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What does a technical support do? To put it simply, a technical support is asked to maintain both the company's software and hardware systems. 

If you want to impress the hiring manager, try to make the perfect resume for technical support. To make yourself stand out among various competitors, craft your technical support resume to convince the hiring manager that your experience would make you the most suitable candidate.

Step 1: Pick the best technical support resume template & format.

Before starting writing your IT technical support resume, be sure that you are familiar with the format and template of a resume. 

🖋 How long should a resume be?

Unlike CVs, a technical support analyst’s resume usually takes up only one page. A resume focuses on your key skills while a CV should include a more thorough background.

Since the recruiter might be viewing thousands of resumes in a month, it is crucial to keep your resume short. 

Therefore, a technical support resume should be a one-page document reflecting your experience.

🖋 What is the best font to use in a resume?

Once again, because the hiring manager may be facing lots of resumes, remember to use an easy-to-read font in your technical support specialist resume.

Here are some suitable fonts:

  1. Calibri
  2. Verdana
  3. Helvetica
  4. Cambria
  5. Gill Sans

After picking your font, don’t forget to choose an appropriate font size in a technical support resume as well.  Normally, a 10-12 pt for the body text would be suitable, and a 14-16 pt for headings would be perfect.

🖋 What is the standard margin for a resume?

It is recommended to add a one-inch margin on each side to make your IT technical support resume more readable.

🖋 What is the best line spacing for a resume?

Line spacing for your technical support resume should be at least 1.15 between each line so that the hiring manager can read your resume with ease. Make headings double-spaced to highlight them.

🖋 What format should a resume be submitted in, Word or PDF?

Export your technical support resume as a PDF file to keep the layout and design intact. Although MS Word is a popular tool, a resume in Word format may display differently on different devices.

Step 2: Start with contact information and basic personal details.

First and foremost, write your contact details onto your IT support resume. Your contact information is vital but is often neglected. 

You should include these:

  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Address (optional)
  • LinkedIn URL (optional)
  • Personal website (optional)

You should not include these:

  • Date of birth
  • Sexual orientation
  • Religion or belief
  • Marital status and dependency
  • Expected/current salary

Step 3: Create an intriguing technical support resume title.

To catch the recruiter’s eye immediately, add a catchy headline to your technical support resume. Try to show your strengths, abilities, and expertise with a single sentence. Therefore, the hiring manager’s interest would be piqued. 

👍 3 tips to write an IT technical support resume title:

1. Capitalize letters:
When you’re writing down a technical support resume title, be sure to make the first letter of each word capitalized except for articles, conjunctions, and prepositions.

2. Place it on top: 

Since you would want the recruiter to be attracted, remember to put the title on the top of your IT technical support resume. 

3. Exclude objectives: 

A technical support resume title is used to show the recruiter your potential and the benefits you could make. An objective that presents the vision of your career is, thus, unnecessary. 

Example technical support resume titles:

  • Well-organized technical support who devised protective strategies over 20 companies
  • Experienced technical support who assisted managers in various levels of user access
  • Junior technical support skilled in software and hardware support

Step 4: Craft a technical support resume summary.

When applying for your dream job, you will have to compete with other candidates. Hence, it is vital to give the hiring manager a great first impression by adding the perfect summary for your technical support resume. You would likely catch the recruiter’s attention and would get a better chance of getting the job.

3 tips for writing a perfect technical support resume summary

1. Customize the resume summary for each job: 

Since each job requires different qualifications, remember to tailor your technical support resume summary for each application.

2. Be specific: 

Remember to make your technical support resume summary clear. If your resume summary is rather vague, it would not show your potential well. This also works for technical support resume objectives.

3. Keep it concise: 

Try not to make your technical support resume summary too long. It could make the recruiter lose interest in the information you’ve included in other sections.

However, write too little for the summary on your resume for technical support jobs either. Make it 2-3 sentences including important details.

Technical support resume summary vs objective

While a resume summary means to make your past experience into a shorter version, a technical support resume objective concerns your future. A resume objective is to present your aspirations.

Normally, a resume summary would be better if you’re already a senior job seeker or have a lot of experience in the past. A technical support resume objective would be more suitable when you’re writing an entry-level technical support resume or you have less or no relevant experience.

 Technical support resume summary examples:

  • Senior technical support with 9 years of experience in maintaining hardware and software of over 50 companies. Team player and led a team of 5 to solve network problems.
  • Well-organized IT technical support with extensive experience in supporting desk teams. led a team in seeking infrastructure issues and provided support towards Microsoft user servers.
  • Technical support engineer with 5 years experience in assisting with server builds. Assisted over 20 companies with senior engineers to build software supports.

💁‍♀️ Reminder: Try to put your top skills and experience into 2-3 sentences. By doing so, you could highlight your strengths and would outperform the competitors.

