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What are some teacher’s job duties and responsibilities?

In this influential role, the teacher acts as a role model, counselor, mentor, and instructor by inspiring, motivating, supporting, and educating learners. The job duties of the teachers depend on the school and specialist subject they’re teaching.

General responsibilities of a teacher include:

  • planning, and delivering lessons based on curriculum guidelines
  • assessing student’s behavior and progress
  • collaborating with staff and parents 
  • shaping children or adults as good members of the society

What is the importance of a professional resume for a teacher during a job search?

As per Glassdoor’s statistics, on average 250 applicants apply for each job opening. Among these job seekers, about 2% (4 to 6 candidates) are called for the interview process and the only ONE secures that Job opportunity.

A professionally designed and tailored teacher resume/CV is essential for each Job posting and also applicants have only 7 seconds to make a first impression positive through their resume.

How to write a teacher resume?

Step 1: Understand the differences between a teacher CV and a resume.

CV means “Curriculum Vitae” (“course of life” in Latin) and it is a detailed document of an individual’s professional life, including significant highlights of employment, career and academia (publications, certifications, and awards, etc.).

Below are the 4 main dissimilarities between a teacher resume and a CV:

1. Content 

A teacher’s CV consists of comprehensive information about his/her professional life while a resume contains relevant detail for the targeted job like Primary School Teacher Resume.

2. Purpose 

A teacher CV is used during the enrollment or application process of any program, medicine, or science area whereas a teacher resumes for the usual job application procedure.

3. Length 

Due to more comprehensive data, a teacher CV usually has more than 2-pages length; however, a resume remains under one or two pages with specific and concise content.

4. Design 

A teacher CV template designs with a simple layout and format; on the other hand, an educator resume template has various options in terms of layout and general format by focusing on diverse subjects and institutions.

Step 2: Learn 4 types of resume format for teachers.

  • Chronological resume format
    In this teacher resume format, after profile summary, work history is listed first and then education and skills. The current or latest position and degree would be mentioned at the top of their particular resume sections and it covers the rest of the detail in reverse-chronological order.
  • Functional resume format 
    This format focuses on teacher resume skills and qualifications, so work history must be highlighted after career summary, core competencies, and education sections.
  • Hybrid/Combination resume format
    This is also known as a mixed teacher resume format because it emphasizes both functional and chronological formats. This is why the skills and experience section comes first in reverse chronological order right after the career summary.
  • Targeted resume format
    A targeted resume is written to highlight the teacher’s expertise and experiences for a specific job opening and the resume would be tailored by customizing each time to the targeted teacher job.

Step 3: Look up teacher resume templates & teacher resume examples online.

Search keywords such as “teacher resume sample” on Google to get an idea of which type of layout options you have to consider for a teacher resume. It will truly help you land 5X - 10X more job interviews for any kind of teaching role.

Step 4: Tailor your resume for the teacher job position.

The different types and levels of resumes for teaching jobs performing out there like Elementary School Teacher Resume, Preschool Teacher Resume, Special Educator Resume, and High School Teacher Resume, etc. Consequently, an applicant cannot land the dream job without tailoring the resume/CV for the teaching job description.

Step 5: Craft a teacher cover letter.

An application letter for a teacher is another crucial opportunity to express their exceptional skills and experience by meeting the key requirements of the desired job. It assists the potential recruiter to get a reliable candidate for an interview.

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What to put on a teacher resume?

The focal purpose of the professionally designed and written teacher’s resume is to get more interviews by realizing hiring managers how the candidate is completely qualified for their job posting and can significantly contribute to the school’s growth.

There are 8 important segments that you need to put on your resume/CV for a teacher job:

1. Teacher Resume Profile (Personal/Contact Information) 

To grab the employer’s attention and create a long-lasting impression to get an interview call or email, the applicant creates an eye-catching and customized teacher resume. Therefore, it is necessary to add personal/contact details the hiring manager is looking for: Full Name, Home Address, Phone Number, and LinkedIn Profile Address (Optional).

2. Teacher Resume Headline

The ultimate teacher’s resume goal is to win the aspiring job by proving him/herself in an interview. Just as the possible hiring manager aims to select the exact and right teacher for the job opening by screening a bunch of resumes.

The HR manager has only 7 seconds to decide whether the candidate is a qualified person or not. This is why while writing the teacher CV/resume, the customizing headline is a very crucial and primary step to grab the reader’s attention for reading the entire resume/CV.

📍 A good resume headline or title can quickly communicates who you are as an applicant.
It should be placed under the name and above the summary section.

Sample resume headline for teacher:

  • Compassionate Teacher with Special Teaching Strategies for Grades Between 7 – 10
  • Dedicated, and action-oriented Instructor with over 10 years’ experience in Teaching English

3. Teacher Resume Summary

When you get the reader’s attention with a killer teaching headline, it’s extremely vital to convert that focus into the employer’s curiosity by crafting a powerful and perfectly tailored career summary as per the job posting. Profile summary should be located right after your contact detail and headline.

