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Selling is a mystical minefield. While sales executives look outwards, mainly responsible for maintaining clients’ partnership and setting up the company’s long-term strategies, sales managers and directors look inward, responsible for training and managing sales staff and team on a daily basis (They are, however, in charge of different geographic regions). Nevertheless, their duties are similar. Both the sales manager and sales director’s mission is to edify their mighty industry-rules and decorum for the fledglings: to guide and lead until they grow up their full wings. 

A compelling sales manager resume can help one make a great impression, connections, friends, or foes —— and even secure the sales manager position through showing your own trustworthiness. This is the time to unveil the magic of writing a strong sales manager resume.

P.S. Due to the similarity between a sales manager and sales director, this article will utilize the two titles interchangeably.

How to write a sales manager resume?

Here are some crucial steps one should get the hang of it before sending that sales manager resume.

Step 1: Beware of the distinction between a sales manager resume and a sales manager CV.

The table below bullet-pointed the differences between the two. Just keep in mind, depending on the country you live in, the two-term may come across as the same thing, or drastically diverse requirement. 

Sales Manager CV

  • “autobiography” of all experiences (academic & career)
  • more prominent in academia context and connections
  • lies over 2+ pages may be extended over time 
  • simple layout

Sales Manager Resume

  • concise catalog covering info related to the sales manager position 
  • job-application for specific industry
  • 1 page with various layout

Step 2: Choose the right sales manager resume format.

The right resume format suitable for your sales profile and experiences is the key. Commonly, candidates will choose their sales manager resume format from the major 4 types: functional, chronological, targeted, and hybrid (click here to understand more about “The 4 Prominent Type for Sales Director Resume Formats”.

Step 3: Find inspiration from sales manager resume templates and samples.

Referencing is the recipe for originality and victory to the game (despite how absurd it may sound). Sales manager resume samples will become your great friend. We shall all “stand on the shoulders of giants” —— study and transform from good sales manager resume examples, and make them your own (in an authentic way)!

Step 4: Tailor your resume for that sales manager job.

Tailoring your sales manager resume makes all the difference. Despite the seemingly similar title and the overlapping skills and duties, from the recruiter’s perspective, there is still a difference between a car sales manager and an insurance sales manager: so should their resume.

Step 5: Create the sales manager cover letter

A sales manager cover letter is a formal greeting (mostly through email nowadays) that not only introduces yourself, but also tells the recruiters how and why they should see the best in you.

Step 6: Proofread!

Proofread. Proofread. Proofread. A spelling mistake on a sales director’s resume will be such a big joke. A senior leader without meticulous attention to detail? That is probably the last impression a candidate would want their recruiter to hold.

What to put on a resume for a sales manager?

This is a short paraphrase of what you should put in a sales manager’s resume.

In a nutshell, a sales manager resume should answer the following 3 HOW questions:

  1. How qualified is the candidate (profile, skillset, even style, and personality)?
  2. How can the candidate contribute (working experience)? 
  3. How can the company contact this candidate?

1. Resume Profile / Personal Information

One could be wondering what personal information should 100% INCLUDE and AVOID? Too little seems unprofessional and impolite, but too many personal details seem unbearing too.

YOU SHOULD HAVE THESE on your sales manager resume:

  • First name + last name (the recruiters should know how to address you) 
  • Contact information - email or phone number. 
  • A Professional title suggests sparks of your previous experience (ex: sales intern VS sales director in the North America region) 
  • Address is critical for remote work.

The OPTIONAL list :

  • Linkedin URL / Personal website for exposing more past working experience or portfolio (the latter for the visual industry is sure a plus)
  • Social media can turn the application-process more interactive (Depending on the company’s culture, some, albeit, may not click on the link).


  • Providing current/expected salary is quite unprofessional. 
  • Social Security Number. Not now, may be required later for government positions’ vetting process and official employment.
  • Personal Info regarding sexual orientation / gender / age / photography (and more) may prompt discrimination. Unless it’s specifically asked about, do not provide it.

2. Resume Title / Headline

A resume headline is a short (10-word max) title that highlights one’s strong point and experiences. Treat a headline like the titles of an article or writings. They are the eye-catchers, customized and capitalized. Abbreviations and keywords associated with the industry and role are recommended. 

