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“How may I help you?” The lady came close to the table and asked with a generous smile. Waiters (and waitresses!) are the group in charge of delivering an enjoyable dining experience to their customers.

Their responsibilities range from the details in taking orders and delivering meals, to the vague but profound task of ensuring customer satisfaction and establishing customer loyalty. 

Another common role responsible for similar tasks is a server, which is a more general term (instead of being gender-specific) and can be applied to various settings outside of restaurant and dining service. 

A successful waiter resume will not only leave a positive impression but may also pave the way for a job interview. From tips and tricks in writing a successful waiter resume, how should one write the application letter for a waiter without experience, to samples of bar waiter resume… the article covers them all. 

Due to its identical definition, the article will use waiter and waitress interchangeably.

How to write a professional waiter/waitress resume?

Step 1: Craft an Waiter/Waitress Resume Headline

Headline, the few words that mark a person’s professional and personable brand in their waiter/waitress resume, could hammer home a candidate’s job application result.

A resume headline 

  • Refers to a few words to 1 sentence that highlights a candidate’s accomplishment, title, and profiles. 
  • Generally located at the very top of the resume, just below the candidate’s full name. 
  • TIPS: attuning the headline on the candidate’s waiter/waitress resume to the common waiter/waitress resume description is important (refer to the samples below). Although it’s vibrant and more personal if one includes its interest in the waitress resume and gives more humanistic-feature to job hunting, providing related information to the role (in this case, a waiter/waitress) should remain as the primary goal. 

Waiter/waitress resume headline samples: 

  • Resume headline for restaurant waitress: Professional waitress with a proven history in providing customer service experience 
  • Bar waitress title on a resume: Senior waitress in a high-volume bar-restaurant 
  • Fine dining waiter resume headline: Professional with 5+ years experience in fast-paced fine dining

Step 2: Innovate the Candidate's Professional Summary

The answer to life the universe and everything:  

  • A waiter/waitress resume summary is an extended version of a headline. It serves as a short bio that highlights a candidate’s key skills and accomplishments.  
  • Putting adjectives that match with the job description for the resume at front of the waiter/waitress’s resume summary could beef up the chances. 
  • Fragmented sentences in a waiter/waitress resume summary are encouraged as long as it’s coherent.

Resume summary samples: 

  • Waiter resume summary sample: Senior waiter in a high-volume restaurant. Knowledgeable in food safety standards and customer management. 
  • Waitress resume summary with no experience sample: Recent graduate with hands-on intern experience with cash register and common POS systems. 
  • Waitress with adj. matches job description for resume: Compassionate food service professional with 2+ years experience. Excellent communication and problem-solving skills.

Step 3: Get the Job with Waiter Resume Skills

  • A waiter resume skill list sums up the candidate’s professional skill set and knowledge. 
  • Stay on topic. As said, showing flamboyant personalities through various interests is good, but employees would want to know more about the candidate’s profession on their waitress server resume instead of one’s traveling history (unless the traveling is related to food-dining service!) 
  • For those crafting a restaurant waiter resume with no experience, it’s also optimal to draw attention to other sections, such as education, studies, projects (even a foodie-Instagram account page might work), intern, and more.

Waitress resume skill examples

  • Coordination
  • Problem Solving 
  • Knowledge of Food Safety 
  • Beverage and Alcohol Regulation
  • Customer Service  
  • POS system knowledge (ordering information system) 
  • Verbal Communication & Presentation Skills 
  • Social Perceptiveness 
  • Team Building & Team Working 

Step 4: Customize Your Waiter Resume

Bosses want to make sure their staff are the best fits. Adjust the content of your resume to match the waitress job description.

Step 5: Proofread

Proofreading avoids mistakes & beefs up contents in all waiter/waitress resumes.

What is the best resume format for a waiter/waitress?

Chronological, functional, targeted, and hybrids are the four common waiter resume formats.

📝 Chronological resume format: 

  • A waiter resume format that follows the time order and includes the experiences back from present to past. 
  • Most common resume format in online waiter resume templates and samples. 
  • Suitable & safe for most, if not all, waiters/waitresses and its duties on resume.

📝 Functional resume format:

  • A waiter resume format that zooms in to waiter resume sections on skills. Knowledge & qualifications become the focal point.
  • A common format for waitress resume examples for inexperienced candidates. 
  • Those crafting resumes and application letters for waiters without experience should consider this format as their top choice.

📝 Targeted resume format:

  • A waiter resume format tailored for a specific role (those looking for a dream-job offer, here’s the key!) The waiter/waitress resume examples that used targeted format are more likely to showcase oneself as the perfect candidate. 
  • Time & efforts needed, higher opportunity cost! 
  • Can be used in combination with a CV for waitress/waiter with no experience, showcase one’s determination, effort, and communication skills.

