Crafting a catchy and well-phrased resume headline is the first step towards having you and your resume stand out. This article provides everything you need on your journey towards creating a professional resume title that will land you the dream job.

What is a resume headline?

A resume headline is the one brief line that summarizes your entire resume. It is also referred to as a profile title or a CV headline. You can’t have a winning resume without a winning headline. Hence, it is important to give as much thought to your title as you give the body of your resume.

The first thing recruiters would look at a resume is undoubtedly the resume headline. In other words, it is what announces you. It tells your story and shows your value. Anyone who as much as glances at your resume title should get an immediate idea of who you are, and the depth of value you are capable of offering.

In general scenarios, at the moment when recruiters see a resume headline, they have decided whether they are going to read through the entire resume, or throw it away. Therefore, headlines for resume should be crafted to catch people's eye immediately. Practically, resume headlines go a long way to determine who, in a large sea of job applicants, gets more chances.

Resume titles are made to appear at the very top of resumes, right under your name and above contact information. The idea is to capture immediate attention because usually, interviewers have a lot of resume’s to go through. Hence, your resume title when written poorly, or when placed in an obscured position, would leave you and your resume at a disadvantage.

How to write a resume headline?

When starting to craft a killer headline for resume, it is important to know several crucial things that will serve as compasses, guiding you towards the right direction. These step-by-step guidelines will assist you in creating a professional resume headline.

Step 1. Outline your biggest achievements or strongest strengths.

Anyone can use a resume title – whether you are just a fresher (a recent graduate) entering the job market newly, or you are one who has worked a good number of years and is quite experienced. You could also be just someone with limited job experiences in the field you want to work in.

Whatever the case may be, the first step is outlining your greatest achievements - the summary of your career, or your greatest strengths which you think will be of great benefit to the organization you are applying to. The idea is to sell yourself as high as possible, to make sure you won’t be shoved aside easily.

Step 2. Use strong, catchy words and phrases.

You want to capture attention and keep recruiters’ eyes glued to your resume. Using strong, catchy phrases gives spice to your resume headline and makes it unique.

Regular, generic words do little to nothing to make you stand out. Words like "hardworking", "goal-getter", phrases like "good resource personnel", "honest sales representative", and etc., are very common and overused words and phrases which easily define anyone and do nothing to give you an edge.

Going for catchier and stronger terms gives your resume a distinct and separate definition because the words are peculiar to you and define you in a less-generic way.

Examples of catchier and stronger resume titles:

  • Compassionate Nurse
  • Award-winning Test Engineer
  • Bilingual Customer Service Representative

Step 3. Place it at the top of your resume.

After crafting out your winning resume headline, you should place it at the most conspicuous part of your resume, which is at the top, right under your name and contact information. It introduces your entire resume. For that reason, it should be at a position where it will be the first thing to be noticed amongst throngs of the resumes from other job seekers.

10 tips for writing a professional resume headline

These are additional, quick tips that will further ensure your resume title comes out perfect and seizes the day when you use them.

1. Use title case.

It is suggested to write your resume title with each word capitalized, to make it stand out all the more and show professionalism.

Capitalization rule for titles

In the following cases, the words should remain lowercase in titles.

  • articles (a, an, the)
  • coordinating conjunctions (for, and, nor, but, or, yet, so)
  • prepositions (after, in, to, on, with, from, for, like, under, off, etc.)

2. Write several.

Write down a few resume titles that are compelling and highly relevant to the position, and pick the one that shows your "selling point"’ the most. It takes time, but it would be worth it eventually. 

3. Insert keywords.

There are specific words (e.g. skills, experiences, personal traits, and etc.) most looked out for by recruiters. Adopting them can help boost the resume  title which gives candidates a much more advantageous edge.

4. Place it at the top.

A resume headline should be glaring, not hidden. Place it under or beside your name, and right above the section of personal information in resume. However, if the resume format you adopt can't best highlight the resume headline in the above scenario, you can opt to place your resume title at the top of the resume summary or career objective section.

5. Avoid writing objectives.

Since career objectives are usually written in a job seeker's perspective, narrating how a candidate wish the potential employer can benefit his/her career, which is something a recruiter can care less about. Besides, objectives can be vague and generic sometimes. 


Make sure the focus of your resume title is kept on your strongest skills and the most relevant experiences which can show your qualifications, instead of adding vague objectives or ambiguous adjectives.

6. Add years of experience.

This is important if you are experienced in the field you are applying for. Employers usually search for people with more capacity, and experience can serve as a solid proof. Adding the length of years you have been working in the relevant industry/field can certainly give you an edge.

7. Be concise and cut cliché.

Ideally, a good headline for resume should be a "one-liner". Avoid redundant words or phrases and make it straight to the point. Cliché lines indicate that the candidate is either inattentive or unqualified. Usually resumes with generic headlines would get unnoticed among other job applicants' and skipped over.

8. Include relevant license or certification.

If a specific license or certification is mentioned in the job requirement, and you by chance own it, make sure that you put it to good use while crafting your resume headline.

9. Highlight accomplishments using quantifiable data.

Numbers can easily catch hiring managers' attention and at the same time, demonstrate the potential value you can bring to the organization. The accomplishments you've achieved in school or at work is something specific to you, which can profoundly set you apart.

Examples of quantifiable data

  • the number of awards won
  • the amount of product sold
  • the growth of conversion rate
  • the sum of of sales goal achieved
  • the enhancement of satisfaction rate

10. Customize it for different companies & job positions.

Since every company has different core value and organizational culture, it is highly suggested to customize your resume title for each job you apply for, even the job title is the same. An tailor-made resume headline demonstrates enthusiasm and attentiveness, indicating that the candidate is paying close attention.

