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For many customers, the personal, intimate quality of the service is their appeal.

Indeed, the lavish titles may confuse the candidates. Yet, the difference between sales managers, directors, and executives is not a galaxy away. Both sales managers and directors are more subjected to daily operations (such as training and managing staff). In contrast, sales executives contemplate the long-term destiny (so-called strategies) of the company. 

Sales executives master the power of both individual and professional identity: they seek, seize, and select the business opportunities, connect those who need to contact, and make their acute plans and finally, sales. 

For one seeking belonging in the mystical field of sales, a robust sales executive resume will be your engine of realization and victory. A professional resume for sales executives not only marks one’s experiences and strengths but is also thy first step to the upper seat and competition. 

💡 Keep in mind: Power-lust is a weed that grows in abandoned minds. The essence of bringing value and service should be the primary motivation!

How to write a sales executive resume?

A sales executive resume lays bare the strength and weaknesses of a candidate. One could follow the simple steps and guidance to prevent confusion and pure panic.  

Step 1 : A sales executive CV differs from a sales executive resume in ....

CV/ResumeSales Executive CVSales Executive Resume
TextAll experiences: serve as a detailed autobiographyRelevant information about the sales executive position
BackgroundAcademic contextsJob application
DesignPlain (mostly black and white)Varies depending on work and industry
Pages2+1 max.

Step 2 : Sometimes, formatting makes all the difference.

Similarly, a notable difference exists between a CV format for sales executive and a resume format for sales executive. But here, we will focus on those related to resumes to stay on topic. The common sales executive resume formats include targeted, chronological, functional, and hybrid. 

💡 Tips: While choosing a resume format for sales executives in retail industry, the hybrid one can be your go-to-choice, as it highlights both skill and experience -- both are crucial aspects for the sales executive role.

Step 3 : Become the giant that straddles the sales executive resume templates.

Find some sales executive resume templates (or sales executive resume samples, as they also offer great exemplars for concise writing and profile summary). Transmit their ideas and tactics to your own. Watch and learn.

Step 4 : "Adapt" and "Evolve" your sales executire resume for the position and industry.

Crafting a resume for a sales executive in retail compared to one in the media industry will need tailoring and diverging zest. Skills and experiences required might differ depending on the industry.

For instance, recruiting a fashion brand’s store sales executive might prefer a candidate with a profile summary for sales executive in clothing or retail fields. However, it is not a quest for comparing apples to oranges.

Some "hot" positions prone to competition include:

  • Sales Account Executive: The most general title; individuals are responsible for finding business opportunities and maintaining relationships with clients.
  • Media Sales Executive: Sell physical or digital space in various communication mediums for advertising (ex: billboards, magazines, online publications, etc.)
  • Store Sales Executive: Plan and attained sales metrics as per business plan. Responsible for store strategy, stock and inventory, and general account management.
  • Marketing Sales Executive:  Develop sales and marketing strategies to achieve company’s branding, promotion events, and revenue plan.
  • Retail Sales Executive: manage end-to-end retail channel sales (including but not limited to customer service, inventory merchandise, and more).

After all, a sales executive’s underlying purpose and responsibilities remain steadfast: to build trust and relationships and deals, regardless of industry.

Step 5 : Craft your job application letter for sales executive.

Speak with sincerity. Tell the company recruiters how you can give them real clout both from your skills and past experiences in your sales executive cover letter (not in an arrogant way, though). 

Step 6 : Double check, triple check ...

Proofreading is essential to reinforce the accuracy of your writing and logic.

CakeResume provides the right sales executive resume templates & formats for sales executive talents to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best sales executive resume Now!

What to put on a resume for a sales executive job?

In every application season, a curious “migration” occurs; hundreds of new applicants from around the city or even the world flock to the dream-companies for their new job openings. 

To be just slightly ahead of the pack, one should answer clearly in their sales executive resume: why them, and why you?  

Here we unravel the secrets of writing a successful sales executive resume (what exactly should one put on their resume?) followed by some sales executive resume examples.

