15 Short Cover Letter Examples + Tips on How to Write One

Short Cover Letter
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If a resume works as a summarization of your experience, skills, and proficiency, a cover letter tells a story that you could not fit into your resume and helps you put the cherry on top of your job application and land you an interview. It also will speak for you before you even meet the interviewer directly.

There is no fixed rule about how long a cover letter should be, but a short cover letter can bring some benefits compared to a longer one:

  • A short cover letter can help employers to understand the points listed in your resume more quickly.
  • It explains the reason why you are suitable for the company more briefly.
  • It helps you stand out among other applicants who are also applying for the same position.
  • A short cover letter saves time for employers to read compared to longer cover letters.
  • Writing a short cover letter takes less time.
  • It highlights the main points which grab employers’ attention faster.

15 Short Cover Letter Samples

The most important thing about a short cover letter is that you cover all relevant information in the letter. We have 15 short cover letter examples for different job applications that you can refer to below.

Short application letter for any position

Dear Ms. Sarah Beddington,

After reviewing the job listing, I found myself to be a perfect suit for the job. My experience from my previous work will be of help to the company. 

I am an innovative, and productive worker who helped my current company to achieve a 20% increase in sales. I believe I will also exceed your expectations if I were to be a part of your team.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

Larry King

Short cover letter examples with no experience

Dear Mr. Samson,

My name is Hemsworth, and I would be thrilled to join Alliance Bank as an employee because I am keen to gain more experience that cannot be learned from college. I believe having zero experience is a benefit because I can adapt to the company’s working style as soon as possible.

My resume includes all experience and skills that I have gained from college. I am passionate to put my experience into use and be part of the company.

Looking forward to hearing from you to discuss more about my candidacy for the position.

Best regards,
Kevin Hemsworth
[email protected] | 016-9988220

Short cover letter sample for fresher

Dear Mr. Tailor,

My name is Sarah. I came across this job vacancy on LinkedIn and I believe that I meet the requirements for this position as a business analyst. 

I graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in International Business and Management. During my time, I also worked part-time on campus as an assistant for the professor, which allowed me to learn a lot about data analysis.

My resume included the achievements and qualifications that I have up till now and I hope that they can satisfy and meet your requirements to join the company.

I provided my email address and contact number in my resume. I would be grateful to get a chance to have an interview with you.

Sarah Yoon

Short cover letter for internship

Dear Mr. Houston,

My name is Brian, and I am currently still enrolled in my bachelor’s program in Linguistics Studies. I found your recruitment notice on the university’s website and would like to be part of the company as an intern to gain more off-campus experience.

I currently hold a GPA of 3.8 while being the committee for a club. I am also taking translation and interpretation courses because I hope to work in a translation company.

It would be great if I am given the chance to have an interview with you. Thank you in advance for the opportunity given.

Harry Wilson

Short application cover letter for USPS

Dear Ms. Wu,

My name is Larry and I have attached my resume for the position in USPS as the lead automotive technician. My 5 years of experience as an operation manager from my previous company will be of help after joining your team.

Leading a team to accomplish tasks and perform complex tasks personally is not a problem for me. It would be my pleasure to be part of the team.

I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Best regards,
Larry Smith

Short cover letter for receptionist

Dear Ms. Effy,

I have uploaded my resume right after seeing the job listing on LinkedIn. Since you are looking for someone who can represent the company as a receptionist, I believe that I am the best candidate. 

I am a very outgoing and cheerful person who likes to talk to people. I was also the secretary for X company. I believe my personality and experience makes me ideal for the position if I am hired.

I look forward to hearing from you to discuss some other information that you want to know from me.

Paula Chen

Short application letter for waiter position

Dear Mr. Justin,

I am writing an application for a waiter position in Italiano, which I believe may report to you. 

I am a patient and hardworking waiter who has 6 years of experience as a waiter. I had to take a 2-year break from working to raise my child, but I would like to grab this opportunity to get back a balanced schedule so that I can help the restaurant and also earn some daily savings for my children.

I have attached my resume to the website for you to review, and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you in advance for the opportunity given.

