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Now, rise to the challenge. Sales representatives (both in-bound and out-bound) deal with customer account management: selling products and services and maintaining a good relationship with potential customers. 

🔎 Fact: Making a strong impression for a sales representative is crucial; so does applying for a sales representative job. 

The resume represents the cognitive and personal-profile challenges that candidates need to achieve in the job application battle: for everything from skills to put on a resume for sales representative to professional summary for sales representative.

What one needs to stand out from the crowd is a successful sales representative resume (sales rep resume). And here’s how it should go.

How to write a resume for sales representatives?

1. Resume v.s. CV

Two commonly misunderstood terms during job application battle are: sales representative resume V.S. sales representative CV

Despite the term’s common ground on exposing some extent of personal, academic, and professional background, the two differ.

A sales rep resume contains only relevant information regarding a specific job and is 1-page max in length; a sales representative CV catalogs every experience (like an autobiography) of an individual. 

Furthermore, a general sales representative CV may focus on academic contexts (as a CV is mostly used in such a setting!) and is length over 2 pages or more. 

2. Resume Formats

There are four widely known and used sales representative resume formats in the market: targeted, functional, chronological, and hybrid. To know more about each format, check out common resume formats. for a sales representative resume.

💡 Tip: 

For those crafting a resume for a sales representative with no experience, a functional resume might be the most suitable option, as it focuses on showcasing the skills.

3. Resume Examples

Online sales representative resume templates and examples can be your best friend! Strong examples for past candidates will certainly offer some deepest and useful insight into the magic of positioning oneself and “packaging” thy profiles. 

4. Resume Customization

Modify the sales representative resume based on position, responsibilities, industry (and maybe company culture, too).  

For instance, while writing an inside sales representative resume, one might want to zoom in more on skills and experiences in networking, cold calls, and maintaining prospect data. 

✍🏻 Note: 

On the contrary, an outside sales representative resume may want to portray its brokering face-to-face deals and public speaking experiences. It all depends on the position & role! 

5. Cover Letter

Prepare to pour your heart and soul into that application letter for a sales representative (also known as a sales representative cover letter in official terms). Concise, authentic, and passionate cover letters may pave the way. 

6. Proofreading

Proofreading saves occasional brain farts. No employer will trust a candidate who spells negotiation as negotiation as their networking partner. Be sure, as a sales representative, to spell everything correctly on your resume.

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What to put on a sales representative resume?

For many serious minds, writing a sales representative resume is such a turmoil. It requires both a mentally and an emotionally strong mind to present oneself in the best life. 

Here we reveal the secrets of writing the most personally-tailored as well as successful sales representative resume followed by an actual sales representative resume sample. 

1. Personal Information


  • Candidates’ first + last name for a professional self-introduction. Nicknames are prone to improper and childish impressions. 
  • Contact methods (phone or email) will give information to the employers on ways to reach out to the candidates. 
  • “Slick” headline to #hashtag your professionality. 
  • An address might be crucial if one is working remotely. 


  • Current or expected salary should not appear on your resume. It is deemed as a sign of disrespect (it’s encouraged to negotiate the amount of salary in person during or after the interview, but certainly not in one’s resume)
  • Insurance numbers are unnecessary unless asked for it (government roles may require prior vetting). 
  • Details that might invoke gender/social/age/LGBT discrimination are not encouraged. Although the current era lies in the 21st century, it’s difficult to determine whether a company or its HRs has implicit discrimination for certain groups of people, which may harm one’s application process. 

2. Resume Headline

It is a professional title that signifies a candidate’s strength or working history (10-word max). 

 ✍🏻 Ways to turn the tide: 

Check out common skills to put on a resume for a sales representative (also mentioned in later paragraphs in further details) in the corresponding industry and parallels one’s profile with it. 

Sample Customer Sales Representative Resume Title:

  • Customer Service Rep that drove up quarterly sales by 31%
  • Customer Service Rep ranked #2 in the Company’s global sales competition

2. Sales Representative Summary & Objective

What are they?

  • A Sales representative summary pinpoints a candidates’ career-related achievements and highlights.
  • An Objective on a sales representative resume talk about a candidate’s professional vision and purpose.

 ✍🏻 Tips: 

  • Two to four sentences are optimal for writing either summary or objective. 
  • However, a summary is more preferable than that of objectives, especially when writing a sales rep resume, whose core responsibility is to make concrete sales, not vague visions (although there is indeed some overlap). 

Example Summaries on a Sales Development Representative Resume

  • Data-driven Sales RP with a strong track record in driving sales (10%+) and adjusting company profile with the target market. 
  • 5+ years of experience in B2B2C enterprise sales development. Skilled in storytelling, building customer loyalty, and forging business networks. 

3. Important Sales Representative Skills on Resume

It is summation of a candidate’s ability and knowledge (only those relatable to sales representative are necessary).

 ✍🏻 Tips

  • In the job post, the company will provide the requirements, responsibilities, and roles of the position. Matching the responsibilities with one’s own skill set is crucial to present oneself as the matching candidate. 
  • Avoid progress bars or spider / graphic analysis, as it seems childish and unprofessional. 

