How to Work in Taiwan: A Comprehensive Guide

How to Work in Taiwan
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Working abroad in Taiwan can be a unique, rewarding experience.

Situated in the west pacific between Japan and the Philippines, Taiwan is known for its beautiful scenery, traditional food, and friendly locals. The country has a population of over 23 million, and a steadily growing economy. Expats love to work in Taiwan and are drawn to the lifestyle and jobs available there. 

Although Taiwan’s landmass is small, their GDP has been growing year over year since the global recession in 2008, and their stable economy attracts foreigners looking for work in Taiwan. 

They have healthy trade relationships with other developed nations and export many important products. Taiwan plays a major role in global information and communication technology. Their growing economy means there is plenty of opportunity to work in Taiwan.

There are many jobs in Taiwan for foreigners and an expat seeking an opportunity to work abroad shouldn’t overlook this beautiful, prosperous island.

5 Reasons to Work in Taiwan

Four out of five foreigners who work in Taiwan report that they are happy with their life on the island. Taiwan is consistently ranked high in expat satisfaction levels, and in 2021 was the number one best country for foreigners

There is plenty of opportunity for foreigners to work in Taiwan, and more than 700,000 expats call Taiwan home. The island is very popular with expats for many reasons. 

💡 Taiwan’s economy and high-tech sector

Many foreigners work abroad in Taiwan because of the economic stability. Taiwan has a robust economy with a stable currency and steady growth in GDP. Taiwan is well-known for its technology sector. 

In fact, one Taiwanese semiconductor company makes the majority of the world’s computer chips. Many jobs in Taiwan are in science and technology. 

💡 Good healthcare

Expats are drawn to Taiwan job opportunities because their healthcare system is well-developed and easily accessible. They have a large network of modern hospitals as well as public and private clinics. 

Best of all, everything is subsidized by the government and taxpayers, and foreigners are often shocked to find the low cost of accessing excellent healthcare when they work in Taiwan. 

💡 High level of safety

Many expats seek work in Taiwan for safety considerations. Taiwan has a very low crime rate and violent crime is exceptionally rare. Petty crime is also uncommon, and it’s normal for people to leave bags or phones unattended in public, without fear of theft. Foreigners with children are especially drawn to Taiwan job opportunities because it’s a safe place to raise a family. 

💡 Transportation

Another reason to look for work in Taiwan is their accessible, comprehensive transportation system. Taiwan has several major airports and a massive public rail system. 

A few of the larger cities have their own metro system as well, and people can take a bus or a train to almost any destination in Taiwan. The ease of getting around is another reason expats seek job opportunities in Taiwan. 

💡 English

One major appeal for foreigners looking for work in Taiwan is their widespread use of English. Because English is so common, there are many opportunities for English teaching jobs in Taiwan. English is taught in public and private schools. 

In some cities, signs and announcements are made in both Mandarin and English, and Taipei is proposing to become officially bilingual. An English-speaking expat won’t have a difficult time findings jobs in Taiwan. 

What You Need to Work in Taiwan

There are a few different steps to legally work in Taiwan. A foreigner can work in Taiwan by following the process from job application to residence permit. 

✅ Taiwan Work Permit

Before moving to Taiwan, you need an offer of employment. Although many different companies are hiring in Taiwan, the government will only issue Taiwan work permits to workers in certain sectors. 

There are multiple categories of approved professionals, but some examples include healthcare, education, communication, and engineering. Teaching jobs in Taiwan are quite common, and so are positions in science and technology. 

After receiving an employment offer, your new workplace is responsible for applying for your Taiwan work permit. 

✅ Taiwan Work Visa

After your work permit in Taiwan is approved, you must apply for a work visa. A work visa allows you to travel to Taiwan for your employment. To apply for a visa, you need your Taiwan work permit, 2 passport photos, a health certificate, and your passport. 

✅ Taiwan Residence Permit

Also known as an Alien Residence Permit, an ARC allows a foreigner to work in Taiwan, and is needed if you are staying longer than 90 days. A residence permit can be issued for 1-3 years. To apply for an ARC, you need your Taiwan work permit. 

How to Find Jobs in Taiwan

There are many jobs in Taiwan for foreigners. Although a significant portion of jobs are in Taipei, you can find work all over the island. There are a few different steps to finding jobs in Taiwan. 

