Vpon威朋大數據是一間數據技術公司,以優質的數據分析技術提供客戶在行銷、廣告投放為主要商業模式,運用的技術包含: 機器學習 (Machine Learning)、人工智慧(Artificial Inteligence)和海量數據 (Big Data) 等等。Vpon威朋是一家「亞洲級... Read more


5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume

are from CakeResume, both of top-notch quality compared to examples elsewhere. As you can see from both versions, a lot of concrete metrics and numbers are listed. These examples are also straight to the point, listing out experiences with big data tools, past projects, and published papers; They are also organized and not messy. Basically, these two tell what the writers have worked on and how well they’ve performed! Check out more Machine Learning & Data Analyst/Scientist/Engineer... Read more


5 Useful Resume Tips to Help You Get a Foreign Job from India

to word usages (e.g abbreviation, proper names, and etc.) and to further explain your past experience. For example, the hiring manager in the U.S might not be familiar with Indian companies, so instead of writing “product manager at Big Bazaar”, further explain that “Big Bazaar, one of the largest chain of hypermarkets in India” would be more specific and make it more impressive. TIP 5. adopt a general resume format Since some of the big companies use machines... Read more


CakeResume Guide

really need anything more than the usual and traditional resume. For them, the most important thing that will certainly matter no matter what is the content of the resume, such as the experience, qualifications, education and training which are the big factors in getting a great job. A traditional resume is a simple and concise document of your education history, employment, objectives, contact information and other important things and there are still a big number of companies that prefers the... Read more


How to make a CV? 9 Basic Rules

years of experience in a few lines? If there are more questions than answers, it is unlikely you will be invited for an interview. Therefore, try to keep the balance. #3 Keep the Right Structure Be sure to specify: Contact details. Include as many contact details as you have so that the employer can easily find you. However, don’t leave your e-mail address with a cute pet name. If you don’t have an email that contains your... Read more



say, you should not include sports trophies you’ve won or other “accomplishments” that are not professional and specific to the profession that you are trying to get a job in. What SHOULD you include in a professional CV? Personal details. The typical CV format starts out with personal details. This doesn’t mean ALL of your details. The employer is not interested in your family tree, what car you drive, or your pets’ name. There definitely are more details... Read more


How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College

A major achievements section works as an extension to your educational experience and helps to fill up your resume. It can be structured in the same way as a professional experience section with the name of the organization and the date range in which you have worked or participated. For each activity, you can prepare a list of points which indicate your accomplishments and responsibilities. When you do not have any professional experience on your resume, there is no need... Read more


10 Reasons Recruiters Do Not Want to Consider Your Resume

can be intelligent, successful, and hardworking, amongst many others. These adjectives don’t really do anything for you. Many people can be all that, thus, you’re just indistinguishable from the lot. Rather than saying what you are, go into detail and show them what exactly makes that. Instead of saying you managed accounts how about you say ‘handled X amount of money that was used in day to day operations’, this clearly shows that you can be able to... Read more


設計業新星「UI設計師」,如何煉成?— UI設計自學資源與求職管道整理

這樣的新興工作的。而關於自學,Samuel推薦除了最基本的iOS Human Interface Guideline、Materia Design Guideline以外,還有網站像是 優設 、 Little Big Details 。例外,Medium上值得追蹤的有 UX Pin 、 Muzli 、 Sketch 、 Figma Design 、 AAPD ,線上課程他則推薦Hahow的 iOS入門--從介面設計到開發... Read more

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