Cover Letter 也有玄機?左右你履歷會不會被點開的關鍵文字!

您好,這是我的履歷表,麻煩查收」這樣簡單一句話就是所謂的 cover letter,相信大家之前都寫過。不過要把 cover letter 技能點滿當然不是一句話終結,以下分享訪談各行各業人資們的 cover letter 建議。 Cover Letter 寫法 四大重... Read more


Cover Letter (cover letter samples, cover letter templates, application letters) - All-in-One Tutorial

ARTICLE OUTLINE: What is Cover Letter? Why is Cover Letter important? How to write a Cover Letter/Job Application Letter? Dos & Don'ts of writing a Cover Letter Cover Letter Template for Job Application Cover letter sample for Software Engineers Cover letter sample for Designers Cover letter sample for Marketing Cover letter sample for Consultants Cover Letter Template for Internship Cover Letter Template for Career Change WHAT IS COVER LETTER Cover letter, as its name implies, is a letter, while... Read more


求職第一戰已在寄信時開始:教你用5個段落寫出理想 Cover Letter

起寄過去的信,就叫做 Cover Letter。 要把 Cover Letter 寫得好並不難,只要完成這 5 個段落,你也能寫出一封優秀的 Cover Letter。 第 1 段:說明你是誰 如一開始所說,Cover Letter 的目的是打招呼跟建立第一印象,想想看我們第一次... Read more


Why Every Professional Should Have A Personal Website

When it comes to finding a job or internship, it can be difficult to set yourself apart from the sea of resumes and cover letters, while still remaining professional. Having a personal website - which often features your bio, contact information and portfolio - is a great strategy to showcase your work and to help you stand out from other candidates. Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should create a personal website for your dream career! 1. It Makes... Read more



找工作時,我們都知道當你和競爭對手的資歷相當時,一封好的cover letter能引起HR對你的興趣。但是,當這封信只有描述你的能力、熱情如何符合網路上開出的工作條件時,加分效果是有限的。事實上寫... Read more


6 Easy Tools to Help You Write a Better Resume and Track its Performance

Resume Builders . Resume Templates Here are 71+ free resume templates in Word, PSD & MAC that will help you stand out to hiring managers. LiveCareer Many jobseekers consider this to be a one-stop shop. Livecareer offers traditional a resume builder, cover letter building tools, as well as a career assessment which matches your identified strengths into specific career paths. It also features a resume review section which connects you with a professional in order to polish your resume. Hemingway Editor... Read more


How to Stand Out in the Crowd as a Perfect Candidate

experience the culture of other people working in the same job. You can also familiarize with the description of the job or posting. You should learn more about your employer by visiting their website. 2. Make a Perfect Resume and Cover Letter Your resume should not be like a job description list. When the employer is going through your resume, he/she should be able to see and understand what you have achieved so far and what role you played... Read more


How to Write a Resume That Stands Out

crucial because this is the time the hiring manager’s attention will be so focussed on your resume. Briefly start by describing your expertise because the opportunity of expanding on your experience will be availed later in the resume and cover letter. Make it explicitly clear in the summary that you are the right person for the job. Sell yourself out by emphasizing on why believe you should be hired and not anyone else. Make your resume easy to read... Read more


“Haves and “Have Nots” for Resumes – 11 New Rules

on the line at hand, digesting it fully before moving the eye down to the next. If you must write longer prose, make it no more than three lines before you stick in some white space. Use Bullet Points in Cover Letter: Traditionally, cover letters have been in paragraph form and bullet points reserved for the resume. A new “must do” is to provide more white space in the cover letter as well, by highlighting your major related skills and... Read more



的語言溝通是很重要的 」。 熟悉了想應徵企業的溝通主軸與模式後,Vivian嘗試以該模式去撰寫自己的cover letter:「我要先向貴公司地說聲對不起,其實我是一位已有兩年工作經歷的人,雖然不符合實習生的... Read more