1. Personal Information on Resume

✅ The MUST-HAVE List: 

  • The candidate’s full name: introduce yourself professionally. Nickname is highly prohibited. 
  • Phone Number and Email address: let the others know how to contact you. 
  • Headline: show glimpses of your professional identity. 
  • Address: matters if you are working as a remote or international employee.

⛔ The Please DON'T DO This List:

  • Putting your current or expected salary is a sign of disrespect. 
  • Insurance numbers are not needed for the interview process unless specifically asked for it. 
  • Personal information prone to discrimination is discouraged.
    (yes we ARE living in the 21st century, but do not provide info around sexual orientation, age, marital status, etc).

2. Resume Headline

  • Definition: A title (10 words max.) that emphasizes a candidate’s strength or experience.
  • The Cards Up your Sleeves: 
    Craft the headline specifically for the position. Look up sales executive skills and qualities for resume (also mentioned in later paragraphs) and mark some parallels on your own.

Sales Resume Headline for Sales Executive:

  • Sales VP specialized in India’s merchandise industry
  • Senior Sales Executives that exceed sales goal by 20% last year

3. Professional Summary & Career Objective for Sales Executive

  • Definition:
    • Sales executive resume summary highlights one’s professional achievement. 
    • Sales executive resume objectives speak of one’s career vision and goal. 
  • The Cards Up your Sleeves:
    The length of the summary or objective should be around two to four sentences at most. 

If you're writing a sales VP resume, it’s best to offer a summary rather than an objective, as the latter only paints a vague vision that offers no concrete details and proof.

Sample Summaries from Sales Executive Resume in India:

  • Media Senior Sales Executive with a record-setting sales history that exceeded metrics by 33%.
  • Data-driven Sales Executive with 12+ years of experience in the retail industry.

4. Must-Have Sales Executive Skills on Resume

  • Definition: the candidates’ expertise and ability (only mention those related to the professional requirement of sales executives)
  • The Cards Up your Sleeves: 
    • It is highly possible during recruitment that the company will provide a list of “preferred qualities” or “requirements.” Keep in mind to match up your own skill sets with that list, add extra fuel for your profile, and show you’re their perfect match. 
    • No progress bar or spider skill analysis.

Sales Executive Skills and Qualities Samples for Resume:

Hard Skills

  • Account Development  
  • Creative Marketing Initiatives 
  • Strategic Planning, Forecasting, and Executions
  • Go-To-Market Plans and Growth Strategies 
  • Data-driven Product Positioning and Consumer Insights
  • Tools: Hubspot & Salesforce

Soft Skills

  • Staff Training and Mentorship 
  • Team Building
  • Persuasive Speaking  
  • Interpersonal and Negotiation Skills

5. Work Experience on Sales Executive Resume

Craft and maintain personal brands through positioning yourself and showcasing the “right” and relevant experiences. 

  • Definition: accomplishments and duties in past career positions. 
  • The Cards Up your Sleeves: 
    • Include the Company/Organization name, the title of the position, start and end dates of the corresponding employment, and data-oriented results
    • Avoid writing an autobiography. Data will be precise and friendly.

Examples from Senior Sales Executive Resume

Erickson, lnc. - Sales Executive                                                 

  • Managed regional sales for both digital and in-store markets. Continuously surpassed annual quota by an average of 14% over the past 3 years. 
  • Developed and executed new marketing strategies that drive up sales by 21% in 2019.
  • Provided staff and product training year-round.

💡 Tips: If you’re working on a resume for sales executive freshers (those who have not been in the position), showcasing related experience in senior roles or president leadership will be a plus in application.

6. Education Information

  • Definition: information regarding candidates’ educational background
  • The Cards Up your Sleeves: 
    • Bachelor/Master/Doctoral Degree +Major, School, Year of Graduation (or expected year) 
    • Honor List, Extracurricular Activities or Clubs, GPA

Educational Information from Senior Sales Executive Resume Samples:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration, Finance. University of California, Davis.  
  • Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations, Stanford University, Stanford, CA
    Expected graduation in 2022.
    GPA - 3.7/4.0

7. Additional Information Relevant to Sales Executive Resume

Depending on the company or industry culture, it’s also suitable to mention one’s hobbies and interests. Some companies value individuality and prefer candidates with more vibrant and vivid lives. However, it may not apply to all positions and companies. It’s crucial to conduct more research before actually writing the resumes.

