Your resume is much like your own brand to sell to your prospective employers. When you are aiming for a job, it will most likely that your resume will land in a sea of other resumes. That means you have to ensure that your resume stands out and that it follows today’s trends. Only in this way you will be able to catch the attention of the hiring manager. Fortunately, you now have a way to effectively catch the hiring manager’s attention through the use of CakeResume.

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What Makes CakeResume Your Biggest Option to get hired?

You may not be aware of CakeResume yet, but it a revolutionary hybrid combining your resume with your very own personal website based on social media. In essence, it is but a one-page platform where you can introduce yourself in a very unique, professional and highly customizable way. The usual resume is generally just texts and too bland but that will no longer be the case with CakeResume. That is because it uses multimedia interfacing. This way, you can incorporate images, links, videos and more to improve your resume’s visuals.

Each of the snippets in CakeResume can be used in combination to improve your resume even further. Be CakeResume Editor also makes it effortless to embed all kinds of multimedia and create a real sleek page featuring your individuality and can effectively draw attention to what you have to offer.

One of its great advantages is that it is highly customizable plus the fact that it does not have any form inputs you have to fill. It is also quite easy to use especially since it comes with over 40 resume snippets that you can simply drag and drop on your resume to make it look good and interactive. At the same time, embedding of images to your CakeResume is relatively easy as well. Furthermore, to even make your resume look professional, CakeResume offers you with paid fonts such as Gotham, Archer, Sentinel and more.

Another advantage of using CakeResume is that it is social media based. Following that, you can use it as your very own online self introduction that you can easily paste on your email footer, social media accounts and other social platforms.So that you have an idea who has seen your CakeResume, it also comes with visitor stats right on dashboard. It makes it a lot easy for you to track your resume’s performance. With that, no matter where you go online your prospect employers can see your resume.


Your CakeResume is really just like your own personal brand that you can use to sell your skills in this competitive market. If you have beautiful resumes you want to share, CakeResume also encourages that you send them so they can post it on the Resume Wall. This way, others can see and be inspired with your work. If you'd like to have your CakeResume posted on the wall, simply send it to [email protected].

But of course, the biggest benefit of CakeResume is that it is 100% free.