6 Step Strategy That Will Simplify Your Recruiting Process

And interviews often feel they are doing a favour to the candidates just by interviewing them. It is actually the candidate who is doing you a favour by choosing you over your competitors. Candidates have the leverage to interview you and ask you questions about the company. And so, try your best to give the candidate a great first impression . These useful do’s and don’ts may come in handy: Don’t leave the candidate waiting for too long... Read more



知道更多撰寫「經歷」的小訣竅,可以參考這些文章: 1. 履歷和 CV 有什麼不一樣 2. 工程師面試履歷的 Dos and Don'ts 3. 【履歷教學─內容篇 Part 1】履歷表的忌諱?寫這些讓你一秒被人資刷掉 4. 履歷中的清單... Read more