Retail Cover Letter Guide [+Tips & Template]

retail cover letter example
Cover Letter Sample for Retail Job Application

Are you interested in a retail job? Are you applying for a job at a retail store?

Don’t miss out on this retail cover letter guide to write a great one!

Before getting into the writing steps, let’s take a look at the different responsibilities of retail workers.

A retail store consists of a few positions that are responsible for different tasks. A retail associate focuses on revenue and customer service, a cashier is in charge of the money in the purchasing process while a store manager maintains the productivity of the store and the workers’ performance for better revenue.

Since many people work in this highly competitive position, having a good cover letter for a retail job can leave you with a good impression before meeting the employer for an interview. Writing a good retail cover letter can be the key that distinguishes you apart from the other competitors, gaining you a better chance to arrange an interview with the recruiter.

Cover Letter Examples for Retail Jobs

Here are some sample cover letters for retail that you can take a look at to have an idea of how it looks.

Retail manager cover letter

When applying for a retail manager position, you will have to include and emphasize your team-leading skills and management skills. Using your experience as an example may be the best choice to let recruiters understand your capabilities better.

Elaine Sew
814 Liberty St
El Cerrito, CA, 94530
[email protected]

June 25th, 2023

Janet Chong 
Stepping Stone Co.
7489 Highland Street
South Richmond Hill, NY 11419

Dear Ms. Chong,

It is truly an honor to be applying for the retail manager position at Stepping Stone Company. I found this opening on and knew I had to apply for the position. I worked as a retail manager at MPH bookstore for 2 years and would like to transfer my experience and skills to your company.

During my time at MPH, I spent most of my time on the retail associates’ team building. I believe if co-workers can work well together and help each other every time someone needs help, their productivity and attitude towards their job can be improved, which leads to increasing the company’s revenue. 

Here are the achievements that I have made in the past:

  • Hired 5 retail associates and gave on-the-job training.
  • Increased workers’ production by 65% with the employee-of-the-month system.
  • Exceeded 2022’s annual sales goals by $80,000+.

I have attached my resume along with this mail for you to review. Please don’t hesitate if you have any further questions for me. Lastly, thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Elaine Sew

Cover letter for a retail job with no experience

Having no experience may be a little hard to write a retail cover letter but if you know how to sell yourself by providing information like relevant skills and experience in a professional tone, hiring managers will also be attracted to you.

Kalvin Yoke
935 Ox Rd
Woodstock, VA, 22664
[email protected]

June 25th, 2023

Lynn Tan
Alpha Goods Co.
2439 Gerard Ct
Bryans Road, Maryland(MD), 20616

Dear Ms. Tan,

My name is Kalvin Yoke and I am currently a senior in my bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with an average GPA of 3.89 from the University of Coral.  I saw an opening for a sales associate position on your website, and I am writing an application for that position at Alpha Goods. Instead of solely studying papers, I would like to take this opportunity to learn more by working.

I have participated in a few course projects that were related to promoting and selling a product. I was called the MVP of the group because I can effectively convince my potential customers into purchasing some of the products which results in greater income for the project and higher academic performance scores.

Although I do not yet have work experience, I can bring the knowledge and skills gained from campus to the job. I plan to extend my communication skills, socializing skills, and multitasking ability to a greater level by joining this retail associate position.

It would be great if I can have an in-person interview with you so you know more about me. Thank you for the opportunity given in advance.


Kalvin Yoke

Luxury retail cover letter sample

When writing for a retail company that sells high-end goods, you should show your professionalism towards your job and in treating customers. Hiring managers from retail companies value your servicing attitude much because the company’s reputation depends partly on their retail workers.

Oscar Chia
229 W Riddle Ave
Ravenna, OH, 44266
[email protected]

June 25th, 20233

Daniel Chew
5020 Windsor Way Grn #UNT 101
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina(SC), 29579

Dear Mr. Chew,

I have 3 years of experience at Coach and am now writing to apply for the sales associate position at Louis Vuitton after seeing the hiring notice posted on your official website. I believe with the polished social skills and the experience I have from the previous position, I will be a great employee for your store.

In the hiring notice, you specifically mentioned that you need someone with extraordinary customer servicing skills and a fast point of sales system usage. Throughout the years when I was in a retail job, I have met all sorts of customers and I have learned how to round up a conversation while convincing them for a purchase. I am also familiar with the cashier machine because it is a common practice for me to serve and check out customers’ purchases.

As a retail associate, I treat all customers the same regarding their appearance. This is because anyone who walks into the store can be a potential customer. Hence, I always welcome customers with a friendly smile and thank them when they leave the store.

Thank you for your time and it would be great if I can have an in-person interview for me to provide more information. 


Oscar Chia

How Do I Write a Cover Letter for a Retail Job?

Now, let’s dig into the steps of writing a retail cover letter.

✍🏻 Use the correct cover letter format.

The first thing that you have to know is to use the formal cover letter format when you are writing your retail cover letter. It shows your professionalism in treating things, which will reflect upon your in-person performance.

  • Cover letter header - You should always start your cover letter header with the sender’s information, the date, then the receiver’s information. This information includes the name of the sender and receiver, the mailing address, and the email address.
  • Salutations - It is very important to greet the reader politely. Hence, you may use “dear” followed by the receiver’s name to greet him or her.
  • Opening paragraph - In your opening paragraph, you should introduce yourself and get the employer’s attention with the information about where you found the job listing and why you are applying for the position.
  • Body paragraph - The body paragraph is where you elaborate on your relevant skills and work experience. You may use bullet points to highlight numeric information to attract the employer's attention.
  • Closing paragraph - You should end your cover letter by showing appreciation to the hiring manager. A call to action is always recommended to ask for an opportunity to have an interview.
  • Sign-offs - The formal and easy way to complete your retail cover letter is to sign it with your full name.

