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As a server, one's duty is not only to make sure the food gets on the table efficiently and correctly. The customer's dining experience is highly affected by the service they get from the restaurant server, from explaining the menu, taking orders, serving food, to making sure customer's needs are met.

Sounds like juggling five glass bottles at once, doesn't it?

Therefore, before serving patrons the best service, one has to make sure that his/her food server resume is appetizing for the hiring manager. A good server resume can absolutely be one's meal ticket to a great new server job as long as it covers skills, previous experience, accomplishments, and highlights the quality that will make one an outstanding server.

This article will show you:

  • things you need to put into crafting the best resume for server jobs
  • the most suitable server resume format
  • server resume examples, including summary, skills, objective, and experience sections
  • tips on writing the best server resume
  • information needed to write a server cover letter
  • complete server resume sample

How to write a server resume

Here are the 6 essential steps to making an exceptional server resume.

STEP 1: Know the difference between a "server CV" and a "server resume"

Whether this is your first time creating a resume for a server job or not, it's always better to refresh and re-learn the difference between a CV and a resume. 

The key differences from a resume standpoint are:

  • a food server resume is only one- page long
  • the resume should align and specific to the server job duties 
  • the layout and design of the resume for server jobs can be more creative and flexible

On the other hand, a CV is commonly used for the application for an academic role. It consists of detailed information throughout the candidate's life course from education, all work experiences, even stretches to awards as well. Thus, a server resume is highly preferred to a server CV during job applications.

STEP 2: Choosing a proper server resume format

A resume format dictates how the information is laid out and indirectly determines what employers will see first. Do you want to showcase your skills first or your work experience first? It all depends on the nature of the job and the requirements of the employer. 

Hence, selecting the right server resume format is crucial as it isn't merely for resume design purposes, but also allowing which aspects of one's qualifications to be accentuated.

📚 Learn more about different types of resume format for job applications!

For a professional server resume and those who are writing for a specialized server job, such as a fine dining server resume, server trainer resume, banquet server resume, and lead server resume, it is best to go with the basic reverse-chronological format since these server roles require more than exceptional communication skills and physical strengths. They demand more knowledge, particular training, and more experience than a general server. Therefore, displaying work period and experience is important.

Meanwhile, people with no prior work history can opt for the functional resume format in writing a server resume with no experience.

🔧  Utilizing its skill-based feature, job seekers can put the focus on their skills instead of the lack of employment history.

STEP 3: Do some heavy-lifting in researching for references

Just like Neil Armstrong once said, "Research is creating new knowledge", reviewing others' work can and will be a new source of learning. 

To get started, you can use any of these below phrases:

  • to learn what the server job role demands:
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  • to get an idea on how to layout your information:
    server resume format, server resume examples
  • to know what are the skills required and has to be mentioned:
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  • for specialized server position:
    restaurant server resume examples, server bartender resume, event server resume, banquet server resume, food server resume examples, cocktail server resume
  • for server resume sections:
    resume title for server, server resume summary examples, server resume objective examples

Now, don't expect that you'll get the best server resume example with the first click. It's always best to compile data, do a recap and draw your own conclusion based on the collected information.

STEP 4: Go above and beyond to personalize a server resume

A good server resume is essentially made-to-order, meaning you craft that resume for a server job according to the restaurant's demand to appeal to the hiring manager. This could be done by mentioning the restaurant's or company's name or putting relevant qualifications required by the hiring entity, to name a couple.

STEP 5: Attach a cover letter for the server job

Yes, you read it right.

Part of the personalization is including a server cover letter on your job application, especially candidates who have little to no employment history are highly suggested to compose a server cover letter with no experience to increase their chance of getting hired. That said, it doesn't mean those with sufficient experience should neglect this portion.

STEP 6: Review and proofread

Double-check or even triple-check both the server resume and server cover letter before sending them to the employer. A well-written resume and cover letter don't necessarily need fancy word choices. It's better to keep it simple but improve the quality by checking all the grammar and typos.

Things to include on a resume for server positions

Cake has gathered all the essentials for you, so you don't need to be stuck in a dilemma and ponder on what to write or even how to write a professional-looking server resume.

1. Resume header

The beginning of a good server resume, or any resume for that matter, is an introduction of the applicant. 

Here are the dos and don'ts to set up a glowing resume.

✅ The absolute Dos:

  • Full name
  • Updated and most used phone number
  • Neutral or professional-looking email address
  • Location/Country of residence

🚫  The absolute Don'ts:

  • Nickname
  • Fake or inactive phone number
  • An email address that doesn't contain your name
  • Gender
  • Age

2. Resume headline

It is a one-liner below the applicant's name on the server resume. It’s also called a resume title, and serves a purpose to let recruiters know the candidate's current position. 

A resume title for a server resume can but not limited to look like any of these:

  • Formally trained fine dining server
  • Experienced banquet and cocktail server
  • Fast food server of 2 years

Student and fresh graduate candidates can also include any of these resume titles for a server resume:

  • Sophomore at Northeastern University
  • Wendellton Community College English major graduate
  • Brighton High School Senior

3. Resume summary

An engaging two-to-four-sentenced paragraph on a server resume that highlights the applicant's top skills and/or achievements. This part is crucial because it can lead to the hiring manager passing the application or continuing to review it. 

Server resume summary example:

People-person and customer-oriented cocktail server at The Lounger with reliable attendance. Works well under pressure and is able to multitask while maintaining a pleasant demeanor. Conversant with classic cocktails and learns fast about signature one-of-a-kind drinks.

Things worth mentioning on a server resume summary: 

  • strongest and/or most relevant skills
  • notable accomplishment
  • current workplace and position followed by years of experience in the industry

4. Resume objective

A resume objective is usually a part of the server resume summary and commonly found as the last sentence of a resume summary to give an emphasis. 

