10 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes [Infographic]

In today's highly connected world, managing your personal brand is more important than ever. Regardless of whether or not you care about personal branding, if you use the Internet, then it's more than likely that you have already left some mark. Think about it: when you hand a business card to someone, what will that person do when they get home if they want to find out more about you? They will Google your name! It’s a... Read more


CakeResume Guide

and links is order to effectively catch the readers’ attention and eyes. If you have an online portfolio you can link it your CakeResume, for example, Stack Overflow, GitHub, Dribble, Behance and many more. You can also try adding a quote on your CakeResume there are several quote snippets available in CakeResume. These quotes are quoted from movies or literature that can help you show your real personality. Aside you professional skills, it is also good to share your hobbies... Read more


Creative Personal Branding - 5 Steps to Build Your Very Own Brand

in personal branding strategy include, but are not limited to Articles and Blog Posts, Whitepapers and eBooks, Images and Infographics, Videos and Podcasts, Data Charts and Graphs. Looking for some inspiration? You can check out these 10 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes ! If you have the resources above taken care of, then you’re ready to pull off an effective content marketing plan. Here are our top 5 tips to get the most out of your content marketing strategy: 1. Define... Read more


職涯專訪》開啟遠端職涯你必須知道的 4 件事 —— 專訪遠端前端工程師與設計師 游宭鎬

來反而把自己的名聲搞臭,兩個月後他就會把經濟和相應的成本考慮進報酬。 閱讀更多: 10 Inspiring Personal Branding Quotes 善用人脈網絡 在社群網站逐步佔領我們社交關係的今天,我們臉書上的好友很有可能就是未... Read more



用CakeResume後,能為你達到以下好處: ✔ 工作專業敘述,讓你輕鬆聚焦 ✔ 搭配Images模板,簡單展現豐富證照 ✔ Quotes模板,清晰闡述你的工作理念 3. 工作上的成果,都要讓它數據化 許多人誤以為「把專業成果簡潔... Read more


CakeResume vs. Resume: The Resume to Land Your Dream Job

One of the most dreaded questions for any multi-talented, multi-faceted and multi-passionate creative, pops up like this - “So, what do you do?” How do you answer this question? Where do you start? In most cases, a disconnection from our narratives, the story that tells the listener where we are from, who we are and where we are going - is what holds us back from the perfect answer. It’s quite difficult to synthesize the entirety of your... Read more


9 Resume Mistakes People Think Cost Them the Job

next level. Common resume mistakes, unfortunately, can often cost you your dream job and could have been avoided in the first place. #1 Spelling and grammatical mistakes These are mistakes that should be avoided at all costs and could be quite possibly the biggest mistake you can make. While you can rely on Microsoft Word to pick up some spelling and/or grammatical errors, it won’t catch them all. Consider having a friend or even paying a professional editor... Read more


Using CakeResume as Your Distinctive Personal Brand

and can effectively draw attention to what you have to offer. One of its great advantages is that it is highly customizable plus the fact that it does not have any form inputs you have to fill. It is also quite easy to use especially since it comes with over 40 resume snippets that you can simply drag and drop on your resume to make it look good and interactive. At the same time, embedding of images to your CakeResume... Read more


Freelancers in 2020: Top 8 Most Lucrative Industries

freelance industries in 2020 you don’t want to miss. Some are pro-technology and IT-related while others are more for creative minds. Following trends indicate what is typically in urgent needs or requiring specific expertise. Job descriptions are quite similar to those of desk-jobs. Freelancers (independent workers, remote contractors, side-hustlers, self-employed) can follow the bandwagon and know what to work on next. Technology and IT, the Top 1 Growing Sector for Freelancers In our daily... Read more


5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume

kind souls who are still with me, I hope you’re finding this article useful. Companies today are hard-pressed to find good machine learning talent. For certain roles, you might need a specific skill set; some skills though, are quite universal. Needless to say, companies are looking for talents who already possess a diverse set of skills, knowledge of different theories, and programming ability. Some other basic requirements also include a good understanding of mathematics, analytical thinking skills, and... Read more


How to Write the Perfect Biodata that Maps Out Your Career Path (with Biodata Format Sample)

When you start creating this document, the first thing you must do is to study the requirements of the company and the job description. Only then should you design the biodata so you can capture the interest of the hiring managers. If you aren’t quite sure about how to fill a biodata form, use online resume makers for guidance. CakeResume provides a easy-to-use biodata/resume/CV maker to help job seekers build highly-customized job application documents.... Read more


6 Best Freelance Sites to Land on a Job in 2020

how to enter industries such as software engineering or business development. The best part is that all the guides are free or charge. There are no hidden fees and you definitely won’t be exploited by the platform. It’s quite the generous platform. 5. Guru Guru is the easiest platform to get in for freelancers; however, its transaction fees, commission rate, and monthly fees are all higher than most of its counterparts. The good news is that it offers... Read more

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