Step 5: Include related skills and abilities.

Technical support skills for resumes are extremely important. While reviewing your technical support resume, most employers first look at your relevant skills and decide whether you’re qualified for the job. 

It is vital to make your recruiter know that you have the abilities to fulfill the job.

4 ways to list your skills

Here are four different ways you could consider using when you’re listing skills on your technical support resume: (Want to know more about skills on a resume? Read Skills for Resume|Examples List, Templates, Formats.)

1. Use a simple bullet list.

A simple bullet list is rather straightforward. You would write down your skills without explanation. However, it may not fully and properly demonstrate your skills on the resume for a technical support job.

2. Use an expanded bullet list.

Many choose an expanded bullet list as a way to explain their past experience and skills. The recruiter could better understand the scope of your skills with explanations and details. But on the other hand, it could take up too much space. So it is better to fit in 5 bullet points maximum.

3. Include skills in the work experience section.

This format suits the ones who have extensive experience. Since the skills would also be listed in reverse chronological order on your resume for a technical support job, your hiring manager could understand at what stage you applied your skills and how well you managed to use your skills.

Nonetheless, it isn’t preferable for freshers to mention technical support skills since they might not have enough experience to put on the resume.

4. List skills in a categorized skills section.

Some love this format because it is more organized. This format is more suitable if you’re about to apply for jobs with a rather broad scope of skill sets. It could give your employer a better understanding of what you are capable of.

Examples of skills for a technical support resume

Hard skills

  • Technical troubleshooting
  • LAN expertise
  • IT performance tuning
  • Diverse PC knowledge
  • Technical issue analysis
  • Security, recovery solutions & backup
  • Virus detection, prevention & removal
  • Quality assurance
  • Networking
  • PC hardware

Soft skills

  • Detail-oriented
  • Problem-solving
  • Motivated
  • Self-disciplined
  • Teamwork
  • Creative thinking
  • Negotiation
  • Patience
  • Communication 
  • Well-organized

Step 6: Highlight your best experience and accomplishments.

When you’re crafting your senior technical support engineer resumes, putting in related experience and accomplishments is crucial. Past experiences could best show your competence and distinguish you from various candidates.

Therefore, remember to add all the past experiences you’ve had that are relevant to your technical support resume.

5 essential elements of the work experience section

  • Name of the company
  • Location of the company
  • Employment dates
  • Job title
  • Your role and responsibilities

👍 3 tips to write work experience & accomplishments

1. Tailor to the job.

Each job may require different abilities. Beware that the work experience and accomplishments you put in should be related to the job.

2. Add quantifiable results.

Give numerical results to highlight your strength.

3. Use action verbs.

Verbs could be more important since they could boost your abilities.

Work experience for a technical support resume example #1

Technical Support Engineer at ABC Corp.
03/2017 to present

  • Providing technical support to computer hardware and software.
  • Keeping the company’s software system up-to-date to ensure work efficiency.
  • Assisting in maintaining the inventory of the company’s PC hardware.

Work experience for a technical support resume example #2

Technical Support Analyst at DEF Company
02/2019 to present

  • Running routine tests to ensure the operation of the company’s software system.
  • Monitoring the escalated tickets which are handed to groups.

Step 7: List educational qualifications and background.

5 elements that you should add to the education section:

  • School’s/University’s Name
  • Degree Types/Major: Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral Degrees
  • Year of Graduation
  • Honor & Awards
  • Optional: Minor, GPA, and Extracurricular Activities

Where to put the education section on your technical support resume?

➡️ Freshers/students

For fresh graduates writing an entry-level technical support resume, most of the content would focus on educational background, same for those who are still studying and are seeking internships.

It is preferable to put your education background right after the objective or summary section.

Since the hiring manager may be eager to know the skills you’ve learned from school more as they review your resume for entry-level technical support analyst.

➡️ Experienced job seekers

If you have already worked in the field, it would be more suitable to put your education section at the bottom after work experience section.

Since you’re already experienced, the employer may pay more attention to your work experience.

Hence, when writing a technical support resume for experienced job seekers, put your education section below your work experience.

Example of high school education:

Academic Magnet High School
2012 - 2016

  • GPA: 4.0/4.3
  • Awards:
    • National Merit Scholarship
    • First Price in Science Project Competition
  • Extracurricular activities:
    • Basketball team captain

Example of education in progress:

B.S. in Management Information Systems (in progress)
Carnegie Mellon University
2018 - Present

  • GPA: 3.8/4.3
  • Program designing club, vice president

➡️ Incomplete education

Some may consider putting incomplete education unsuitable, but it is still a crucial fact you could show the employer. Remember to add the start and end date so your recruiter would know that you’re not currently enrolled.

Step 8: Highlight your personal traits with an extra section.

You may wonder whether you should put in additional information on your technical support resume. The answer depends.