Ellie Miles

Short application letter for sales representative

Dear Ms. Michelle Choi,

My name is William and I would like to introduce myself as the best candidate for the sales representative position. I have been a salesperson for 2 years and am looking to expand my knowledge by exploring other opportunities as sales in other industries.

As an experienced salesperson, I think highly of understanding the sold products to its intricate details in order to ensure my ability in persuading potential customers and I also have an expansive network of customers. I believe that I will exceed your expectations in sales rate after joining the company.

Looking forward to hearing from you to discuss further details about the work.

Best regards,
William Hills
[email protected] | 098-99820034

Short cover letter for customer service

Dear Mr. Benji,

In my enclosed resume you will find that I possess great fluency test scores in three languages which makes me a great pick to fill the customer service position at your multinational company. Not only that I can speak multiple languages, but I am also very patient when treating everyone.

After working as a receptionist for 3 years, I would like to try something new. I believe my experience in facing customers first-hand will help in dealing with every customer issue and help them with issues regarding your company’s services.

It would be great if I am given the chance to have an interview and discuss the details with you. Thank you in advance for the opportunity given.

Best regards,
Miles Norman

Short application letter for office assistant

Dear Mr. Alec,

I am writing in response to your job posting to be the next office assistant, which I had come across on LinkedIn.

As a secretary for the M Institute for two years, I am fully aware of the importance of being an assistant. My experience in management, scheduling, archiving and data input will be very helpful to your and your team.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out to me at [email protected].

Benjamin Mick

Short simple dental assistant cover letter

Dear Ms. Keala,

After reading the job requirements from the job listing on your website, I am thrilled to find that my existing background makes me a qualified candidate for the position. I have gained experience from my internship and also am an efficient team-player.

My resume outlines my skills and experience in working as a receptionist as well as assistant at a doctor’s office. My experience in organizing and managing medical information will surely allow me to excel in the job if opportunity is given. 

I believe that a good dental assistant plays an important role in patients’ happiness and comfort when visiting the dentist. It would be great if I am given the chance to have an interview with you. You could reach me through the contact information included in my attached resume.

Thank you.

May Holm

Short application letter as a secretary

Dear Ms. Perry,

My name is Michelle, and I am writing to apply as your direct secretary working in ABC Company. 

My working experience and skills from my past careers as a manager and a sales executive allowed me to understand the importance and tricks of management, and will be helpful if I were to join your company as your secretary. I can provide the best help and advice while managing all data and schedules perfectly.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please feel free to reach out to me at michelle.[email protected], and thank you in advance for the opportunity given.

Michelle Bones

Short cover letter for virtual assistant

Dear Ms. Cyrus,

My attached resume shows my experiences and skills in the past 5 years which is about someone who worked remotely. I saw your job post looking for a virtual assistant online and believe I am the best suit for this position.

I have good time management skills and communication skills which allow me to work remotely without any issues. I am also familiar with software like Skype, Discord, and Google Meet which are the tools that I used to keep great communication with clients.

Please feel free to reach out to me through my contact information which I have attached below. I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you.

Best regards,
Jessica Hommes
[email protected]

Short cover letter for chef position

Dear Ms. Loren,

I am writing for the position as a chef in your bistro after seeing the job advertisement on the website. 

I currently am a private chef who cooks for private events and some guests with specific requirements. I am currently looking to work as a full-time chef for a restaurant because I am planning to settle down in one place instead of traveling all the time to cook.

It would be my pleasure to be part of your team. I hope to hear from you soon.

Rachel Mills
[email protected]

Short cover letter for medical assistant

Dear Ms. Hamilton,

I am very interested in working with a physician as I am very passionate about taking care of people. It would be my pleasure to be part of your team at King James Clinic as a medical assistant.

I believe with my experience as a physiotherapist assistant, I will do not only good but excellent in your team. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you for further discussions about the details I have mentioned in my resume. Please do not hesitate to contact me and I look forward to having a chat with you. Thank you.

James Pan
[email protected]

Short Cover Letter Template

Here’s a short cover letter template that you can copy directly and modify before sending it to the recruiters:

Dear Mr./Ms. [Hiring Manager’s Name],

I am seeking the position of [position title] in [company name]. I believe I will be the best candidate for the position with my extensive knowledge and skills.

