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Study in Taiwan
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Taiwan is known as the heart of Asia, and with delicious food, warm weather, beautiful scenery and rich culture, it's a fantastic option for studying abroad. 

Studying in Taiwan will provide you with a unique cultural experience as well as a well-rounded and rich education. You can study at the bachelor’s, master’s and PhD levels in Taiwan, so there are options for everyone! 

We will discuss the universities, courses, learning Chinese and working whilst studying in Taiwan.

How to Study in Taiwan

💡 Know what you want to study

There are many options for studying in Taiwan, from bachelor's, master's, PhD, Chinese language and short-term programs. You are spoiled for choice in terms of courses and universities - do your research and make a list of top choices. Many universities offer Chinese courses, if your aim is to learn Chinese in Taiwan.

💡 Check your eligibility

Make sure you meet the requirements of your program, such as English or Chinese language requirements, admission criteria and VISA status to find out if you are able to study in Taiwan. Find programs and courses which you meet the eligibility for, or if you want to do an exchange, check with your host university that you can study in Taiwan.

💡 Find the school and/or program

Once you have narrowed down your search, compare your top choices of schools and programs to apply to. You might have one university you really want to study at in Taiwan - however, keep a backup in mind just in case. 

We’ve gathered a list of top universities in Taiwan for you later in the article.

💡 Plan your budget

Compare the cost of living, school fees and other costs with where you live currently, and plan your fixed costs such as school fees, rent and amenities as well as a savings goal to have as a backup. 

The living expenditure differs from city to city, but the average is around US$700 per month. The tuition fees, depending on the programme, range from US$800 to US$15,000 per year.

Universities can offer stipends if you are studying for a Master or PhD in Taiwan, or if you want to earn money, you can search for a job or internship in Taiwan. Keep in mind how long you’re staying, transport costs and which city you want to study in Taiwan. 

💡 Check admission requirements

Just like checking your eligibility, once you have chosen a school or program you want to study in Taiwan, carefully read their admissions information, and prepare accordingly. Note down the documents required, fees to pay and deadlines for admission. 

💡 Apply for the program

Once you collect all the documents needed to study in Taiwan, apply for your chosen school or program. Keep in mind deadlines might be in Taiwan time (GMT+8), so make sure you apply according to Taiwan time. 

💡 Apply for your VISA

Now that you have the approval to study abroad in Taiwan, head to your local Taiwan Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) website and find what forms you need to apply for a VISA. The type of VISA depends on your passport nationality and how long you plan to study in Taiwan.

Best Courses & Universities in Taiwan

There are many Universities you can pick from to study at in Taiwan, depending on your degree level and major.

Here we have listed our top 10 for international students:

📍 National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan

National Taiwan University, Taiwan is the #1 ranked university in Taiwan. NTU has a huge green campus, located in a bustling student area in Taipei, and offers a wide range of degrees in many disciplines. 

📍 National Tsing Hua University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

National Tsing Hua University is located in Hsinchu, and is a research university with a focus on STEM studies. There are 30 graduate departments at Tsing Hua University, a good option to check if you are studying for a Master or PhD in Taiwan. 

📍 National Cheng Chi University, Taipei, Taiwan

National Cheng Chi University (NCCU), is located in Taipei. NCCU is an esteemed research university with a focus on humanities and social sciences. National Cheng Chi University, Taiwan, also has an established Mandarin language program, if you want to study Chinese in Taiwan.

📍 National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan is located in Hsinchu, and is one of the oldest universities in Taiwan. Chiao Tung is a research-focused university with programs in engineering, science, technology and law; making it an option if you want to study a Master's or PhD in Taiwan.

📍 National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Located in Taichung, National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan is a scientific research-focused university offering programs in life science disciplines, including Taiwans’ only college of veterinary medicine. If you want to study life science in Taiwan, National Chung Hsing University is worth researching!

📍 National Taiwan Normal University, Taipei, Taiwan

Located right near NTU, National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) boasts many programs especially in humanities and social sciences. Likewise, NTNU has a diverse range of Chinese courses, making it a good option to study Chinese in Taiwan.

📍 National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan

One of the youngest universities in Taiwan, National Chung Cheng University focuses on innovation with a wide range of departments in STEM, business and humanities. If you are looking to study business in Taiwan, National Chung Cheng University is a good option, as it is a member of the Advance Collegiate Schools of Business. 