Resume Headline for Sales Manager Resume:

  • Senior Sales Account Manager with over 10+ yrs of Experience 
  • Retail Sales Director Achieved 20% revenue growth per quarter

3. Sales Manager Resume Summary Statement & Objective

A mere title within 50 word counts is far from enough: this is where a sales manager summary, which asserts one’s notable achievements and skills, and career objectives for a sales manager (as its name suggests, focus on goals and visions) should come into play.

Although this section should only encompass 2-3 sentences, it is integral for one to treat it seriously. Keep in mind most companies prefer a summary, which presents practical experiences, better than vague career objectives.

Here is an example of a professional summary for a sales manager:

Profile Summary for Sales Manager:

  • High-performing sales director recognized for contributing record-setting sales figures. Doubled revenue with data-driven strategies in the last 3 years. Experienced, bold, and expert presenter, leader, and negotiator. 
  • Advertising sales managers who sold 150+ deals in automotive using innovative launches. Experienced in managing 15 sales professionals with 3500+ accounts across the Asian region.

4. Skills for a Sales Manager Resume 

A sales director’s resume reveals a great deal of information about the person who wrote it.

What skills do you own?

What skills do a sales manager have on their resume?

This is one of the most challenging questions candidates mull over. One can’t just blabber and fraud a list of fancy abilities — you will surely get noticed by the recruiters, in a bad way.

✅ Keep in mind to adjust your skills according to the job descriptions on their recruiting board (stay away from overused keywords like “passionate,” “inspirational,” or progress bars). 

Examples for Sales Manager Skills Resume:

Sales Operations Manager - Skills List 

  • Extensive marketing knowledge. Experienced in conducting digital research, strategy, and Go-to-Market Plans.
  • Sales management, training, and delegation. Full proficiency in Salesforce.
  • New Account Development, SMB and SaaS Sales.

5. Sales Manager Working Experiences on a Resume

Past working experience can serve as a check on whether the candidate is authentically presenting their abilities, whether it ranges from soft skills like team building or hard skills such as SQL programming.

The bare minimum of what was necessary for a sales manager job description on resume are:

  • Name of Corporation / Company / Organization
  • Job Titles 
  • Employment Dates (Start and End) 
  • Job Description for the role (be concise!)

Sales Director Resume Samples on Working History:

Territory Senior Sales Director
XYZ Company - Chicago, IL

4/2016 - Present

  • Recruited and led a team of 12, growing market share in North America from less than $3 million to $7.7 million within 1 year.
  • Expanded market reach of past products into emerging digital lead and platform. 
  • Implemented an operation strategy for digital marketing with billings in the range of $ 2 million to $ 4 million; served as project leader.

6. Education Information for a Sales Manager Resume

What recruiters care the most about is how a candidate can bring a bright spark from their previous experiences — whether from the past employment or even from their academic history. This is where the education section comes into play.

The basic information that should be on the education profile summary for a sales manager (a potential one) includes:

  • Degree &  Major  & School   
  • Honors & Awards  
  • Year of Graduation 
  • Minor, Certification, GPA, Extracurricular activities (optional info!) 

It is not necessary to include one's high school information unless it's your highest education degree obtained.

Education Examples:

Northwestern University, Kellogg School of Management  

  • Bachelor of Arts in Economics
  • GPA: 3.5 / 4.0

7. Additional Information to Put on a Sales Director Resume

The gulf between you and other candidates arises from differences in your experiences — the ability to frame yourself in the best light possible for the position. 

It is recommended for a candidate to obtain the basic certifications/experiences one should have as a sales, such as CISP from AA-ISP organization, Hubspot’s courses and licenses, or third language proficiency. 

💡 As a potential candidate for sales manager, it’s best that one first have some-sorts of team-building and leading history. Leadership experiences could not only ramp up a recruiter’s attention but probably also the flaming possibility of further conversation!

Signs of taking leadership roles in the team can also help. Show your initiative, potential, and absolute determination.

