Resume Header: Tips, Examples & How to Stand Out

A resume header is said as a business card in the resume and is placed on the top of your resume. A resume header includes essential information about yourself. Professional resume headers give your hiring manager an idea about yourself.

Unlike resume headings which are titles of different sections of a resume, the header of a resume includes personal profiles and is normally written in different lines or bullet points.

How to Make a Professional Resume Header

When constructing your CV or resume header, there are a few vital components that you have to remember to include in the resume header format. 

Compulsory Elements of a Resume Header

  1. Full Name

Include your full name in your resume header. Be sure to use a bigger size for your resume header font size since you would want your hiring manager to remember who you are. Keep note of using the same name throughout all different places like a resume, cover letter, or even LinkedIn so that your recruiters won’t get confused.

  1. Job Title

A job title in your CV/resume header would give recruiters a better idea of what your specialization is. Especially when you’re licensed or were given any certifications, put your related job title in your resume/CV header.

  1. Address

Some say it is okay to leave out your address in your CV/resume header. However, some recruiters consider the time of your commute an important point. If you don’t like sharing too much information, you could also just put the city you currently live in on your CV/resume header.

  1. Phone Number

Phone number is considered as one of the most efficient ways for a hiring manager to contact you. When your hiring manager wants to set up an interview, they usually look for the number you put in your header for resume.

  1. Email Address

Your email address is another way for recruiters to find you. In case you weren’t able to answer your phone, remember to put your email address in the header for your resume so that the hiring manager could find you more easily.

Optional Elements of a Resume Header

  1. Resume Profile/Profile Summary

If you have extra space on your resume header and want to catch employers’ attention with an impressive resume profile summary, then you can consider adding a resume profile or a profile summary in your resume header. 

  1. URL(s) to an Online Portfolio or Social Media Account

Personal branding is highly valued in today’s workplace. Showcasing your skills using online portfolios or personal websites and social media accounts can show your value as an employee, so you could add them to your resume header. 

It is up to you to consider whether you think it is vital for your career. If you work in the creative field, or just want to show off your personal brand, consider including these URLs on your resume header:

  • Personal website 
  • Online portfolio 
  • LinkedIn
  • Medium
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Youtube channel

Tips on How to Make a Resume Header that Stands Out

How to Create a Resume Header in Word

To craft your resume header in Word, remember to not utilize the document headers in Word. Since you would want your resume to be ATS-friendly, it is essential to make a perfect header for your resume. You can also use existing resume header templates on MS Word to create the perfect resume header.

For names, use 22pt as your font size. As for other details in your resume header, use 11pt font size.

How to Create a 2-Page Resume Header

If you’re writing a 2-page resume, just make the resume header on page 2 exactly like the one on page 1. By doing so, your hiring manager would remember your resume header more easily.

Tips to Make your Resume Header Stand Out

💡 Use an attractive resume header design from existing resume header templates.

An attractive design is what best catches one’s eyes. By having an eye-catching resume header design, the hiring manager would get to remember you faster.

💡 Use an appropriate resume header font size and style.

For your resume header, information other than your name doesn’t have to be too big. Control the font size in between 11 to 13pt, while your name could be 22 to 24pt.

💡 Utilize resume icons.

Sometimes icons are more readable than words. Therefore, instead of words, you could also put in icons so that your resume header would be read more easily. 

💡 Exclude any information that might lead to discrimination.

Please be careful in writing your cv header. Be aware of not adding words or sentences that could be offensive. Keep your resume header simple and easy.

💡 Proofread and avoid any grammar or spelling mistakes.

It is vital to proofread after finishing your resume header. Make sure there are no mistakes or any wrong information that would mislead your hiring managers while they brief through your cv header.

Important Resume Sections/Headings

To summarize, a resume header gives your employer your basic information. However, there are other important sections that are should be included in your resume:

1. Resume Header

As mentioned above, resume headers include a lot of information about oneself and would be very useful for recruiters to view through your resume.

2. Resume Summary

An opaque resume summary would give your hiring manager a great perspective of who you are. A rather vague resume summary would not present your potential in the following field. Hence, be sure to write your resume summary well.

3. Career Objective

A perfect career objective would show visions of your aspiration. Hence, a clear career objective is essential. It gives you a place to tell your future employer what you’re aiming at.

4. Skills

Skills are one of the most important parts to show towards your recruiters. Recruiters often look through your skills in order to determine whether you’re qualified for the job or not. Before crafting this part, you could also look at the job description to see what qualifications. Make sure you hold the skills they are searching for and write them down properly.

5. Work Experience

If you have work experiences relevant to the job you’re applying for, be sure to write them down! Past working experience shows your competence in the position. The hiring manager often deems this as an efficient way to get to know your ability.

6. Education

Especially for freshers who just graduated, your educational background counts as an important part of the review. Remember to also write down some details about your academic background so the hiring manager could understand what you’ve learned.

7. Achievements

Whether your achievements from education or career, it is a plus to put in your achievements in the past. Achievements could show that you have done a great job in the following prospects.

8. Additional Sections

If you have earned useful certificates, done any related projects, or competed in any relevant contests, be sure to write them down on your resume. Especially if they are highly related to the duties of the job you’re applying for, writing them down could be a plus to getting the job and would present a great outline of your abilities in related fields.

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Resume Header Examples

Resume header for fresher

Resume header for fresher
Created by CakeResume

Resume header for customer service

Resume header for customer service
Created by CakeResume

Resume header of teacher

Resume header for a teacher
Created by CakeResume

Resume header example for a digital marketer

Resume header of digital marketing
Created by CakeResume

Resume header example for sales associate

Resume header example for sales associate

Resume header example for a computer scientist

Resume header for a computer scientist

Resume header example for software engineer

Resume header for software engineer

Resume header example for account manager

Resume header for account manager

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