70+ Resume Headline Examples to Elevate Your Profile and Stand Out

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Most recruiters take only a few seconds to scan through a CV or resume. The first thing(s) that they see on the header section are your name, contact details, and your resume/CV’s headline or profile. These are the few main things that they will look at on your header section to decide whether to continue reading the whole page.

A headline works perfectly as the attention catcher of your resume/CV because it is the section that serves as an overview of your personality and working experience as a whole.

What is a Headline on a Resume/CV?

A resume headline is a phrase that highlights your value and qualities to show to the recruiters. A good resume headline allows recruiters to have a brief understanding of you as a candidate to see if you are a good potential fit for the job.

You might have heard of a resume title, but there are differences between a resume title and a resume headline. The former is the statement or name of your profession, whereas the latter can be longer and more detailed.

Examples of resume headline & title: 

  • Resume Title: Graphic Designer
  • Resume Headline: Innovative Graphic Designer with 4+ Years Experience in Commercial Design

A resume headline is a statement where you tell the recruiter directly about who you are. It is a phrase formed by a few words and should not be a full sentence. You can include your job title, years of experience, and skills or impressive achievements.

Usually, a resume headline is placed below your name right after your contact details. This helps the recruiter to be able to find it easily. Also, it is a summarized essence of your resume, so if located at the end of your resume, it will lose its purpose.

A resume headline should be included by most people when looking for jobs or applying for an education program. No matter who the readers of your resume are, the resume headline serves a great benefit as a quick description of you and your qualifications.

How to Write a Resume/CV Headline

Now that you’ve known what a CV headline is, we are going to walk you through the steps of creating your CV headline.

Incorporate important keywords from the job description

When applying for a job, there are always requirements that can be found in the job description. Those requirements contain keywords that you should take note of. Here is an example of a job description with the important keywords highlighted: 

As a Personal Assistant, you have to be able to deal with many tasks perfectly. This includes booking flights, arranging appointments, having no issues with answering incoming calls, being the driver when needed, and being punctual at all times. 

You want to incorporate these keywords into your CV headline to show that you are a great fit for the role.

Use powerful keywords and be brief

Aside from the requirements shown in the example above, you should also incorporate powerful keywords or action verbs. When you have too many things to include, don’t forget to be brief and keep things simple.

Powerful Verbs for CV headline:

  • achieved
  • founded
  • pioneered
  • sharpened
  • analyzed
  • operated
  • collaborated
  • researched
  • advised
  • refined

Powerful Adjectives for CV headline:

  • innovative
  • punctual
  • creative
  • responsible
  • reliable
  • decisive
  • positive
  • multilingual/multicultural 
  • goal-oriented/detail-oriented
  • award-winning

Highlight your years of experience and key qualifications with quantifiable proof

If you have worked in your career for some years and gained some impressive achievements that are worth mentioning, you should incorporate them into your CV headline. These can add extra points for yourself because you’re showing credibility.

Make the headline eye-catching

A CV headline is the next thing the recruiter sees right after your name. If it is not eye-catching, recruiters might skip your CV and move on to the next one. These are the few ways that you should try to make the CV headline obvious.

  • Highlight the CV headline in another color
  • Use boldface to make it more obvious
  • Use Title case
  • Avoid making a long sentence

Do not include your objective(s)

When applying for jobs, you might have a certain goal or objective that you want to reach after getting hired. However, a CV headline is to give an intro of your experience but not your objectives. If you were to include your objectives, you can mention them on your cover letter.

Do not lie

Lies and exaggeration are never a good way to impress someone, and recruiters know when they see a made-up resume. If the recruiter finds out that you lied on your CV, your chance of getting hired will instantly fly away.

Use title case for the headline

Title case is a very simple way for you to make your fonts larger and more formal without having to change the font size manually. Think of your CV headline as the title of the document, so it makes sense to write it using title case.

Resume/CV Headline Examples

If you want to avoid spending too much time thinking about a good headline for a resume, check out these examples.

Resume Headline for Fresher

  • Passionate-to-Learn Fresher Graduated from NCSU
  • Fast Learner & [Field]-passionate Fresher
  • Linguistics Graduate with Exceptional Writing and Communicating Skills
  • Bachelor’s in Business Administration Graduate Enthusiastic about Entrepreneurship
  • Responsible Former Club President Seeking Job Opportunities

Resume Headline Examples for Students

  • Enthusiastic and Highly Innovative Design Major Student with Proven Capabilities
  • Business Student Team Player & Winner of The Business Design Prize of SLU
  • Senior Linguistics Student and Former President of International Student Association Passionate about Translation Works
  • Responsible College Student Passionate about Early Adulthood Education
  • Patient High School Student with 5 Years of Volunteer Experience at a Preschool