Additional Information for Sales Manager Resume:

Columbia Venture Business Competition - Project Team Lead, Marketing Team Lead 

  • Oversaw all marketing aspects of product innovation, served as a leader in a team of 9 throughout the competition period.
  • Managed project map through cross-functional teams (from research, design to outsourcing).

Tips for writing the best sales director resume

Before sending your sales director resume out (or even start writing it!), one has the opportunity to rehash all mistakes, fears, and courage on that piece of paper (maybe 2). Some tips will help along the way.

Tip 1:  Customize your resume. 

Customize your resume.  Whether it’s a regional sales manager resume or an automotive sales manager resume, adjust and tweak every corner of your writing specifically for the job.

Tip 2: Add Keywords.

Keywords are called keywords for a reason. Be sure to include those on the job descriptions in your own sales director resume.

Tip 3: Use Numbers.

Quantitative measure will be your best friend: give concrete proof of how you can contribute to the company.

Tip 4: ATS-friendly resume format lower the risk of being “unseen”. 

Some sales manager resume templates on websites are too rich in visual designs —— a dire fault that may result in your resume being cast into the system’s “bin”. Avoid those.

Tip 5: Use Action Verbs.

Action verb portrays your experiences directly. Using active sense paints a clear picture of what you were in charge of and what you have accomplished. 

Tip 6: Optimize your LinkedIn.

Recruiters expect sales managers with extensive industry knowledge as well as experiences. Linkedin, the social media platform tailored for businesses and professional experiences, is equivalent to your informal sales director resume. Therefore, be sure to keep one’s Linkedin profile up to date.  Renew your new employment history, and try to invite others in endorsing your skills, giving you recommendations on the platform.

How to write a cover letter for a sales manager?

Cover letter, so-called the job application letter for sales managers, is probably the first information recruiters (or anyone whom you are reaching out to) receive. Hence, it will largely decide whether or not your sales managers resume will be opened.

A cover letter for a sales manager should cover:

  • A friendly and professional greeting. This will be the first interaction: do not address the wrong person and leave a terrible impression. 
  • Tell them Why do you like to join? Blend in your knowledge and interest in the industry, company, and what they’re offering. 
  • Differentiate yourself from another candidate. What skills and new insights can you bring to the table? What have you accomplished in the past? Choose 2 or 3 experiences of your own and briefly talk about them. 

One may ponder, but writing a cover letter for a sales manager with no experience is not so different from those who have. Replace those regarding professional employment history with your extracurricular activities, apply the same tips, then thou shall be fine.

However, do keep in mind recruiters prefer candidates with prior experiences for senior roles. Make sure you have met their requirements and the guts as well as skills to handle the job before you send out that sales manager cover letter.

Sales Manager Resume Sample
(Text Format)

Ben Nimentz

Head of Sales, Coach, and Mentor at FixNet

Mobile: (+1) 123-1234
Email: [email protected]


Result-driven & Digital-oriented Sales Director with demonstrated 8+ yrs history in the retail sales industry. Surpassed yearly sales goals by 10% and more since 2016. Experienced negotiator and presenter.  


  • Sales Management: Salesforce CRM, Lead Qualifications, Team Supervision, Account Development, B2B2C Negotiation, Pricing Strategy
  • Computer: Microsoft Office, SQL Language
  • Language: Korean, Spanish, English

Work Experience

Area Sales Manager.COCA LALA Company

Feb. 2016 - Present     

  • Achieved 131% in FY24 and 211% in FY17 for individual SaaS sales revenue target. Negotiated deal terms for digital advertising relationships and drove the contract process for 60+ partners per quarter in the Chicago area. 
  • Directed and established a clear data-driven process and SOP between marketing, sales, SI, and marketing departments.

Sales Operation Project Management.SiPep Corporation         

Feb. 2013 - Jan 2016

  • Managed vendor relationships, outsourced telemarketing agency for handling incoming calls, and coordinated all inbound and outbound campaigns. 
  • Responsible for selling, planning, and implementing all account management activities for SiPep in the California States. Exceeded corporation objectives by $1,500,000 in sales.


  • The University of Southern California, Marshall Scholl of Business - LA, CA, 2012
    BA in Business Administration, Certificate in Finance
    GPA 3.6, Dean's Honors List

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--- Originally written by Julia Chu ---

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