📍 National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

Also known as Taiwan Tech, this university focuses on science, technology, business, management and design. Taiwan tech focuses on education which can be used in industry, with a focus on innovation and holistic education. Taiwan Tech also has many laboratory internship programs, if you are interested in doing an internship in Taiwan.

📍 National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan

Located in Hualien, National Dong Hwa University is a humanities-focused university with extensive graduate programs, making it a good option if you want to study a humanities master's or PhD in Taiwan. Dong Hwa University offers programs in agriculture and indigenous studies and has a diverse student base.

📍 Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan

Also located in Taichung, Feng Chia University offers many accredited engineering programs and focuses on multidisciplinary research. If you are looking to study a STEM PhD in Taiwan, this would be a good option to research.

Learn Chinese in Taiwan

If you want to study in Taiwan, it is worthwhile to learn Mandarin Chinese while you’re here. Many universities in Taiwan offer Chinese Language programs within their university, for all levels, so you can learn Chinese in Taiwan while you study. 

It's important to note that Taiwan uses the traditional Chinese script - which differs from the simplified characters used in China. But, don’t stress! The spoken language is the same, and here’s how you might actually improve faster by studying traditional Chinese in Taiwan:

⭐️ Learning traditional characters is easier:

This might sound strange because if you’ve compared simplified and traditional before, they seem more complicated. When you study Chinese language in Taiwan, the teachers will use traditional writing from the start. This actually gives you an advantage – traditional characters have a more logical and systematic structure to them, which will help you build up your vocabulary as you continue studying Mandarin in Taiwan. 

⭐️ You can easily learn simplified characters afterwards:

After studying Chinese in Taiwan and learning traditional characters, you will find that you can quite easily understand simplified ones too! Many of the basic pronouns and grammar points are written the same way, so you will be able to understand quite a lot. It is harder to jump from simplified to traditional.  

⭐️ Learning traditional characters will help you understand the culture better:

As you will be surrounded by traditional Chinese when studying in Taiwan, learning traditional characters will provide you with a lot more context for the Taiwanese culture. 

Vocabulary relating to holidays, important dates and even slang will be much more meaningful to you and your understanding of Taiwanese culture. Many Chinese classes will focus on cultural aspects of Taiwan, where you can have a richer understanding of culture through learning Mandarin in Taiwan.

If you want to study Chinese in Taiwan, here are a list of programs that you could try:

  • Taiwan Mandarin Institute
  • Mandarin Training Center, National Taiwan Normal University 
  • International Chinese Language Program, National Taiwan University
  • Chinese Language Center, Feng Chia University
  • Mandarin Training Center, Chung Hua University

Work While Studying in Taiwan

While you are studying, you might also want to gain experience by having a job or internship in Taiwan. There are part-time jobs and internships available in Taiwan for international students; however, there are rules and regulations relating to foreign students who want to work in Taiwan. 

Whether you want to gain industry experience or just earn some cash, working in Taiwan can be achieved with our tips:

✅ Check if you have a valid work permit

International students are allowed to work for 20 hours each week although, typically, a VISA to study in Taiwan does not come with a work permit, and you will need to apply for one in order to work in Taiwan legally. 

Your university can help you apply for a work permit, and many employers will not hire foreign employees until they have the right permit to work in Taiwan. 

✅ Write a good resume

As for any job, you need a resume that highlights your experiences and skills which you can apply to the job. Include relevant skills and experiences you have gained from studying in Taiwan, and highlight that you have a permit to work in Taiwan. 

✅ Make good use of job portals and socials

It can be difficult to work in Taiwan if you are not connected to your ideal industry or a general job network. Using job portals and social platforms like CakeResume or Facebook groups can help you get in touch with people to help you find jobs or internships in Taiwan. 

This is especially useful if you cannot speak Chinese––many social media groups focus on jobs for foreigners in Taiwan. Making connections will help you If you are looking for an internship or part-time job in Taiwan. 

🔑 Key Takeaways:

Overall, there are many options for studying in Taiwan at every degree level and every discipline! Taiwanese Universities have innovated themselves to be international and multidisciplinary, making Taiwan a great option for foreign students. 

You can expand your horizons by finding a job or internship in Taiwan during your studies, which will boost your experience on your resume. 

You can build on your cultural knowledge and language skills by learning Chinese in Taiwan, which will come in handy for travel, cultural appreciation and day to day life. Whether you want to study for a Bachelor's, Master’s or PhD in Taiwan, you can find a plethora of degrees available. 

Get researching, and happy studying in Taiwan!

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--- Originally written by Bronte McNamara ---

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