. Motive: tell them why you want to be a restaurant manager for that specific restaurant, get on their right side by pouring over what you have learned about the business and/or company.
  4. Assertion: explain how you are a great addition to the team and why you are THE one, plead your case respectfully.
  5. Closing: thank the hiring manager for reviewing your application.

CakeResume provides the best resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate their qualifications. Let us help you land the dream as a restaurant manager with our free resume builder!

Restaurant Manager Resume Sample

Josia Burton

Restaurant Manager Experienced in Fine Dining Operation

[email protected]
New York City, NY, USA


Profit-driven and service-oriented restaurant general manager supervising fine dining restaurants for 8+ years. Possessing strong business insights and extensive comprehension in hospitality with a proven record of increasing P&L by 60%.

Work Experience

Restaurant General Manager                                           
Brick Oven, NY, USA

March 2013 - Present

  • Supervised restaurant renovation and liaised with constructors, interior designer, and board of directors
  • Monitored, audited, and supervised food, beverages, and services to uphold customer satisfaction rate
  • Implemented a new training system for floor staff that led to a 98% positive clients feedback

Restaurant Manager 
Gastronobistro, NY, USA

January 2006 - March 2013

  • Increased profit by 40% by implementing new reservation systems that maximized kitchen operation and dining room service
  • Collaborated with a renowned mixologist in executing a promotional event that boosted restaurant image and online engagement to 95%
  • Established an improved account system for bookkeeping proven to raise efficiency by 57%


  • Financial allocation and cost control
  • Marketing & brand promotion
  • Food and beverage quality control
  • Verbal and written communication
  • Wine knowledge
  • Team building and management
  • Leadership
  • Staff performance assessment
  • Customer service
  • Key relationship management

Language skills:

  • English: native
  • Italian: professional-level proficiency


  • Culinary Institute of America, NY, USA
    Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management
    September 1998 - June 2002
  • Student intern at Pastali, NY, USA
    January 2002 - May 2002

--- Originally written by Teresa Edria ---

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