Crucial Mistakes You Can Make in Writing Resume

of times before. They don’t pay attention to the visual appeal. They don’t bother being creative. They think that listing skills and experience should be enough. Oh, but they are wrong! Do you know how much time a hiring manager spends looking at your resume? Few seconds. Yes, that’s brutal. You’re spending so much time to craft and submit the application that you expect more attention. However, hiring managers don’t have time to pay much... Read more


6 Easy Tools to Help You Write a Better Resume and Track its Performance

Do you want to be ahead of the competition when applying for the job you want? Create a great first impression through your resume. Since recruiters only spend an average of 6 seconds on your resume , you have to make your resume concise and visually appealing. It should aim to solve a certain problem for the prospective employer and fit the reason why they are hiring. The resume is what the employer sees first— it is what will enable you... Read more


Using CakeResume as Your Distinctive Personal Brand

will land in a sea of other resumes. That means you have to ensure that your resume stands out and that it follows today’s trends. Only in this way you will be able to catch the attention of the hiring manager. Fortunately, you now have a way to effectively catch the hiring manager’s attention through the use of CakeResume. What Makes CakeResume Your Biggest Option to get hired? You may not be aware of CakeResume yet, but it... Read more


6 Step Strategy That Will Simplify Your Recruiting Process

is not user-friendly. You have a long drawn application process, some of it may even be outdated. No follow-up on application or interview. Step #3. Engage Hiring Panel Hiring managers are key to a successful recruiting process. Engaged hiring panel of managers drive speed in the overall recruiting process, affect the quality of hires and makes your life fantastic as a recruiter. If you don’t have the buy-in of hiring managers, you are in a lot... Read more


12 Phrases That Don’t Belong On Your Resume

common mistakes. Here are twelve phrases not to include on your resume – as well as why you should avoid them wherever possible. 1. Best of breed Why it needs to go: One survey from CareerBuilder found that this term turns hiring managers off more than any other term. 2. Able to meet deadlines Why it needs to go: Being able to meet deadlines is a fundamental part of every job. Boasting that you’re able to do it implies that... Read more


10 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes [Infographic]

that person do when they get home if they want to find out more about you? They will Google your name! It’s a fairly common practice to use Google or Facebook to dig up more information about a person. Hiring managers also do use Google or check Facebook for prospective candidates, just to get an idea of what the person is like before considering them as a hire. So when people try to look you up on the Internet... Read more


How to Write a Resume That Stands Out

you, if it doesn’t then do not include it. Try quantifying your achievements- Attaching figures to your achievements is the best way of describing those achievements. When you attach a number to the achievements that you have accomplished, the hiring managers will then be able to get a rough idea of how suitable you are for their organization. The hiring managers will be able to get a much clearer image of your abilities and skills when you attach a... Read more


9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

like any other job, a strong resume is the first thing potential employers will see. Even though most jobs are found through recommendations of friends or through local developer meetups, many businesses still require resumes to be sent through traditional hiring channels. If you're applying for an IT job, it's likely that you have experience with basic HTML and CSS. If you'd like to make a good impression, use your own website or a resume service to... Read more


“Haves and “Have Nots” for Resumes – 11 New Rules

some new additional “must haves” and “must not haves,” however, that may not yet be common knowledge. Here are 11 of them. You Should Have a Title or a Headline. Think about this for a minute. When a recruiter or hiring manager is looking at dozens or resumes in a short period of time, all of them generally look the same. The have the individual’s name at the top and then perhaps the title, “Professional Resume” centered below that... Read more


New Trends in Resume Writing

incapable of addressing the purpose of the recipient who might be looking for something specific while browsing through the heap of resumes. Therefore, it’s important to bear in mind the role you are applying for and the person (the hiring manager, third party recruiter, etc.) to whom you are sending the resume and customize it accordingly. Pay attention to presentation Once you know what will go in your resume, the next step is to lay things down in a... Read more


7 Effective Tips for a Successful Engineering Resume

typos. It is even a good idea to triple check it and have other people take a look at your resume to make sure it’s absolutely perfect. Be Concise Avoid information overload on your resume. It only takes the hiring manager about 30 seconds to accept or reject your resume. This means if your resume fails to provide relevant information within those 30 seconds, it may easily end up in the rejected pile. For this reason, it’s recommended... Read more


How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College

start for your resume. It focuses on your skills and personality traits which make you the perfect fit for the position. Starting your resume with skills which make you valuable to the company helps to snag the attention of the hiring manager. To write a solid career objective, start by identifying the specific skills and traits which the employer has emphasized in the job description. Add these qualities to your career objective and your employer will definitely watch you from... Read more


8 Tips To Help Create A Resume

The employer can get in touch with them right away, rather than having to get in touch with you first to get permission. 6. Keep it short An employer is going to be reading hundreds of resumes while they're hiring. Keep your resume short and to the point. The less they have to read, the better it will be for them, and the more likely they are to consider you. 7. Get help if you need it If you... Read more


9 Resume Mistakes People Think Cost Them the Job

to read it? Probably not. Since hiring managers will only glance at your resume for a few seconds, it’s important to make your resume is straight to the point and there’s plenty of whitespace to make sure the hiring manager can easily glance over your resume with ease. #5 Fancy fonts should be avoided Fancy and unusual fonts may look cute, but again, a hiring manager really doesn’t care about this as they are looking for the... Read more


Resume That Will Land You a Programming Job

to mention other essential skills beyond doing programming, such as team work on a group project or managing the project timeline. When you are preparing an entry-level programmer resume, keep in mind that your main goal is impress the hiring decision maker and let them know that you have what it takes to successfully perform the duties of the position you’re applying for. The hiring manager needs to be able to quickly identify your skills and experience, regardless... Read more


Top 9 Resume Builders

this resume builder is very easy and quick. You have the option of including some important documents such as diplomas, certificates, and qualifications. Resume.io Resume.io helps you write and design a mind blowing, professional and very effective resume hiring managers are looking for. Creddle Creddle is a resume builder that allows you to choose different layouts. It has an organized and professional feel, giving you many options to customize and make your resume unique. These are a few... Read more


面試技巧 – 自我介紹四招式,讓你完美落地第一問

學會見風轉舵,簡言之,請保持彈性,不見得你要照著原本稿子走,換句話說,先丟出問題來試探看看 Hiring Manager 想要找什麼人,如果不巧跟你剛剛說的不太ㄧ樣,請利用好聽的話術來圓過去,試著回答:「那其... Read more


8 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

searching for such information. Also, if you include links to professional sites such as LinkedIn, clean up the length of its URL with a link shortening tool such as bit.ly. Ask someone to review your resume Reach out to hiring managers or upper-level employees at companies related to fields you are applying for. It may take a few tries to locate someone willing to lend a hand, but it's well worth the effort. Getting advice from an... Read more


How to Find Startups that Allow You to Work Remotely

Despite its tedious approach to creating your online profile, Monster can help you find your dream remote job. Once you sign up, the site will regularly e-mail you of notifications if there is a company that is interested in hiring your services. Freelancer.com. Contrary to claims by Elance, freelancer.com boldly states it is the world’s largest community for freelancers and remote workers. Freelancer has an interesting approach where you have to place a bid for the... Read more


CakeResume Guide

person. Aside from that, it will also help in building your personal brand, as we all know, a brand is very important because it tells the hiring manager your story. Depending on how well you do the story thingy, the hiring manager will be either persuaded or turned off to ask you for a job interview. The story that you must put in your personal website are the things that the hiring manager would want to know such as your... Read more

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