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What is “Scrum"? The term has become increasingly popular. Scrum describes a framework that allows teams to work on complex projects with simple and adaptable approaches.

A scrum master is an individual who: 

  • Leads and coaches organizations using Scrum
  • Plans and implements Scrum within organizations 
  • Helps both the employees and stakeholders understand Scrum on product development
  • Increases productivities and effectiveness of Scum applications within the organization 

Is there a difference between a scrum master and a project manager? A scrum master is a servant leader who enables organizational change holistically and does not follow a hierarchy. While a project manager holds a broader position without necessarily coaching other employees. With that said, a scrum master actively practices agile frameworks (e.g., coaching and motivating team members). A project manager rather focuses on risk management and negotiation. 

The understanding of a scrum master is necessary to build a scrum master resume. Building an accurate scrum master resume will help the application stand out from hundreds of others (check our previous article Why is Resume Important in a Job Application?).

In this article, we will detail methods of writing a scrum master resume, including scrum master profile summary & resume objective, skills and experience. In the end, we provide a scrum master resume example crafted by our seasoned career coach.

Choosing the Correct Scrum Master Resume Format

Before writing a scrum master resume, the following types of resume format should be noted: 

Chronological resume format (reverse listing work experience): 

  • Pros: most frequently used resume format and easier to read 
  • Cons: employment gap stands out easily  

Functional resume format (focuses on qualifications and skills): 

  •  Pros: emphasizes skills of the applicant
  • Cons: recruiters and managers do not favor this format due to the likelihood of deceits

Combinational resume format (combination of the above): 

  • Pros: highlights both relevant skills and employment history 
  • Cons: employment gap stands out easily 

📝  Note that only submit a scrum master resume using the PDF format, unless the recruiters require a Word (.doc) document as the PDF format usually preserves the formatting.

It can be confusing to fresh graduates to choose the right scrum master resume format. For those who are writing an entry-level scrum master resume or a junior scrum master resume, there are a few helpful tips can be followed below: 

  • Use a functional resume format.
    Scrum masters usually have multiple useful skills to improve organizational productivity, so adapting a scrum master resume into a skill-based resume format can be advantageous. 
  • Adopt a career objective statement.
    Utilizing the objective section of a scrum master resume can help catch the attention of the recruiters.
  • Highlight your education qualifications.
    Even though scrum masters came from dynamic educational backgrounds, it is still advantageous to feature education qualification as a part of individual uniqueness.  

What to Include in a Scrum Master Resume
- 8 Key Sections

To build a successful scrum master resume, there are 8 key sections to fulfill - resume profile, resume headline, resume summary, resume objective (optional), skills, work experience, and education. Follow through with these 8 steps to score a successful scrum master resume!

Step 1: Provide Recruiters Information on Who You Are.

  • Full name
  • Professional title
    In a scrum master resume profile, it often helps to state which level of maturity the scrum master is at (e.g., junior Scrum Master, senior Scrum Master). 
  • Email address
    Most of the recruiters contact applicants to update their application process and therefore filling in an accurate email address is important. 
  • Phone number
    Some recruiters call applicants to schedule interviews, so make sure the phone number is accurately filled.
  • Address
    It is not essential to put a complete full address, simply provide state, city, and the resident country would suffice. 

🔑 There is some additional information to be added that strengthens the scrum master resume, such as: 

  • LinkedIn URL
    Often scrum masters have many achievements on resumes that don’t fit the standard resume length. Adding a LinkedIn URL would help recruiters see other relevant activities a scrum master has participated in. 
  • Professional social media accounts
    An important additional section to include on a scrum master resume is the social media page, as it is often used to achieve agile marketing. This can be planned strategically using Instagram and Facebook posts. 

Step 2: Add a Brief Line that Summarizes the Entire Resume.

While crafting a headline/title for your Scrum master resume, do:

  • Outline strengths of being a scrum master
    Some key strengths to highlight as a scrum master include certification, relevant work experience, and projects candidates have worked on. 
  • Use strong and catchy word phrases
    By incorporating catchy and strong terms such as “enthusiastic and determined scrum master” shows good characters for your scrum master resume.
  • Place the headline on top of the resume 
    As a headline catches recruiters’ attention quickly, it should be placed on top of the resume.

Step 3: Use One or Two Sentences to Describe Your Experience & Valuable Skills.

While writing a profile summary for your Scrum master resume, remember to:

  • Be concise and proper
    Always start a scrum master resume summary with clear and concise sentences, which should not exceed 30-50 words.
  • Use key adjectives and emphasize the experience 
    Adapt words such as “self-motivated”, “energetic”, “passionate” to describe the scrum masters, as well as to emphasize important experience to show the Scrum expertise.
  • Correct grammar beats everything 
    It is a much more pleasant experience for recruiters to read a scrum master resume summary without any grammatical errors. 

Example of a healthcare scrum master resume summary: 

“Self-motivated senior-level Scrum Master. Has worked in agile environments as a healthcare professional for eight years. Worked on two Scrum teams and has a successful history of working with dynamic teams.”

Step 4: Include Two to Three Sentences to Describe Your Career Goals.

While writing your career objectives for the Scrum master resume, try to:

  • Showcase personality traits 
    List two to three specific personality traits that help the candidate stand out as a Scrum master, such as “Influential” and “Committed”. 
  • Specify relevant scrum master experience 
    Include details of relevant experience. For example, “4+ years of experience in building complex systems”. 
  • Highlight scrum master career goals 
    Specify career goals, such as a managerial position, to help recruiters see where the candidates’ ambitions lie.
  • Include personalized statements and hiring company’s name
    Include interesting career facts and hiring company’s name on a scrum master resume objective to show strong interests to be considered as a candidate.  