Additional information is not necessary but you could still put it in if you find it useful.

Here are 5 additional pieces of information you could add:

1. Hobbies and interests

Normally, your hobbies and interests are not recommended to be listed in your technical support resume.

However, if your hobbies are highly relevant to the job you’re applying for, add them in your technical support resume.

Another circumstance under which you can add your interest is that it can demonstrate your skills, either job related technical support skills or transferable and interpersonal skills.

Examples of hobbies & interests:

  • Programming with co-workers
  • Strategy games

2. Volunteer work

For some freshers who do not have any work experience, they may also put in volunteer work to show some soft skills earned. If the volunteer work is related to the position, don’t hesitate to put it in your technical support resume!

Example of volunteer work:

  • Protected and maintained a charity foundation website from virus.

3. Certifications & Awards

If you’ve not gained much experience, related certifications and awards could show your talent in the field, especially when you’re a fresh grad crafting an entry-level technical support resume, an award could be a plus for your resume!

Examples of certifications and awards:

  • Google Professional Certificates: IT Support
  • Certificate for AppleCare Mac Technician

4. Projects

For students who have done various projects, the projects that are related to the job could make up for the lack of work experience.

If you’ve done projects related to the position you’re applying for, write them down in your IT technical support resume with some details to let your employer know your capability.

Examples of projects:

  • Led a group of three and constructed a maintenance system project to protect online shopping websites.
  • Wrote a project based on a secure Cisco VLAN network for large enterprises.

5. References

A reference is not required in your technical support resume. Nevertheless, you could still add one if it would give the recruiter a precise and objective view of you.

Examples of references:

  • Referee’s name: Sabrina Cheng
  • Relationship: Former manager
  • Referee’s job title: Senior technical support
  • Referee’s company: ABC Enterprise
  • Contact info: +1-1234-5678

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Step 9: Craft a convincing technical support cover letter.

A cover letter is similar to a self-introduction. Therefore, writing the perfect technical support cover letter is essential. Impress your employer and have a better chance of getting the job.

A technical support cover letter should include:

  • Contact details: include your full name, email address, and mobile number, and put it at top of your cover letter.
  • Introduction: warm greetings and the hiring manager’s name would show the employer that you’ve done your research (if applicable).
  • Motivation/Intention to apply: make your hiring manager understand the reason you are enthusiastic about the position. It may be that you are fond of their core values, company culture, and/or products.
  • Qualification: persuade the employer with strong educational and professional background and experience.
  • Closing: don’t forget to thank them for viewing your cover letter.

How to make a technical support resume with no experience?

If you’re writing a technical support resume for a fresher, you probably have a lot of questions. So here is some advice that you may want to take note of:

👍 Advice 1: Choose the correct format.

3 different technical support resume formats you could use:

  1. Chronological (Reverse-Chronological):

A chronological resume is to write your work experience in reverse chronological order. By using this format in your technical support resume, the employer would get to know your latest experience first and could read through it more easily.

  1. Functional (Skill-based):

If you want to focus more on your skills, a functional resume would suit your technical support resume the best. Other than work history, this would show your skills more. Hence, a functional format would be a great way if you want to highlight your skills.

  1. Combinational (Hybrid):

If you think your experiences and skills are both crucial, then you could try using a combinational resume format in your IT technical support resume. Using this format, you would put your experiences in reverse-chronological order and include a section of your skill summary. 

👍 Advice 2: Write a good career objective.

A clear future objective could show your ambition and aspiration. A career objective would be rather helpful for a technical support resume for freshers since it would give your employer an understanding of your goal and make up for the lack of work experience.

👍 Advice 3: Highlight your education.

Your educational background would be seen as an essential point if you’re a fresh grad. Therefore, remember to write down details for your entry-level technical support resume.

Technical support resume sample

Angela Su

Fully dedicated technical support analyst who has experience in maintaining Microsoft and macOS systems.

Mobile: (+1)123-9999
Location: Madrid, Spain
Email: [email protected]

Resume summary

Motivated technical support and has five years of Desk maintenance experience. Prominent problem-solver who has successfully collaborated with 450+ users.


  • Hard skills
    • End-user training
    • Technical documentation
    • Technical troubleshooting
    • IT infrastructure
    • System optimization
  • Soft skills
    • Problem-solving
    • Communication
    • Effective listening skills
    • Teamwork
    • Proactive

Work experience

Technical Support Analyst | CBA
09/2016 to 12/2021

  • Improved hardware performance by identifying issues.
  • Collaborated with other teams to maintain software systems and protect user account documents.

Summer Intern | ZYX
07/2016 to 08/2016

  • Assisted the senior technical support in the maintenance.
  • Assisted in identifying issues with the clients’ devices.


Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Bachelor in Computer Engineering

GPA: 3.9/4.3

--- Originally written by Eliana Tschang ---

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