My [years of experience] year(s) working experience as a [previous job title] will be of help to the company. In the past year, I have achieved [your achievements].

It would be my pleasure to be part of the team. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.

[Your name]
[Email address] | [Phone number]

Tips on How to Write a Short Cover Letter

After looking at the short cover letter examples above, you might already have an idea of how to write one. Here are some tips that you take note on:

💡 Create a hooking opening line.

Since you are writing a short cover letter, you want every sentence to be meaningful and effective. Creating an interesting opening line can help catch the attention of the recruiters since they’ve probably read so many similar ones. 

💡 Avoid overused buzzwords.

Overused words do not leave a good impression. Buzzwords like skilled, innovative, detail-oriented, proficient in Microsoft Word, etc. should be avoided because there can be better keywords to describe your experience and skills.

💡 Highlight the most notable & relevant experiences.

When writing a short cover letter, you should always briefly include your relevant experiences from previous jobs. However, not every experience should be included. To keep your cover letter short, only mention the most relevant and notable ones so you stand out more as it relates to the job that you are applying for.

💡 Use descriptive language.

You should always use descriptive language when writing a short cover letter. This is the best way to describe details about yourself and your experience while being concise and direct. It is also easier to understand while still maintaining formality. 

💡 Avoid being wordy.

A short cover letter should be simple and short. Therefore, you should avoid using wordy phrases when you can use one or two words to describe. It saves up space and also shortens the word count. 

Here are some wordy phrases that you should avoid:

  • During the time that vs. While
  • At the present time vs. Wow
  • With regard to vs. Regarding
  • In the near future vs. Soon
  • Due to the fact that vs. Because

FAQs about Short Cover Letters

In this section, you will get the answers to short cover letter FAQs which will be helpful for your writing.

💭 What to include in a short cover letter?

There are some components that should be included in the cover letter but a short cover letter will only need some main ideas that can help tell the story without using many words.

  • Salutation: This is where you greet the recruiter by their name formally.
  • Introduction: Begin the letter by introducing yourself and your interests for the company and the position that you are applying for in 1 or 2 lines.
  • Body paragraph: Here, you should highlight your relevant experience, qualifications, and achievements to tell why you are the best candidate for the company.
  • Call to action: After including all details, you have to thank the recruiter in advance for their time spent to review your application. Do not forget to invite them to contact you by using email or phone number.
  • Signature: Lastly, sign off your short cover letter with a signature, then add your contact details at the bottom.

💭 What is the best length for a short cover letter?

Keeping your short cover letter within half or two-thirds of a page will be more than enough  to show your intentions to join the company.

💭 When should I use a short cover letter?

Other than some occasions when recruiters mention that only a resume is needed for a job application, you can always write a cover letter to show your enthusiasm. Under these circumstances, sending a short cover letter might be a better choice as you can still briefly introduce yourself while not taking too much of the recruiter’s time.

💭 When should I NOT use a short cover letter?

If you are applying for jobs that require specific experience and knowledge, a short cover letter might not be able to tell the story completely. Therefore, you might have to consider writing a longer version or even an application letter.

💭 Is a short cover letter better than a normal cover letter?

A cover letter’s purpose is to introduce your experience and skills to the recruiter. If a short cover letter can fully cover every major point, there is no need for a normal-length cover letter which can be time-consuming to read in comparison.

💭 What formatting should I use for my short cover letter?

As usual, when writing a formal document, your font size should always be no smaller than 11 and no bigger than 12 with a line to line spacing of 1 or 1.15. Also, keep your short cover letter no longer than 3 paragraphs long.

💭 How to make a short cover letter?

You can easily refer to the short cover letter template from above and make changes to fit your job application best.

🔑 Key Takeaways

Now, you are ready to write a short cover letter for your job application. Let’s have a quick recap on the main points you should keep in mind:

  • Begin with formal cover letter greetings, and do not forget to find out the recruiter’s name.
  • Then start the intro with an interesting hook while also introducing yourself and mentioning your intention of writing the letter.
  • Fill in the body with relevant experience, achievements, and achievements to impress the recruiter.
  • End with a call to action while thanking the recruiter for the opportunity given.
  • Sign off your short cover letter with your name and leave the contact details at the end.

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