Top 6 Resume Mistakes for Recent Graduates

Getting a job is one of the biggest concerns of the recent graduates. And it is absolutely normal: they spent years of their lives trying to become better professionals, and now comes the time for them to demonstrate their skills. The problem is that they have no idea what a proper way to demonstrate it is.

It is common for young people to make the same mistakes when crafting their resumes. And it is because of these mistakes that they miss amazing opportunities to get their dream jobs and grow in the area they most wanted to.

That is why to help them solve this problem and get the job they always wanted to we have gathered a list of six most common mistakes most graduates make.

Do you want to learn what these mistakes are and check whether you need to fix them in your CV? Then read on, as you are about to learn some very specific truth.

6 mistakes not to make on your resume

1. Do not send the same resume to different companies.

The principle that one size fits all is not applicable in this case. The companies you are applying for hate to learn that you are not particularly interested in their position but rather want to get any job. This will not you look good in their eyes.

Therefore, you need to stay away from this principle and tailor each resume for every individual company. Look into each job description and see what keywords they used there and what qualifications and skills you should specify in each case.

By referring to a particular skill you increase your chances of getting the position because it seems like you genuinely care about getting this job, and not any other. So, see whether you crafted the resume that would look impressive when recruiters from different companies look at it.

2. Do not list the duties, but emphasize the accomplishments.

The potential employers are not interested in learning what your duties were. The thing is even if you had similar duties to the ones they have for the position you are applying for, it does not automatically mean that you did them well and thoroughly.

That is why, instead of simply listing what you did, mention something you are particularly proud of. Did you achieve a new level of effectiveness or advanced some processes the company needed help with? Were you proactive and innovative in your responsibilities? If so, then these things should go on your resume, as they are the things employers want to see about their potential employee.

So, instead of crafting extensive lists of what you did, mention what you did the best.

3. Talk about your passions besides work.

The employers are not only looking for someone who will be a good fit for the list of responsibilities, but also for someone who will fit harmoniously into the team and will contribute to it. Therefore, you need to mention what your hobbies and passions are. If you are a bookworm, then talk about the books that influenced you the most. If you are an athlete, then specify what sports you are into. Make sure they see what kind of person you are.

Unfortunately, most resumes for high school graduates a well as for college graduates do not include this section for the most part. As a result, they might fail to impress the employer and get the position. You need to be a real person so that both you and the company understand how well you will fit here. It is in your interests too, as you do not want to spend a couple of years of all your life in a company you find impossible or hard to work at.

4. Think twice when choosing the font and layout.

Of course, if you are a designer, you feel like the layout of your resume is not as important as its content. And even though there is truth in this statement, you still should a closer look at how your resume looks like. If you choose several fonts for each section or add colors that are way too bright, you might make it hard for the recipient to read it.

Pick creative outlays and distinctive fonts to eliminate any reasons why the potential employer might not read the whole piece.

Besides, search for ready-made templates which will make your resume stand out. There are many of such templates available on the Internet, so just search for them carefully. Think out-of-the-box here. There is an example of a young man who applied for a position at a magazine with a resume that was crafted in the shape of that magazine. He got the job and became extremely popular on the Internet. So, why not trying something of this kind?

5. Grammar matters.

You probably know this, but your grammatical errors do no good to your image. If a candidate cannot compose a decent resume, how can he deal with far more complicated tasks or even talk to clients? If you do not want to embarrass yourself with poor grammar, make sure to check it before sending out the CV.

Check everything from grammar to punctuation either by yourself or use special technologies to save you some time. No matter what you choose here, you cannot leave this point without your close attention.

If you have doubts about the name of the institution you used to work at or the courses you took, double check it. You cannot imagine how silly it looks when the candidate cannot spell the name right.

So, pay attention to little details like grammar and punctuation to strengthen your positive image with a good resume.

6. Be very specific.

If you have no previous job experience, you might be tempted to add vague and obscure explanations of what skills you gained during some summer projects or internships. That is a huge mistake. It is better to add only one but very accurate point to the description than a couple of obscure sentences no one will want to read.

Here we must also mention that you should also illustrate your statements on the resume with real-life examples. It will show your personality and might persuade the employer that you are the one they need.

If you have no previous job experience, then you can analyze how you contributed to the projects you participated in or volunteer camps you went to. Anything will do as long as it is true and shows how much you helped there. So, take a moment or two to find good examples and describe them in your resume.

Composing a good resume can be a difficult task. Graduate students feel how much pressure is put on their shoulders along with the expectations of their family, tutors, and peers. However, this task might get much easier if you use our tips. Just follow them step by step and eliminate all the common mistakes from the resume to improve its quality significantly.

What other tips would you suggest to recent graduates? Do you have your own secrets that are working very well for you? We would love to hear them from you, so leave them in a comment below!

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