【履歷教學─內容篇 Part 2】履歷表加分小招數;這些是人資不說的秘密

可以多多注意,常參加這些小圈圈聚會可能也有助於經營人脈、拓展工作可能性。 四、善用附函信件(Cover Letter)誠懇推銷自己 除了履歷之外,很多人不會另外再寫東西給求職公司,不過如果你真的對這份... Read more


How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College

shot company can tell you they started from zero, just like you! As a recent graduate, remember to emphasize your educational background and any activities or accomplishments you have done during your college years for your resume. Building up a distinctive personal brand with a tool like CakeResume can also be a very effective strategy to help start your career. As a final tip, write a strong cover letter that will complement your resume. Good luck with the job hunt!... Read more


9 Resume Mistakes People Think Cost Them the Job

Whether you were a volunteer or you were taking care of a family member, if you were somewhat productive, then list it. #9 Be unique Lastly, be unique. While it may be very tempting to send the same resume and cover letter to 100 people, it just won’t work. You need to stand out and make sure every single resume and cover letter you send out are catered to the job you’re applying for. Since hiring managers see... Read more


5 Useful Resume Tips to Help You Get a Foreign Job from India

Unless you are applying for positions like designer, it is better for you to adopt a general resume format. After finishing your resume, remember to double check for typos or grammatical mistakes, and save it as a PDF. Further Reading - Cover Letter (cover letter samples, cover letter templates, application letters) - All-in-One Tutorial Where Can I Make a Resume for Free? CakeResume was established with the intention of helping job seekers to fully display their value. We create an... Read more


8 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

there are several ways to beef up your resume. Make sure to add relevant skills you learned from high school, college, or extracurricular courses you have taken. Include academic projects related to potential employers' fields or showcase your skills. Writing cover letters to employers is highly recommended in every circumstance, but applicants with no work experience should always include cover letters. Further Reading: How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College Include benefits Past experiences at... Read more


履歷 vs. 自傳 vs. 求職信 : 求職文件的功能還傻傻分不清楚?

一個成功的開頭 延伸閱讀: 自傳怎麼寫?5 個步驟教你寫出成功的求職自傳 求職信 求職信 求職信 (Cover Letter) 的定義較為廣泛,形式也比較多元。廣義來說,求職者於找工作期間,透過任何管道 (如:Email、LinkedIn、Facebook、CakeResume... Read more


5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume

and programming ability. Some other basic requirements also include a good understanding of mathematics, analytical thinking skills, and problem-solving skills. With all that said, it’s time to get working and tailor your resume! If you’re looking for more inspiration, CakeResume is not only easy to use, but it’s also a treasure trove for an excellent array of sample resumes. Congratulations! You have built a strong resume. Next step is all about writing a professional cover letter .... Read more


Software Engineer Resume : Do's & Don'ts of a Perfect Engineering Resume

can tell whether the resume is prepared with effort or not. Being an applicant, you should update and check your engineering resume from time to time. If you can, you should constantly review your skill-set, accumulate portfolios, and take part in relevant communities more often. Hence when you need to change job, you have something to show. Ready to embark on your job hunting journey? Learn how to write a convincing Cover Letter first to increase your success rate!... Read more



果有和學生的合照、學生和家長的感謝信、教學影片、側拍等也可以放在最下面。 先前提過 附函信件(cover letter)的重要 ,如果你是針對特定一份家教工作在寫履歷,除了這一份制式化履歷外,也可以多寫一... Read more


前端工程師找工作 大全 - 薪資情報、熱門職缺、面試技巧

享! 延伸閱讀: 那些科技新創教我的事 XII「停在港口的船很安全,但那不是造船的目的」- 黃思齊 ( VoiceTube 前端工程師 ) Cover Letter (cover letter samples, cover letter templates, application letters) - All-in-One Tutorial 求職信也有玄機?左右你履歷會不會被點開的關鍵文字... Read more

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