Continuing with the cocktail server resume example above

Cocktail server resume objective example:

Seeking a new opportunity with increased responsibilities and working with the top-skills bartenders at BARreal to provide patrons with the first-class experience.

Things worth mentioning on a server resume objective: 

  • career goal
  • the purpose of applying

5. Skills

Although the skills required to become a server are mainly practical and easily attainable by training, with any resume format you choose, the server resume skills section should include both hard skills and soft skills. 

Some elemental soft skills to put on a resume for servers:

  • customer service
  • interpersonal skill
  • menu memorization
  • physical strength

Some specialized server roles may have more functional skills to be presented, below is an example for a lead server resume skills section:

  • staff management
  • conflict resolution
  • food and beverage pairing

6. Experience

Server resume bullet points are highly recommended when listing down one's work history. Not only is it easy to read, but it also reduces redundancy compared to writing in a paragraph form. 

A complete work history consists of company name, position, the period of employment, achievements, and responsibilities, for instance:

Fast Food Server
McDaisy Burger and Shake, Brooklyn, USA

  • Mastered the regular, signature, and limited edition menu 
  • Received 97.8% of positive review from customers
  • Implemented high-efficiency and effectiveness in taking orders, serving meals, and cleaning up tables 

7. Education

Although a server position doesn’t necessarily require a high educational degree, providing the information will not reduce your chance of getting hired. 

On the other hand, students looking for a part-time job as a server should definitely include their school/institution to complete their server resume with no experience, for instance:

Riverside High School, New Jersey, USA
Expected to graduate in May 2016

  • Varsity soccer team
  • GPA 3.2/4
  • 8. Additional information

    This section can range from language skills, awards, to interests or hobbies. To make sure your server resume stands out, try including any food, service, or communication-related information in this section. 

    Example of the additional information section on a resume for server positions:

    • Languages: English, Japanese
    • Interests: Coffee making & brewing, baking, basketball

    Tips on Writing a Good Server Resume

    #1 Always craft a resume based on the job description and role. Make a customized server resume that appeals to the specific employer. Ways to customize: mention the company name, use words related to the role, industry, and company.

    #2 Implement keywords on the server resume as a part of the customization. These keywords are like hidden gems within the job posting that can get one's application ahead of others.

    #3 Present your data in numbers and percentages format, especially when elaborating prior work responsibilities and accomplishments. This helps recruiters understand a candidate's past responsibilities.

    #4 Be sure to provide a readable file or server resume pdf to pass the ATS. It does not matter how amazing one's achievements are if the server resume submitted cannot be read and fails to go through ATS.

    #5 Use action verbs to simplify sentences, reduce wordiness, and catch the hiring manager's attention. Action verbs have a stronger presence compared to passive words, and indirectly, they portray initiative.

    💡 Tips: Action verbs have a stronger presence compared to passive words, and indirectly, they portray initiative.

    #6 Mention any sports or hobbies that train physical strength. Becoming a server requires physical endurance and showing the recruiter that a job seeker is physically strong could boost their chance of getting hired.

    Imperative points to include in a cover letter for server jobs

    Writing a cover letter for a server position should not be a complicated thing, especially when you already know what to incorporate to make a top-seller cover letter. These are the ABCs to a great server cover letter (also works for a server cover letter with no experience).

    1. Personal information such as full name, address/location, phone number, and email address. Avoid mentioning one's age, gender, sexual orientation, marital status, and other aspects that might contribute to discrimination.
    2. Begin the server cover letter with a friendly yet respectful greeting to the hiring manager or team, and slightly mention one's current position.
    3. Get to the company's good side by elaborating your motivation to apply.
    4. Explain briefly what challenges you overcame in the past that qualify you to be the most suitable candidate to fill in that position.
    5. Last but not least, end your server cover letter with an appreciative closing.

    Cake provides the best server resume resume templates & examples for talents to demonstrate their qualifications. Let us help you land the dream in lead server job with a strong resume (free download)!

    Lead Server Resume Sample

    Gilbert Goodwind

    Head Server at Maestro's Lounge

    [email protected]
    (+21) 545-656-767
    Brooklyn, NY, USA

    Resume Summary

    Discipline and reliable Head Server with solid organizational and management skills with a proven record. Has been leading top restaurants in New York City for over 6 years, all received 99% positive customer feedback. Adept at handling complicated guests and staff and resolving issues in a professional manner.

    Work Experience

    Head Server
    Maestro's Lounge, NY, USA

    2007 - Present

    • Prepared, updated, and reviewed server staff daily schedule
    • Maintained dining floor safety, cleanliness, and comfort for patrons
    • Established a new customer feedback system, resulting in an increase of 87% more customers provided their evaluation
    • Coordinated with restaurant head chef for service timing

    Assistant Head Server
    Moondine, NY, USA

    2003 - 2007 

    • Collaborated with the Head Server and Restaurant Manager by contributing in promoting new items through social media
    • Assisted the Head server with budget control and food safety assessment on a weekly basis
    • Increased customers check by actively promoting appetizers, desserts and drinks


    • Deep knowledge of FDA regulation
    • Proficiency in food preparation and service
    • Team building and staff management
    • Physical strength
    • Excellent customer service
    • Hiring and training new staff
    • Sales management
    • Multitasking
    • Problem-solving
    • Organizational and record-keeping


    • Riverbay Community College
      Diploma in Business Management
      1999 - 2001

    Other Information

    Languages: English
    Interests: Writing, Reading, Outdoor Activities, Cooking

    --- Originally written by Teresa Edria ---


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