5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand

Content marketing in the form of sharing useful content such as blogs or videos with web viewers who relate to your brand, can be one of the most successful digital marketing methods for your personal brand, but only with a solid strategy in place. With the abundance of types of content and channels to distribute content on, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Here are 5 simple techniques to positively use content marketing to boost your personal brand and extend... Read more


Creative Personal Branding - 5 Steps to Build Your Very Own Brand

best online marketing strategies you can implement - content marketing. Our 5 tips for better content marketing will help you to craft and implement your own effective content development strategy to get you the traffic you need to create new business. Content is king when it comes to growing your website’s online presence in the most organic way possible. Websites with little to no quality content continue to get buried by resourceful, authoritative websites filled with great content. Content can... Read more



銷擔任內容行銷專案經理、以及 IDP 國際教育中心擔任數位行銷專案執行專員,擅長社群行銷(Social Media Marketing)、內容行銷(Content Marketing)、SEO(Search Engine Optimization)的操作。 CakeResume 數位內容策展人- Hank 看看 Hank 的社群行銷履歷 一、社群行銷的特... Read more


5 Ways to Build an Unstoppable Personal Brand in 2016

first: Is this what I want to be saying? Is this post telling my story in the right way? Think of it as an opportunity to show the best version of yourself. Further Reading: When it comes to personal branding, content is king! Check out these 5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand . 5. Run in Successful Circles You really do become who you spend time with, whether personally or professionally. So, surround yourself at all times with... Read more


10 Reasons Recruiters Do Not Want to Consider Your Resume

industry that you want to join. Let’s say you want to be an actor or model, then you must add a photo so as the employer can weigh which roles might fit you best. In other roles such as marketing, tech, finance, and most white collar jobs, this might not be necessary thus you do not have to include your picture. By including your picture you come across as inappropriate and unaware of the business dynamics and culture. Furthermore... Read more


Branding Yourself Online [Infographic]

networks, especially those found online. Your website or blog is your home base and your hub for presenting yourself. Over the last decade, personal branding has received a high volume of online hits, along with the concept of social media marketing. Further Reading: Blogging is the new resume: Why less is not always more by Ryan Hoover, the co-creator of Product Hunt Social media is the perfect place for distributing and amplifying your created content so that people can... Read more


Freelancers in 2020: Top 8 Most Lucrative Industries

work that revolves around your skillset. Annual salary is around 56K. Dribbble, 99 Designs, and Behance are heavens for freelance designers. 6. Marketing Consultant Most businesses agree that marketing is integral to their success. When it comes to cutting expenses, marketing is always the last to consider. Marketing strategies can be a matter of life-and-death for any company. It comprises of a comprehensive multi-channel approach including content, social media, copywriting, public relations; better yet, companies might anticipate... Read more


CakeResume Guide

in making your decision. Traditional Resume The conventional wisdom always believes that applicants don’t really need anything more than the usual and traditional resume. For them, the most important thing that will certainly matter no matter what is the content of the resume, such as the experience, qualifications, education and training which are the big factors in getting a great job. A traditional resume is a simple and concise document of your education history, employment, objectives, contact information and... Read more

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