🎯 Check your eligibility

Always check the Taiwan work permit requirements before applying for a position. Check that your profession is one of the eligible professions for a work permit. A foreigner looking to work in Taiwan must also have an approved health certificate.

It’s also important to check the requirements of the company hiring in Taiwan. When hiring foreigners, they might require specific certifications, or they may need someone who speaks Mandarin. Some professions require a clean background check. 

🎯 Find jobs and companies you are interested in 

Many Taiwan jobs are hiring, so your next step is to look for job postings and companies that suit your needs. There is an abundance of jobs in Taiwan for foreigners, so it can be hard to know where to look. Luckily, there are a few different online resources to help with your search. 

CakeResume is a platform that offers a resume builder and career advice as well as a Job Board with postings for jobs in Taiwan. They have thousands of new listings every week, in many different sectors. 

You can customize your resume on their platform with one of over 50 different templates and use your CakeResume resume to apply directly to job postings. Best of all, the site can be accessed in 7 different languages, something that other Taiwanese job boards don’t offer. 

Many people use 104 for jobs in Taiwan. This job bank site allows users to search job listings and upload their CV for employers to find. They have more than 5 million monthly visitors to the site and offer thousands of job postings. 

One major disadvantage to the 104 site is that it is exclusively in Mandarin, so people who don’t speak the language have to translate the site to search 104 for jobs in Taiwan.

Another common site is 1111 for jobs in Taiwan. Although not as popular as 104, the 1111 site has many monthly users and allows people to search listings of jobs in Taiwan. 

The job board is a bit harder to navigate than 104, but like 104 they offer job alert emails. Jobs on this site are also posted in Mandarin, so it will be difficult to peruse companies hiring in Taiwan if you don’t speak the language.   

🎯 Create a good resume

A well-built resume is the best way to catch the employer’s attention and land a good job in Taiwan. 

If you have experience with an international company, or have lived or worked abroad in the past, it would be good to highlight this on your resume. It’s also good to emphasize your language skills if you have them. 

Ask a friend to review your resume and offer suggestions. Try a resume builder like CakeResume to craft a professional resume and attract the best jobs in Taiwan.

🎯 Prepare for interviews

If you are not in Taiwan, your interview will be online over a web calling platform. Like most interviews, you can prepare by thinking of the questions you’ll likely to be asked and come up with a few questions yourself. But there are also a few special considerations when you interview for jobs in Taiwan. 

  • Research the company

Do your research on the company that’s hiring in Taiwan before your interview, to get clear about their values, goals, and work culture. This will help you to be better prepared to answer their questions and demonstrate that your goals align with theirs. You can also use your research to come up with a few questions about them as well. 

  • Take cultural differences into consideration

Like any country, Taiwan has a unique culture, and it’s important to take those into consideration when applying to work in Taiwan. Taiwanese people are known for working hard and the work culture is one that values diligence and dedication. 

When working in Taiwan it’s important to always be polite and professional. Additionally, Taiwanese people often communicate more indirectly, so be aware that directness could be off-putting when you are interviewing for a job in Taiwan. 

  • Prepare for common interview questions

You should expect some common interview questions when you apply to work in Taiwan. Some of those questions will be more broadly about you, and some will be specific to your role and experience. But you should also expect some questions related to being an expat and working abroad in Taiwan. 

Your interviewer might ask you how long you plan to stay in Taiwan or whether you have a long-term goal with this company in the country. You will likely be asked why this position appeals to you and why you’d want to work in Taiwan. 

These questions will come up as away to assess whether you’ve thought about the stress of living abroad, or have a long term stay in mind. The company wants to ensure you won’t be surprised by the unique challenges of living and working in Taiwan. 

🔑 Key Takeaways:

Hundreds of thousands of expats have found meaningful work in Taiwan and call the island their home. The country’s robust economy, modern healthcare and comprehensive transportation system make life in Taiwan easy and enjoyable. 

Check the requirements to work in Taiwan and try a few different job portals to help you find jobs in Taiwan for foreigners. A good resume and a little interview preparation will go a long way. If you are a professional considering whether to work abroad, Taiwan is a great option. 

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--- Originally written by Tiffany Quinn ---

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