🗒 Note: It’s important to start your resume summary with the key adjectives that represent the type of teacher a hiring manager is looking for, like self-motivated, result-oriented, and compassionate teacher, etc. 

Teacher resume summary examples:

  • Dynamic, achievement-focused, and qualified English Instructor with a focus on American literature. With 4+ years of demonstrable experience in developing students’ proficiency level in the English language by practicing cutting-edge teaching technologies, streamlining a well-balanced learning environment. Implementing unique education plans to promote the philosophy of schools. 
  • Charismatic communicator and resourceful teacher who is able to analyze student behavior to enhance their progress in the classroom activities, and holds competency in lesson planning and curriculum design.

💡 Tip: A professional teacher summary should be concise (up to 100 words) and structured with the applicant’s relevant awards, career accomplishments, soft and technical skills, education, any big or reputed institution, and subject area.

4. Teacher Resume Objective

The secret of the recruiter mentality is not about your inflated or long-winded future goals and what you’re expecting to do for the school, they mainly focus on what you have done and accomplished in the past to get an actual idea about your capability to contribute. Hence, for an experienced teacher resume, a summary is always preferred instead of an objective. But for fresher teacher resume and the specific job description, it’s favorable to jot down realistic teaching objective (2-3 lines).

Disclose your significant traits, career purpose or goals, related soft and hard skills, and put the hiring school’s name in the last line. A career objective should be personalized and positioned as followed by contact detail and resume headline.

Objective for teacher resume example:

A highly organized, passionate preschool teacher with a bachelor’s degree in science, looking for an opportunity to utilize her knowledge, dedication, and teaching skills to student’s educational needs and development in ABC school.

5. Teacher Resume Skills

If you successfully impressed the hiring principal with a highly influential teacher resume summary then it would be unpleasant if you couldn’t pursue it by showcasing your winning teaching skills through brainstorming and efficiently understanding the job requirements.

The teacher’s skills section is greatly critical because it naturally catches the reader’s attention based on its clear format and helps decide immediately whether the applicant can be shortlisted or rejected.

📌  Put yourself in the HR manager’s shoes to capture a deeper perspective for highly customized skills, including technical skills, communication, management, soft and hard skills, etc. As per functional and hybrid resume formats, it’s sound to place all the skills after resume summary with bullet points.

Skills for a teacher resume example:

  • Instructional Strategy Planning
  • Classroom Management
  • English Grammar Proficiency

6. Professional Work Experience for Teachers

Finally, the paramount step that plays a major role in convincing prospective recruiters either you’re selected or rejected for an interview call. Professionally written teacher’s work experience always consists of concise, specific, grammatically perfect, and quantified bullet points of accomplishments and key responsibilities plus tailored to the job role with strong action verbs and effective sentence structure.

Example of work experience for teacher:

Facilitated 25 students to explore their English Language skills (reading, listening, writing, and speaking) by breaking down the nuances of different resources of content, such as newspapers, journals, and essays.

📝 Note:
Before drafting the 5 to 10 bullet points by avoiding hyperbole and wordiness, it’s obligatory to put the organization’s name and location with a designation of the role, starting and ending dates (Month/Year).

Latest or current positions and paid teaching experience should be listed first, and then continue in reverse-chronological order.

7. Education

The education part of the teacher CV/resume becomes more imperative when the job description requires any specific level of degree, diploma, or certification. It’s consistently important to highlight the highest, relevant, and latest education degree first with the information of university name, location, dates, degree name and its major & minor, GPA (if 3.5+), relevant coursework, academic awards, extracurricular activities, projects, and thesis results.

💡 Mentioning the alternative online courses and training are also fruitful if you haven’t any school or college degree.

8. Additional Information

Some employers and institutions are also interested to get additional detail that helps them discover better about the teacher’s aptitude, ambition, personality, and interest. This information is also virtuous to fill any gap between employment history by showing your training, relevant skills, and qualification you gained for your professional development growth.

Types of additional relevant information to put on a teacher resume:

  • Offline or online courses and licenses
  • Professional training or on-going education
  • Any relevant skills
  • Academic honors and job performance awards
  • Research and publications
  • Hobbies & interest
  • Languages spoken
  • Volunteer work experience

📝 Note: Make sure you don’t have to put any skills and certifications again if you’ve mentioned above.

Tips for writing a professional teacher resume

Tip 1: Customize your teacher CV/Resume for different job positions.

As you know, the HR manager has a few seconds to review each resume. If you’ve not tailored and customized your resume by understanding job requirements, you’ll get rejection in the first 7 seconds. It’s vital to research the school each time and craft ATS friendly teacher resumes by matching your headline, summary, skills, and experience as per the job description.

Tip 2: Utilize keywords and bullet points.