Resume Headline Examples for Multiple Jobs

  • Experienced Graphic Designer & Aspiring Content Writer
  • Fast Learning and Committed Linguistics Fresher & Freelance Graphic Designer
  • Goal-Oriented and Responsible M.A. Graduate & Trilingual Freelance Interpreter
  • Analytical Marketer & Blogger with Specialization in the Beauty Industry
  • Speedy and Efficient CS Expert & Data Entry Assistant

Customer Service Headline for Resume

  • 3 Years Experienced Customer Service Adept in Solving Clients Issues Patiently
  • Kind-Hearted & Polite Customer Service who Never Says No to “Call for Help”
  • Bilingual Customer Service with 6 Years’ Experience
  • Friendly, Reliable & Trustworthy Call Center Assistant
  • Outgoing Customer Service with Exceptional Communication Skills

Data Entry Professional Headline

  • 13,000 KPH Fast Typer Data Entry Clerk
  • Fast & Detail-oriented Data Entry Clerk with 4 Years' Experience
  • Data Entry Clerk Proficient in Software and Hardware Usage
  • Experienced Data Entry Clerk with 9,000 KPH Typing Speed and 0 Errors
  • High Accuracy Data Entry Clerk

Resume Headline for HR Fresher

  • Productive and Efficient Human Resource Fresher
  • Bachelor Graduate in Business Management Majoring in a Human Resources Concentration
  • HR Fresher with Solid Communication Skills and Management Skills and a Bachelor Degree in Management
  • HR Graduate With Knowledge in Payroll Management
  • HR Graduate With Experience in Worker Training & Development

Resume Headline for Civil Engineer

  • 3 Years' Experienced Civil Engineer with Innovative Ideas
  • Creative & Detail-oriented Civil Engineer
  • Civil Engineer with 5 Years' Experience Spanning 2 Live Projects 
  • Senior Civil Engineer with Deep Construction Laws & Licenses Knowledge
  • Civil Designer with a Focus on Green Designs

Resume Headline for Sales Manager

  • 5th-Year Sales Manager with 30+ Well-performing Sales Projects Record
  • Responsible Sales Manager with 3 Years of Working Experience & Exceptional Leadership
  • Sales Manager with Advanced Marketing & Management Skills
  • Accomplished Sales Manager with 4+ Years' Experience in Online & Offline Sales
  • Effective Sales Manager with 5 Years' Team Management Experience

Resume Headline for Fresher Computer Engineer

  • Ambitious Computer Engineer Fresher
  • Highly Organized Computer Engineer Fresher
  • Computer Engineer with Hands-on Skills for the Latest Softwares
  • UM Graduate Computer Engineer with Advanced Knowledge of Java
  • Quick Learner Computer Engineering Fresher

Resume Headline for MBA Freshers

  • MBA Fresh Graduate Looking for Entry-Level in Sales Position
  • MBA Graduate Seeking Opportunities in Sales Industry
  • Outgoing MBA Graduate with Strong Leadership Skills
  • Result-oriented MBA Graduate Seeking Challenging Careers
  • MBA Graduate with Experience Increasing 10% Revenue Growth for X Company

Resume Headline for DevOps Engineer

  • Award-Winning DevOps Engineer from Texas
  • Highly Skilled in Software Algorithms & Strong Coding Experience
  • DevOps Engineer Mastered in Engineering and Coding Skills
  • DevOps Engineer Skilled in Designing and Managing Cloud Resources
  • 10+ Years' Experience Working with RiverTech DevOps Engineer

Professional Headline for Graphic Designer

  • Creative Graphic Designer Graduated from Royal College of Art
  • Graphic Designer Who Collaborated with PS
  • Versatile Graphic Designer with 2+ Years in Illustration & Animation
  • Graphic Designer with 3+ Years' Experience in Designing Official Websites
  • Detail-Oriented Designer Specialized in Graphic Design 

Resume Headline for Data Analyst

  • Perfectionist, Detail-Oriented Data Analyst 
  • Data Analyst with Strong Statistical Techniques
  • Data Analyst with 4+ Years' Experience in Large Quantity Data Analysis
  • Fresher Data Analyst Seeking Opportunities in the Industry
  • Medical Researcher Working with Data Analysis

Resume Headline for Sales Executive

  • Sales Executive Responsible for $600,000+ in Yearly Sales
  • Sales Executive who Generated $500K in Business Revenue
  • Experienced Sales Executive who Managed Relationships of Over 500 Growth Sales Accounts
  • Senior Sales Executive
  • Sales Executive Leading a Team that Breaks Sales Records

Resume Headline for Business Analyst

  • Business Analyst with Strong Analytical Skills
  • 6+ Years' Experience Business Analyst in Retail Domain
  • Business Analyst Who Picks Trends With an Innovative System
  • Senior Business Analyst from AIA Insurance
  • CBAP Certified Business Analyst with 2+ Years' Experience

🔑 Key Takeaways

A resume headline should be a simple line that can briefly introduce your title and work experience and also catch the attention of a recruiter. It should contain some impressive verbs and adjectives that recruiters like to see to add more points to your resume before getting into the interview stage. 

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