✍🏻 Introduce yourself and state your purpose of writing.

In your first paragraph of a cover letter for a retail job, you should give a brief introduction to who you are and why you are writing to the hiring managers for them to get a quick understanding of the purpose of the letter. 

Example opening paragraph for store manager cover letter:

My name is Monique Harris, and I am writing for the position of store manager that I saw on After going through the listing, I am more than qualified and I would like to bring my 2 years of sales associate work experience to The Body Shop. I believe I will be one great asset to the store if I am hired.

✍🏻 Explain your qualifications for the position.

Applicants have to meet a certain requirement before applying for a position. If you have qualified for all of them from the listing, you should explain why you are qualified for the position.

Example paragraph for application letter for sales assistant:

With 2 years of experience as a retail associate for Kavalan, I have harnessed and enhanced my communication skills to better help customers with their questions about the products. Especially in customer service, I was rated five out of five by customers for 90% of the employee evaluation.

✍🏻 Highlight your key achievements that illustrate your skills.

If you have participated in various projects and/or award-winning competitions that can help showcase your skills, you should highlight those achievements. This helps employers understand that your skills have reached a certain milestone and they can trust you to work independently when hired.

Example paragraph for cover letter for luxury retail:

During my time at Salvatore, I have always achieved the monthly sales target by 120% with exceptional convincing strategies. I believe the key to achieving good sales is to compliment customers from time to time, giving them confidence in every product that they try in the fitting room.

✍🏻 End with a strong call-to-action.

Ending a retail cover letter is not complicated. All you have to do is to use a call-to-action to get hiring managers to take a look at your resume or even contact you for more information. By doing so, you can increase the letter’s interactiveness. 

Example closing paragraph for cover letter for retail job:

It is my pleasure to apply for Braumbuffle and I have attached my resume in the same document. Please take some time to take a look at it and if you have any questions, you can email me through ([email protected]). Thank you.

Tips on How to Make a Cover Letter for Retail

After the guide to writing a good retail cover letter, don’t you think it is not that complicated?

In this part, you will pick up some tips that will be helpful when you are writing the letter.

💡 Emphasize retail skills.

A retail job can be simple but it takes a variety of skills for one to be a good retail worker. You should mention some retail skills in your body paragraph to showcase your capabilities when working as a retail worker because recruiters like to hire people who do not need to be trained from the beginning.

  • Communicating skills
  • Active listening
  • Customer service skills
  • Persuasiveness
  • Socializing skills
  • Product knowledge
  • Multitasking
  • Prioritization
  • Language skills
  • Patience
  • Adaptability
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Point of sales (POS) systems
  • Basic Math
  • Money handling skills
  • Time management
  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership 
  • Management skills
  • Organization skills

💡 Use a complete cover letter format.

A complete cover letter format is always required when writing your retail cover letter. It shows your professionalism because you did not simply put random information together.

A formal and complete cover letter format will help guide the employer to every information stated.

Please scroll up for the examples or down for the template

💡 Illustrate good communication skills through your writing.

A retail job relies very much on your communication skills. You have to communicate with the customers to provide service, solve problems, and convince purchases. Hence, illustrating your communication skills in the cover letter can help you stand out among other normal letters.

💡 Incorporate keywords from the listing.

When a company or a shop posts a listing, there is always a requirement for those who are applying for the job. If you are qualified, you should use the keywords from the job listing as a description to elaborate on your experience and skills. It is a good way to tell hiring managers that you fully understand what they are looking for.

💡 Make numbers to your advantage.

As a salesperson or a retail worker, you will always have to reach an amount of sales target. Showing numbers like the percentage of target sales that you have completed and generated income are solid proof that employers can believe when looking at your retail cover letter.

Retail Cover Letter Template

If you are struggling to start your retail cover letter, here’s a template that you can use. 

It is a simple and easy-to-use template but don’t forget to tailor it to the position that you are applying to.

[Your full name]

[Your mailing address]

[Your phone number]

[Your email address]

[Date written of the cover letter]

[Employer full name]

[Company name]

[Company mailing address]

Dear [Mr./Ms./Mx. + Employer last name],

My name is [sender’s full name], and I am here to apply for the [position name] position that I saw on [the place where you found the job listing]. With [work experience time range], I have checked the requirements and I can proudly say that I will be a great asset if hired for the position.

During my time at [previous company] as a retail associate, reaching every month’s target sales at [percentage reached] is a simple task for me. I always bring good customer service to the customers and provide every help that they need to know more about the products. Throughout these years, I have polished my communication skills and my speech’s persuasiveness due to daily interactions with the customers.

With my work experience, I found myself enjoying servicing customers. Hence, I always give my full effort to serve them when they get into the store. I believe that showing customers a big smile when they enter the shop and saying goodbyes when they leave can leave a good impression on not only me but the store’s reputation as well.

Please take some time to review my resume and it would be great if I have the opportunity to have one-day probation to show you my capabilities. Thank you for your time.


[Your signature]

🔑 Key Takeaways

You have made it to the end for today’s retail cover letter guide.

Now, take a look at these key takeaways to refresh your memory on the things that you’ve just read.

  • Always use formal cover letter format when writing a cover letter for a retail job.
  • Put more emphasis on your communication skills and customer service skills.
  • Use numbers to better explain your capabilities as a retail worker. 
  • Grab and mention information that you found from the listing. It is a good guideline for your retail cover letter.
  • Having no experience is not a fault, sell yourself with your academic experience and personality.

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— Originally written by Ryan Goh —

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