📝 Hybrid resume format: 

  • A waiter resume format that combines chronological & functional ones.
  • Zoom in on waiter resume skills, then turn the angle to the candidate’s employment histories. 
  • Recommended choice for those crafting an experienced restaurant waiter resume as it emphasizes skills and proven histories, which the candidate possesses comparative advantages.

How to make a waiter/waitress resume template?

A candidate achieved half of the success of their waiter resume when a well-structured waiter resume template is complete. Crafting a waiter/waitress resume template, although may sound difficult at first glance, is actually an easy task if one follows the step-by-step guidance.

📌 Option 1: Microsoft Word/Mac Pages

  • Waiter resume samples provided online is the fundamental starting of all. 
  • The gale of creativity is not so strong in the job application battle, there’s no need to worry. Find out the qualities and sections (design, layout, art of language) the candidates love and apply them to one’s own waiter/waitress resume template.  
  • Sections one must include in every waiter resume are “contact information & methods”, “expertise & skills”, and “employment history”. 
  • Optimize the waiter resume’s layout and design. Intricacy & complexity may result in a non-ATS-friendly waiter resume. 
  • Avoid essay writing & aim for concise language. 
    1. Font size: 12 as the main font. 10-16 font size for another minor purpose.
    2. Font choice: stay in the classics. Arial / Helvetica / Cambria / Time New Roman / Georgia / Calibri are some good choices.

📌 Option 2: Online Resume Builder

Talents are sometimes gifted and may need more time to come in handy. Online resume builders fuel up the process and avoid the torturing pain in design and layout. Some even provide free waiter resume examples and templates for users.

Cakeresume provides talents with easy-to-use tools to create customized waiter resumes. It also offers free waiter/waitress resume templates for reference and free to download.

Top 10 waiter/waitress resume dos and don'ts

✔️ Dos:

  1. Include only relatable information to one’s waiter resume (focus on the industry and necessary skills for the role) 
  2. Provide data-oriented results in employment history or the waiter/waitress professional summary. Quantifiable accomplishment is the key (ex, daily customer count, satisfaction rating, etc). 
  3. Use only ATS-FRIENDLY waiter/waitress resume template. 
  4. Use Active Verbs to show initiative, effort, and determination. 
  5. Tailor the waiter/waitress resume to a specific job by adding keywords.

❌ Don'ts

  1. Mix up a waiter resume with a waiter CV (reminder: the latter is also different from a waiter cover letter). While the former is used in a job application setting, the latter (waiter CV) is applicable mostly in academia and educational purposes. 
  2. Adopting outdated waiter resume objectives shows the candidate’s incompetence in a fast-paced environment and current industry. A BIG NO. 
  3. Disclose personal details that may opt for discrimination (might cause personal harm). 
  4. Disclosing former employers’ information or data may cause legal troubles and damage personal trustworthiness. 
  5. Sending the waiter resume in word format shows a candidate as unprofessional (the assumption in all-industry).

Waiter/waitress resume sample

Sherry Strong

Food Service Professional with proven history in the fine dining industry.

(+2) 012-112212
[email protected]

Professional Summary

Experienced senior waiter with 5+ experience in guaranteeing customer satisfaction. Successful at improving guests’ experiences and led a team of 10 in the fine dining industries.  Passionate about providing services and beverage recommendations.

Work Experience

Senior Waiter
YYY Restaurant, NY

Sep 2018 - Present

  • Lead a team of 10 to orchestrated exemplary fine-dining services, resulting in over 95% customer satisfaction rate based on surveys.
  • Accommodate 150+ customers on a daily average. 
  • Manage the restaurant’s scheduling and seats and ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Monitor food safety, delivery operation, and alcohol consumption. 
  • Train for 50+ newly hired waiters & waitresses on operational procedures, food and beverages safety, best practices, and customer service ethics.

XXX Hotel,  NY

 May 2016 - May 2018

  • Responsible for serving 30 customers on average per shift.
  • Increased daily wine sales average to $320 by memorizing wine stock and appropriate upscale beverages.
  • Operated POS systems for customer orders and payments.
  • Bussed seats, presented menus, and assisted with food and beverage orders.
  • Trained 5 new staff members in conflict resolution and customer service.


Bachelor of Science, Marketing
The Pennsylvania State University, PA



  • Food Safety 
  • Scheduling & Reservation Management
  • Leadership 
  • Team Building 
  • Guest Experiences Optimization
  • POS Terminal & Systems
  • Trilingual (English, Chinese, Spanish) 
  • Problem Solving
  • Communication & Presentation Skills
  • Social Perceptiveness
  • English (native), Spanish (fluent), Chinese (fluent) 

--- Originally written by Julia Chu ---

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