Examples of Sales Representative Skills on a Resume

  • Stock and Merchandising Management
  • Account Management
  • SaaS /Salesforce/Talkdesk/Zendesk 
  • Channel Business Model
  • Integrated Marketing & Sales Strategy
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Communication
  • Problem Solving
  • Microsoft Office 
  • Cross-selling

4. Working History for a Sales Rep Resume

It highlights of past career experiences (best to have related sales representative’s duties and responsibilities on one’s resume). 

When writing the work experience on your sales rep resume, include:

  • Organization/company/enterprise name
  • Location
  • Title of the role/position
  • Start & end date 
  • accomplishment, duties, and responsibilities 

Working Experience Examples for Sales Rep Resume

Moderxa - Sales Representative | NY, US 

  • Managed a $1.2M portfolio accounts, totaling $0.6M in sales 
  • Surpasses annual metrics by 17%, led forecasting, target users research, and marketing strategy. 
  • Organized company offline and online events over the year. 

5. Educational Background

It shows the candidate’s educational experience (university, degree, program, etc) - the glimpses of intellectual capability. 

Include the following essential information:

  • Degree
  • Major
  • School name
  • Year of Graduation

Optional information:

  • Honors
  • Extracurricular activities (clubs, competitions, etc.)
  • GPA

6. Additional Information for a Sales Rep Resume

Relevant knowledge in the sales industry is a must for all positions. For sales to make sales (despite how silly and absurd the phrasing sounds), product knowledge is crucial and serves as the base level of customer acquisition.  

✅  Pro tip: It’s definitely recommended for individuals and candidates to show their background knowledge (whether through competition, certification, awards, portfolio research) in their corresponding field.

Tips for writing the best sales representative resume

Those mentioned above were mandatory, the rudimentary requirements of a sales rep resume. However, some handy ways can become the ultimate level-up elixir in job applications.

👍 Tip 1: Tailor the sales rep resume.

A resume specifically for the role and company helps a lot (it shows a lot of determination & effort).

👍 Tip 2: Draw experiences from past sales representative resume examples.

Although the idea seemed more than quixotic, drawing experiences from past sales representative resume examples or the company's recruiting board is not an act of plagiarism.

The Wise choice would be to match one’s skill and profile with the company’s needs.

👍 Tip 3: Quantify data.

Quantify data leads to concrete, analytical presentation of both one’s achievement and experiences.

👍 Tip 4: Optimize for ATS friendly format.

ATS friendly format makes sure your resume will be read by the employer rather than tossed into the system’s bin.

👍 Tip 5: Use action verbs.

Action verbs show one’s determination and initiative.

👍 Tip 6: Include professional social media.

Social media presence (e.g., LinkedIn or Facebook) may boost a sales representative’s application, showcasing your networking skills.

How to write a cover letter for sales representatives?

A cover letter is the application letter telling the HR why and how a candidate is suitable for the job opening. 

Elements to include in a sales rep cover letter:

  • A warm greeting helps to set the scene and opens up the conversation.
  • Discuss why one chose the company & the role. Best to mention one’s mission, interest in the industry, product, and more. 
  • Tell how one can become their backbone. Speak with sincerity (and a little bit self-boosting) how one can help the company achieve its goal. 
  • Professional but friendly goodbye is all one needs at the end of the letter. 

If you're writing an entry-level sales representative resume or a resume for a sales representative with no experience, try to show show initiatives and self-discipline to the company.  

Further reading:  The Cover Letter to Land Your Dream Job

Sales representative resume sample

Maximiliam Strong

Sr. Medical Sales Representative 

(+2) 111-000
[email protected] strong

Professional Summary

Data-driven sales repre with 10+ years demonstrated history in medical and pharmaceutical fields. Promoted numerous laboratory products to medical groups and laboratories, exceeding sales metrics by 16% on average per year.

Work Experience

Sr. Sales Representative   
Feb 2017 - Present 

  • Balanced outbound sales through marketing and events lead. 
  • Managed leads and passed 201 stage 3 opportunities to territorial associates. Representing 163% for quarterly attainment. 
  • Led Sales team of 5, responsible for training salesforce, cooperated on integrated marketing campaigns, and developed sales strategy.

Sales Representative     
Sep 2010- Dec 2016 

  • Achieved highest medical field sales performance rating for the region, accounting for 24% of total regional sales of the year.
  • Achieved an annual 10%+ sales increase on average for 6 years. 
  • Led the regional and district team in 2015 and 2016.


University of California San Diego
Bachelor of Science in Chemistry


  • Inventory & Stock Management
  • Background in Medical Engineering 
  • Product Knowledge (Scientific Grasps)
  • Exceptional Interpersonal and Communication Skills 
  • Budget and Marketing Strategy Forecasting 
  • Account Management 
  • Leadership 
  • Analytical and Organizational Skills
  • Negotiation and Public Speaking 
  • Microsoft Office, Salesforce, SaaS, and more.

--- Originally written by Julia Chu ---

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