Emphasizing tailored, customized, and ATS compliant teacher resumes, all means that we’re talking about the keyword-focused teacher resume. All the keywords depend on school type, key responsibilities of the job role, relevant experiences, and skills that prove you’re perfectly fit for the job opening. It’s equally important that the teacher resume presentation should be simple, professional, clear, and easy to read with bullet points.

Tip 3: Quantify your achievement and value.

By understanding all about institute and job requirements, writing a keyword-focused resume is not your final endeavor to persuade the hiring manager for an interview call. It’s possible to secure this chance by quantifying your teacher resume achievements with facts and figures. Concentrate on what you did, how you did, and what value you accomplished by showing all the information in actual action verbs and terms, numbers, and percentages.

Tip 4: Make use of further explanation.

Potential recruiters don’t have much time to screen 250 resumes for a teacher to call a few successful interviewees. They want easy-to-read and understandable teacher resumes, instead of one with a lot of technical or abbreviated terms. Recruiters might not have time to look up the terms and get an actual idea about them. Thus, if necessary, it’s beneficial to explain and interpret the terms in-detail, such as local school or academy names, by illustrating their reputation, products, and services.

Tip 5: Adopt a general resume format.

Over 95% of Fortune 500 companies are using an Applicant Tracking System to simplify the resume screening process for thousands of applications received on a weekly basis. While plenty of small business employers are also getting benefit from this tool. This system is friendly with the resume formats we have discussed above. Besides the designer role, if you practice with any other custom format for a teacher CV/resume, there’s a possibility that ATS couldn’t show your exact results.

How to write a cover letter for teacher?

A cover letter, also referred to as a Job Application Letter, could be used for networking, prospecting, and any scholarship for admission purpose, etc. A compelling cover letter for a teaching job can positively differentiate you from other applicants.

Generally, the teacher cover letter should not be more than 1-page containing the following 5 parts below.

1. Contact Information

As like the resume in this segment, you should add your full name, mobile number, email address, home address (optional). To build a personal brand through your cover letter for a teaching position, you can also include your LinkedIn profile or any other personal website.

2. Greeting

Try your best to find out the hiring manager’s name by searching their website or LinkedIn profile, or contacting any possible employee. By greeting with the exact name in your application letter for teacher, you would certainly leave a long-lasting positive impression towards success.

3. Motivation

In this part of the teacher cover letter, you’ll demonstrate the powerful logic behind why you’ve been fascinated by this job role and their organization. Here, you’ve got a great chance to show your unmatchable passion by mentioning their objective, product, service, or long-term goals. It’s only possible when you’ll do proactive school research to succeed in your application letter for a teaching job.

4. Qualification

This’s the most crucial section of the cover letter for the teacher role that distinguishes you from others based on your relevant and quantified accomplishments, experiences, and skills. Here, you just have to convince them why they should choose you, and how you are the right fit for the teaching position.

5. Closing

In the last part of the teacher cover letter where you’ll show kindness and gratitude for the reader who spends the time reviewing your cover letter for the teaching job. Also, write to highlight the attached resume for more detail and then put your signature before your full name. You can search the term “teacher cover letter examples” on Google to see some great cover letter samples for a teacher.

Teacher Resume Sample

Monica Lisa Johnson

Dedicated Math Teacher with a Proven Record of 30% Progress Rate in Middle School

Boston, MA 04550 | [email protected] | (541) 253-5421

Professional Summary

An accomplished, result-oriented professional Teacher with a Master’s degree in Teaching and 7 years of solid experience in developing teaching strategies and education operations. Facilitated and instructed students to achieve their remarkable results by training and setting goals for each student into a variety of schools. 

Committed and intrinsic communicator with proven success in managing school administration procedures, enhancing student’s class performance, designing syllabus and materials, evaluating and preparing student results for the organization’s growth.

Work Experience

Sadiq Memorial School | Alpharetta, GA
Teacher & Administrator 
January 2018–Present

  • Implemented applicable behavior analysis and leadership programs to create student ownership in school which increasing student’s ability to initiate tasks independently.
  • Introduced “circle time”, and enforcing Two Way Communication to improve student’s confidence and ability to engage in conversation with each other.
  • Organized educational services according to the guidelines of the program and through the established delivery model for service.

Elementary School | Roswell, GA
September 2014 - September 2017 

  • Planned, evaluated, and revised curricula, course content, and methods of instruction to groom students more efficiently.
  • Collaborated with academic and administrative committees that deal with institutional policies, departmental matters, and academic issues.


University of Punjab | USA

  • Master of Arts | Major in Teaching | 2007 – 2009
  • Bachelor of Arts | Major in Math | 2005 – 2007


  • Positive Behavior Intervention
  • Child Development
  • Student Performance Evaluation
  • Proofreading & Editing
  • Lesson Planning
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Education Process Improvements
  • Effective Communication
  • Microsoft Office Suite


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