專訪 CakeResume Consultant Team -Janice|為企業與人選之間找到最高的契合度,成為彼此的理想夥伴。

在了解職務需求的過程像是與新朋友交談一樣,工程師能更坦然說出自己的優勢與職務需求。 CakeResume Consultant - Janice Lai 談談 Consultant 這份工作上注重的重點? ‘’ 我為企業找的不僅是人選,而是追求雙方在軟性條件上是... Read more


面試技巧 – 自我介紹四招式,讓你完美落地第一問

說到英文面試,一堆人手腳冒冷汗,其實它沒有你想像中這麼難,你越害怕它,你就越容易失常,何不想換角度想想自己是ㄧ個「Personal Consultant」,你在幫助別人理解你,你也透過別人的問題,來釐清自己還缺失什... Read more


Cover Letter (cover letter samples, cover letter templates, application letters) - All-in-One Tutorial

for Designers Further Reading: How to Build a Compelling Designer’s Resume Cover letter sample for Marketing cover letter sample for Marketing Download Cover Letter Template for Marketing Job Application Resume Resource: Resume Examples for Marketing Cover letter sample for Consultants cover letter sample for Consultants Download Cover Letter Template for Consultant Job Application Resume Resource: Resume Examples for Consultants Cover letter format for INTERNSHIP: Contact Information full name, email address, mobile number, address Greeting greet the hiring manager/employer... Read more


5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand that Will Help You Out in Harsh Times

Raise prices for the services without compromising the business. Reduce advertising costs without compromising the flow of customers. Expect a higher salary and promotion if he is an employee. Who Needs a Personal Brand? Personal brand may help business coaches, consultants, psychologists, designers, doctors, photographers, marketers, lawyers, etc. – anyone who’s willing to promote his services. Very often, clients are not confident in the quality of services until they are provided. And sometimes there is no certainty even after the... Read more


6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2020

Yourself with a Single Webpage Further reading: Personal Branding - Why and How? 2. Freelance Websites There is a huge demand for side hustlers; as you can see on freelance job sites, companies are tapping on freelance talents ranging from finance consultants to bitcoin developers, UX designers, translators, etc.. All kinds of demand keep emerging. It’s true that some freelance job sites charge fees when you search and bid for projects on their platforms, so I’ll make sure to... Read more


8 Ways to Get a Better Job Fast

help your case to do a bit of keyword research to get an idea of the best words or phrases to use. Take the time to continually review your resume from top to bottom. Ask a friend, associate or trusted consultant to give it an honest look. You can even check some resume samples for your job position and make your resume stand out. Finally, run your resume through RezScore to see what else you may need to do to... Read more


10 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes [Infographic]

stand out like you’re wearing a red and white sweater, and everyone else has on black. Jarod Kintz in This Book is Not FOR SALE If you are not a brand, you are a commodity. Philip Kotler , Marketing Author, Consultant, and Professor So instead of being passive, why not take a step to brand yourself online ? Given enough time and effort, you can transform yourself in a brand by anticipating what people are looking for and building up your... Read more


Freelancers in 2020: Top 8 Most Lucrative Industries

designer or simply hoping to supplement your income with a side hustle, you can find tons of work that revolves around your skillset. Annual salary is around 56K. Dribbble, 99 Designs, and Behance are heavens for freelance designers. 6. Marketing Consultant Most businesses agree that marketing is integral to their success. When it comes to cutting expenses, marketing is always the last to consider. Marketing strategies can be a matter of life-and-death for any company. It comprises of... Read more


9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

in community events, and find Slack channels for local developers. By avoiding the community, you'll surely miss out on a great job opportunity because you didn't even know about it. Continual Learning Web development and IT trends change constantly. In the case of JavaScript development, there are a seemingly endless number of new frameworks and libraries released every year. Although you may not use all of them in your daily work, having cursory knowledge of how new frameworks... Read more


Qualities/Tips For a Successful Freelancer

your judgment. 2. Self-Love, Really? You’d think it’s second nature, but as advanced as we are, 21st-century humans have little capacity to love oneself. It’s a luxury, really, especially in the freelancing industry. You’re constantly reminded of the negatives each time you come into contact with a client who doubts you. There is some good news though: you have a lifetime to learn how to love yourself and develop a philosophical outlook while you... Read more

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