Career objective example of an agile scrum master resume:

“Certified agile Scrum Master with 4+ years of experience working with an agile methodology and a proven track record of overseeing project management plans. Seeking a novel leadership challenge at X cooperation.” 

Step 5: Showcase Your Abilities Required to Succeed in the Role.

While listing your Scrum master skills for the resume, it's suggested to:

  • List relevant soft and hard skills as a Scrum master
    There are some key skills employers look for in a scrum master, such as “automation”, “idea systems”, and “agile coaching”.
  • Read through the job description 
    A scrum master resume should be adapted according to the job description. For example, there is a difference between applying for a junior vs. senior scrum master position. 

Step 6: Focus on Highlighting Your Qualifications.

While showing your previous experience as a scrum master, include:

  • Organization 
  • Job location 
  • Role title 
  • Employment period

💡 Even though the above bullet points can easily fulfill a scrum master experience when building resumes, there are several things to be highlighted when writing a scrum master resume: 

  1. Don’t include irrelevant experience. 
  2. Add 3-5 bullet points on scrum master roles and responsibilities on resumes. 
  3. Use short sentences and intense action words. For example, instead of “was responsible for creating the agile process”, a scrum master can write “created the agile process for product operations”.

Step 7: Remember that Educational Backgrounds Matter!

While including educational background in your Scrum master’s resume, don't forget to add:

  • School name and location 
  • Years in school 
  • Degree 
  • Additional extracurricular activities and achievements 

Since there are no corresponding degrees in Scrum mastery, candidates can focus on relevant achievements in school, such as completing school projects in agile or using Scrum methodology to develop operational systems.

This brings us to the final and most important step to a successful scrum master resume...

Step 8: Showcase the Scrum Master Certificates!

The most important aspect of Scrum mastery is receiving Scrum master certificates. Here are some examples of scrum master certificates: 

  • Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I)
  • Professional Scrum Master (PSM II)
  • CPSO (Certified Scrum Product Owner (CPSO)

If you have any special achievements that can help you win the job, don't hesitate to include them in your Scrum master resume!

📝  Scrum master certifications are helpful to add on your scrum master resume summary to let employers see the information right away, or it can be a useful addition to the scrum master’s work experience section. 

Cake provides the right scrum master resume templates & formats for scrum masters to showcase their skills and experiences. Sign up to create the best scrum master resume and download it for free, Now!

5 Tips on How to Write a Good Scrum Master Resume

💡 Tip 1: Tailor the resume to the job description 

Keep the scrum master resume relevant to the job description and avoid adding irrelevant experience.

💡 Tip 2: Make it concise and relevant to the job

By including relevant work experience and paying attention to grammatical errors, candidates can easily write the perfect scrum master resume. 

💡 Tip 3: Refer to online resume examples 

Many candidates have no clue how to write a scrum master resume. Cake offers a variety of scrum master resume templates one can easily follow and build.  

💡 Tip 4: Keep the formatting consistent (styles, colors, font … etc.)

It is visually more pleasant when candidates stick to consistent formatting. Don’t forget to submit the scrum master resume in a PDF document to keep the formatting. 

💡 Tip 5: Keep certificates and other achievements updated 

Many successful scrum masters often demonstrate qualifications such as agile management, interpersonal abilities, and leadership skills. To do this, it is strongly encouraged to display scrum master certification on scrum master resumes.

What Scrum Master Resume Template is the Most Successful One?

What makes a successful scrum master resume? The answer is often subjective, as employers often seek different things in a scrum master. Take Scrum Master Certification for an example - some managers prefer Certified ScrumMaster Course (CSM), while others prefer Professional Scrum Master I (PSM I).

The right resume template can help highlight your qualifications as a Scrum master. It is easier to prove your mastery of Scrum by adopting quantify key skills and experience. Quantifying results can help highlight a candidate’s Scrum ability and stand out from the competition. 

💡 A key aspect of a successful scrum master resume is quantified results.

  • Work Experience Example:
    Led 2 Scrum teams, worked with dynamic teams to increase revenue from $1.2 million to $2.5 million in 2 years.
  • Skill Example:
    Communication Skills - Trained 300+ students 

Scrum Master Resume Examples

Jane Doe

Enthusiastic senior-level Scrum master seeking new opportunities in Agile environments.

Address: 300 Broadway, Camden, NJ
Phone number: +1 856-338-2747

Professional Summary

Certified senior-level Scrum master with 7+ years’ experience in improving Jira systems at a management level. Implemented scaled Agile environments across 20 different projects and successfully brought $2 million revenue in 2 years.

Work Experience

Senior Scrum master, Z cooperation    
Trenton, NJ        
July 2014 - Present

  • Managed 5 Scum teams and raised ROI by 25% in 2 years. 
  • Transformed 7 teams’ waterfall mindset to Agile by implementing 30+ training materials
  • Scrum master for 15+ products. Achieved delivery targets by 20%

Agile Scrum master, L Inc.
Philadelphia, NJ    
June 2012 - August 2014 

  • Helped launch the business portal and maintained one-year-long delivery and release of new products 
  • Coached five different managers as a Scrum master
  • Assisted logistic operations and management to improve impediments 


Stanford University
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology


  • CSM
  • CST
  • PSM I
  • PSM II


Hard Skills:Soft Skills:
JiraAgile Coaching
JavaProject Management
Waterfall-to-agile MigrationServant Leadership
VivifyscrumInterpersonal Communications
Quality ControlPublic Speaking

--- Originally written by Diana Shih ---

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