Additional Information for  Senior Sales Executive Resume:

  • Vice President / Philanthropy Chair—Delta Sigma Pi, Harvard University
  • Interest: photography, movies (interstellar always make me cry buckets), and more! 
  • Demonstrated 5+ experience in the media sales industry.

Tips for writing the best sales executive resume

While mulling the resume, some cards up to the sleeves may make your life better!

1. Tailor your resume.

As said a million times, although the company may not be your destiny, still remember to reach for it and tailor your sales executive resume specifically for the company. It helps! Really! 

2. Use keywords.

Follow the trail blaze by the former intellects. The recruitment board has announced all the sales executive skills and qualities you need for your resume. Markdown those keywords that fit with your own profile and skill-sets. 

3. Use data & numbers.

Data-oriented results highlight your achievements and duties as clearly as crystal. Vague words are not preferred due to the high potential to fluff it up with nonsense. 

4. ATS-friendly resume format is a must.

No one wants their application to be thrown into the unseen bin of the recruiting system. While checking out sales executive resume templates, be sure they apply to your role and are ATS-friendly (usually, avoid those with fabulous design and vibrant colors). 

5. Use action verbs.

Action verb highlights one’s initiative and willingness to take on responsibilities. 

6.  Optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Recently, social media presence can also be a plus for this digital-connected world. Linkedin can be the place to start, as it is the aggregator of professional connections nowadays. A well-maintained professional profile on Linkedin will give credit to your personal brand -- which is what matters the most as a sales executive.

How to write a cover letter for a sales executive position?

Don’t lose your vim here! An effective sales executive cover letter can become the exact glow up one needed.

Cover Letter is a job application letter for sales executive, briefly discuss why a candidate is interested in and suitable for the position.

Cover Letter for a Sales Executive Writing Guide:

  • Greeting to start a friendly and respectful conversation with the recruiters or team. 
  • Why them? Candidly talk about your interest in the company and what draws you to the sales executive position. 
  • Time to tone up your rhetoric. Tell the company why you are THE candidate for their job opening. What new ideas, insights, and skills can you bring to the table? 
  • Mild but Catchy closing. Don’t portray yourself as an arrogant person, but be sure to leave a good impression with warm closings.

🔍 Sample application letters for sales executive positions can be found at CakeResume’s blog. Scout for successful samples and make it your own. ➡ The Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job:5 Basic Paragraphs & 10 Tips (Free Templates)

Sales Executive Resume Sample

Johnny Warner

Sales VP at 17Media

(+1) 123-11111
[email protected]

Professional Summary

Record-setting Sales Executive with 8+ years demonstrated history in media sales. Successfully penetrate new markets and accelerate top and bottom-line revenue growth by 41% over years.


  • Revenue Growth
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Analytical Problem Solving
  • Proficient in SQL and Python
  • Public Speaking and Presentation
  • Customer Insights and User Research
  • Go-To-Market Plan and Lead Strategy
  • Account Development and Management

Work Experience

17 Media | Sales VP
September 2010 – Present

  • Accelerated revenue growth by 8% in the two quarters. Landed key contract with Pepsi for its 2021 media outlet, successfully presented and completed the company's sale. 
  • Led team of 30 employees in multiple cities across Northern states. Increase market share by 12%.

Market+, iNCTerritory Senior Sales Associate
September 2008 - July 2010

  • Ranked #1 in the company for new sales, exceeded sales metric by $6 million.
  • Managed and trained Evanston salesforce of 12 employees in the Chicago region. 
  • Monitored market conditions and adjusted marketing initiatives to address market development.


2017, BSBA in Accounting
Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University, Evanstro

Additional Information

  • Languages: English, French, and Mandarin.
  • Founder and composer of the jazz band ROCK
  • Enjoy competitive skiing, debate, and traveling.

--- Originally written by Julia Chu ---

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