Resume/CV Personal Statement: 15 Examples + Tips

how to write a Resume Personal Statement
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A resume or CV personal statement gives the hiring manager a quick way to understand who you are. 

Similar to a resume summary, CV personal profile, or CV opening statement section, the CV personal statement introduces you in a short paragraph to summarize your expertise, skills, and professional experience.

What Is a Resume/CV Personal Statement?

The resume/CV personal statement section is the part where a candidate provides a brief overview of your professional history. 

Since a hiring manager faces a substantial amount of applying documents every single day, a CV personal statement summarizes the most recognizable attributes and achievements to separate yourself from other candidates.

The most important purpose of writing a resume or CV personal statement is to hook the managers and encourage them to read the rest of your resume/CV. That is to say, the recruiters read your CV personal statement within a few seconds to determine your suitability for the position and decide whether to spend more time reviewing your CV.

How to Write a Personal Statement for a Resume?

Your personal statement for a resume/CV is the first section that an employer reads. Therefore, your personal profile in the CV needs to be compelling and tailored to the job role that you are applying for. 

Step 1. State your job title/profession.

Start your CV personal statement by detailing your career experiences. Briefly communicate your current position and field of specialization. 

Some examples are:

  • "Certified content strategist specializing in the cosmetic and skin-care industry. Helped international brands develop content marketing strategies and increased website traffic."
  • "Product engineer at Central Electronics with a degree in mechanical engineering. Extensive experience in laboratory monitoring test procedures."

Step 2. Add the years of relevant experience you have.

Depending on the level of experience, add the years of related experience you have in the CV opening statement. For entry-level applicants, there’s no need to include no work experience in your personal objective in your resume.

Here are some examples:

  • "Detail-oriented software engineer with 8 years of experience in the cyber-security industry including Secure Root and Symantec."
  • "Creative graphic designer with 6 years of experience in establishing brand identity and visual systems."

Step 3. Mention your values and relevant skills in the CV personal statement

Include information about your skills and essential qualities that are applicable to the job position in the CV personal statement.

Take a look at these examples:

  • "Personable customer service with 3+ years of expertise in a fast-paced global tech company. Dedicated to bridging users together with the ABC company’s product."
  • "Awarded “Best Teacher of the Year” at Sunset High School for 3 consecutive years. Highly trained and dedicated to helping students discover their potential and motivation."

Step 4. Highlight your best achievements.

Use past achievements to communicate your value: numbers are eye-catching hooks when describing your work accomplishments. Make it strong, confident, and concise. This is the highlight of your CV personal statement.

Here are some examples:

  • "In my recent position, I led and managed a dedicated team of 10 engineers. I developed and deployed a three-month project to ensure productivity, reduced system errors by 20%, and customer growth."
  • "Achieved the company-best service feedback rating (95.3%) and improved customer retention by 15% by providing detailed explanations with patience and a positive tone."

Step 5. State your career goals and purposes in your profile statement for CV.

Reaffirm your reason for applying for the targeted role in your CV personal statement. 

Some examples of career goal statements: 

  • "Seeking to maintain an HR position at XYZ corporation to bring the best talent in the company and improve performance, profitability, growth, and employee engagement."
  • "Eager to join XYZ hospital as a care assistant to deliver patient-centered health care and support doctors and nurses’ daily work." 

Resume/CV Personal Statement Examples for Different Jobs

Be sure to adjust and tailor your CV personal statement for the job position to match the requirements and impress the employer.

1. Career change resume/CV personal statement example

“English teacher with over 8+ years of experience. Assisted more than 25 students each year in applying for suitable majors in renowned universities and improved most students’ academic performances by 25%. Seeking new challenges to focus on providing and assisting academic advice.:

2. Resume/CV with no experience personal statement example

“Motivated bachelor's degree graduate majoring in Information Management seeking a position in Staten Cloud Service as a Product Manager. Eager to use data-analysis skills and UX experience to help Staten optimize product quality.”

3. Student resume/CV personal statement example

“Dean’s List student in Business at the University of Washington. Exchange and research experience in Rotterdam, NL. Looking to leverage strong marketing research skills and creativity to assist marketing managers to secure targeted audiences and gain customer loyalty.”

4. Retail resume/CV personal statement example

“Passionate retail clerk with 4 years of experience. “Best clerk in the region” winner by securing KPI goals through sales skills establishing rapport with customers. Increased overall sales by 40% at Panasonic in a single year.  Currently looking for a retail managing role within the electronics sector to maintain my strong track record and deliver similar results.”

5. Hospitality resume/CV personal statement example

“Organized front desk clerk with proven guest reception service skills. As a front-desk representative at Boston Marriott achieved 99.89% positive feedback. Fluent Spanish and Chinese speaker. Driven to help customers and co-workers to help Sunny Hotel ensure an exceptional experience for guests.”