How to write a resume headline in Naukri?

The character limit of the Resume Headline section in Naukri is 250 characters, which can approximately accommodate 3 - 5 sentences. However, do remember the essence of a professional resume headline - concise and unique. Keep it an one-line phrase as previously instructed. If you have abundant of achievement and experience to showcase, choose the one that can instantly differentiate you from other candidates, and save the others for the Profile Summary section.

How to write professional resume headlines in Naukri for Freshers?

Writing a resume headline often seem discouraging to fresh graduates. This comes from the feeling of inadequacy when comparisons are made to people with many years of experiences.

As a fresher, your resume headline should grab the recruiters' attention in a split second. Instead of including years of experience, write out things that make you unique as an individual and a candidate, such as your greatest strengths or specific personal traits. Outline the skills required for the job position/industry/field you are applying for. As long as you have acquired the expertise needed, you would be viewed as a professional.

Tips: resume headlines for Freshers in Naukri

Since the lack of experience is the biggest disadvantage for freshers, leveraging the following items can distract recruiters from the fact that you are inexperienced, while highlighting your qualifications at the same time.

  • Skills & knowledge you posses
  • Leadership roles you have played
  • Accomplishments you have achieved
  • Educational achievement you have attained
  • Volunteer works, academic projects, and extra-curricular activities you have participated in

How to write resume headline in Naukri for Experienced job seekers?

Even with a lot of experience, relevance can be easily overlooked when your resume headline is not properly structured. Apart from showing how long you have been working in that capacity, you also need to show how well you have done within those years.

In the midst of several achievements, identify and adopt the best ones in your resume headline. Show statistics or quantifiable data to prove your statements and the value you added to your previous companies. Do note that it is suggested to include the goals you reached in your most recent position.

20+ Resume Headline Examples

Resume headline example for Freshers

  • Multilingual Sales Marketer with a Focus on Digital Marketing

Resume headline example for Entry-level job seekers

  • Empathic Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) in Florida with a Strong Emphasis on Mental Health

Resume headline samples for Experienced job seekers

  • Resourceful Manager Who Has Won 15 Awards with 25 Years of Experience
  • Ambitious Sales Marketer Who Exceeded Sales Targets by 40%

Resume headline examples for Customer Service

  • Patient Customer Service Specialist with 900 Fully Satisfied Customer Feedbacks in One Year
  • Bilingual Customer Service Representative with 15 Years of Experience

Resume headline samples for Software Developers

Resume headline for software engineer

  • Skillful Software Engineer Especially Knowledgeable in Python and C++

Resume headline for fresher software engineer

  • Detail-Oriented Software Engineer with UX Design Skills

Resume headline for experienced software developer

  • Active Open Source Contributor & Senior Software Developer with 18 Years of Relevant Experience

Resume headline samples for Java Developers

Resume headline for fresher Java developer

  • Junior Java Developer with Profound Knowledge in Java, MySQL, MongoDB, and Heroku

Resume headline for experienced Java developer

  • Seasoned Java Developer with 10 years of experience in building reliable, scalable, and maintainable software applications

Resume headline for BCom (Bachelor Of Commerce) Freshers

  • Harvard Certified Bachelor of Commerce Graduate with Outstanding Internship Performance

Resume headline for Software Testers

Resume headline for experienced software tester

  • Senior Software Tester with 25 Years of Industry Experience

Resume headline for automation test engineer

  • Goal-Oriented Automation Test Engineer with 7 Years’ Experience of Providing Satisfactory Service

Resume title examples for Mechanical Engineers

Resume headline for fresher mechanical engineers

  • Highly-Motivated Graduating Mechanical Engineer with Excellent Results Accomplished in Internships

Resume headline for mechanical design engineers

  • Microsoft Certified Mechanical Design Engineer with 12 Years of Experience

Resume headline for mechanical engineer (experienced)

  • Professional Mechanical Engineer with 30 Years of Field Experience

Resume title examples for Electrical Engineers

Resume headline for electrical engineer

  • Seasoned Electrical Engineer with 15+ Years of Relevant Experiences

Resume headline for fresher electronics engineers

  • Published Research Assistant and Graduating Electronics Engineering Student

Resume headline for experienced electrical engineers

  • Expert Electrical Engineer with 24 Years of Experience

Resume headline example for HR

  • Result-Driven HR Executive Who Exceeded Recruitment Conversion Rate by 30%

Resume headline for MBA Freshers

  • Certified MBA Graduate with Proven Skills in Human Relations and Communication

CV headline examples for Teachers

Resume headline for teachers

  • Passionate Teacher with Special Teaching Techniques for Kids Between 5 - 9 Years

Resume headline for primary teachers

  • Widely Experienced Teacher with Distinguished Skills in Juvenile Management

Resume headline example for Accountants

  • Internationally Recognized Certified Accountant with 35 Years of Experience

Resume headline sample for Civil Engineers

  • Oxford Certified Civil Engineer with Additional Skills in Management

Resume headline for Business Analysts

  • Result-Oriented Business Analyst with 30 Years of Constant Award-Winning Record

CV headline for MCA (Master of Computer Applications) Freshers

  • Resilient MCA Degree Holder with Proven Skills Required in the Field of Information Technology

Resume headline for Data Scientists / Analysts

  • Detail-Oriented Data Analyst with 20 Years of Field Experience

Resume headline for Digital Marketing

  • Skilled Digital Marketer with Additional Specialization in SEO

Resume headline for Android Developers

  • Globally Acclaimed Android Developer with 16 Years of Experience in Samsung Group

Resume headline for Network Engineers

  • Skilled Network Engineer with Stunning Records in Creating and Configuring 1000+ VPNs for Corporate Use



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