6. Sales resume/CV personal statement example

“Determined sales professional with over 7 years of experience in B2B sales. Skilled at communication, interpersonal relationship, and negotiation. Highly committed to working with teams to achieve KPI and company goals. Achieved over $250K in sales quarterly and was a two-time recipient of the B2B Sales Award for Excellence.”

7. Marketing resume/CV personal statement example

“Marketing strategist with far-reaching experience and 6 years of experience specializing in digital marketing. Led and developed marketing strategy for a team of 7 members to beat targets and overcome challenges. Combined technical and commercial acumen with interpersonal skills and the ability to forge strong relationships with stakeholders. Increased engagement level by 48% through channel arrangement and thorough analysis.”

8. Customer service resume/CV personal statement example

“Passionate Customer Service Representative with 4 years of experience in active listening and solving challenging customer inquiries. Ability to multitask, offer accurate technical solutions, and manage projects. Looking to resolve customer complaints and build strong customer relationships and increase customer loyalty for XYZ company.”

9. Teacher resume/CV personal statement example

“Enthusiastic English Teacher with a concentration on English literature and 6 years of experience seeking the role at St Patrick's High School. Skilled at technology, interpersonal skills, and observation. Excited to leverage past experience to boost student performance and grade by 15%, as in my previous role.” 

10. Teaching assistant resume/CV personal statement example

“Agile teaching assistant with 5 years of experience and an M.S degree in computer science. Seeking graduate teaching assistant position at Bauman to support research papers and deliver quality lectures. Mentored 90 students for 3 years and designed software engineering instructional material as well as grading 300+ student papers.”

11. HR resume/CV personal statement example

“PHR certified Human Resources Expert well versed in developing recruiting plans, assessing competence, on-board instructions, and compensation plans looking to maintain a position at MNC corps to train talented employees and boost company growth. Skilled at collaborating with leading managers to administer and translate goals and visions to acquire valuable hires.”

12. Engineering resume/CV personal statement example

“Organized Mechanical Engineer with 5 years of experience and certified training in electrical engineering. Strong communication skills with product designers and stakeholders. Eager to solve technical problems and ensure product safety, quality, and novelty. Cut production costs for gaming devices by 40% by identifying and obviating a major mechanical issue.”

13. Nursing resume/CV personal statement example

“Licensed RN with 6 years of clinical experience providing patient-centered care. Professional in post-surgical rehab. Looking to leverage medical knowledge, empathy, and outstanding communication skills to elevate the growth of Mackay Medical Center and support patient care work.”

14. Care assistant resume/CV personal statement example

“Empathetic personal caregiver with 6+ years of experience in delivering detailed in-home patient care. Great communicator and skilled at cooking nutrition-balanced meals. Organized and trustable with supporting geriatric or disabled patients’ daily needs and improving quality of life. Received 100% positive commendations from every client review.”

15. Architect resume/CV personal statement example

“Versatile architect with 4 years of experience and excelled in AutoCAD, Rhino, Revit, and Keyshot rendering. Skilled in construction documentation, sustainability, and ecological footprint material. B.S. in Architecture from the Delft University of Technology. Experience with low-cost, paper, and wooden frame construction for energy-efficient workplaces.”

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5 Tips on How to Write a Personal Summary for a Resume/CV

💡 Write your personal statement last, after you finish the rest of your resume.

Although your profile statement for CV is placed on the top, you should write it last. 

Your CV personal statement recapitulates your entire CV. Therefore, write your work experience, education, and skills section first. Next, pick the most notable work results to emphasize in your personal summary for your CV.

💡 Tailor your personal statement for your  CV to the job description.

Read closely the job requirements and descriptions. Tailor your personal summary for CV to suit the company you are targeting: use the company’s name and the name of the prospective role. 

💡 Make your personal statement for your CV clear and concise.

Ideally, your personal profile CV should be three to five sentences, totaling about 100 words to make it easy to scan for the managers.

💡 Include quantifiable results to highlight your skills and achievements.

Employers prefer quantified proof of your performance to merely ambiguous adjectives. Use numbers to describe the amount of money, time, numbers of people, tasks, or even frequency when mentioning achievements in your profile statement for your CV.

💡 Use resume action verbs.

Instead of writing “I am a dedicated sales assistant” in your CV personal statement, start your sentence with action verbs such as ‘Developed’, ‘Produced’, ‘Increased’, and more, to make you appear as an active applicant.

🔑  Key Takeaways:

Let’s summarize what you need to know about resume/CV personal statement:

  • Write your resume/CV personal statement after you’ve finished the rest of your resume/CV. Select the best highlights of your performances and skills.
  • Tailor your personal statement for a CV by mentioning the company’s name and your target role.
  • Keep these in mind as you write your resume/CV personal statement: who you are, why you are suitable for the role, and what you can bring to the table.

--- Originally written by Wu Chao Min ---

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