6 Easy Tools to Help You Write a Better Resume and Track its Performance

several tools that can help you write a great resume. Create a resume that rises to the top of competition, by checking out the following: Resume Builders Creating a resume nowadays is made easier due to the number of online tools that can help. We list some of the best tools in our article, Top 9 Resume Builders . Resume Templates Here are 71+ free resume templates in Word, PSD & MAC that will help you stand out to hiring managers. LiveCareer... Read more


8 Tips To Help Create A Resume

They can help you see solutions that you wouldn't have thought of on your own. 8. Always proofread and edit A good resume will always be proofread and edited before it goes out. The smallest mistake can lead to your resume being thrown out, so avoid this by checking it over first. These ten tips and tools will give you everything you need to create a perfect resume. Give yourself the best chance of getting the job you want.... Read more


Top 9 Resume Builders

Writing a resume is much easier nowadays since there are many tools available online to help you through the process. Although a good number of people still use traditional resumes, it is not a bad idea to consider more creative ways of writing your resume, especially if you want an online version of a resume or a way to send a link of your professional summary to others. Here are several of the top online resume builders that you may... Read more


CakeResume for Developers

CakeResume is intended not just to job hunters or freelancers, but also to other enthusiast in different fields including developers. This will be a great opportunity for the developers to introduce not just his/her skills and capabilities but also his/her amazing developed works and projects. Developers are known to be great when it comes to navigating online tools, but not all the things that he/she can do. CakeResume is the best way for a developer to showcase... Read more


The Wall of CakeResume

CakeResume is known as a revolutionary hybrid in between a social media-based personal site and a resume which provides numbers of users with one page platform in order to introduce them in a professional, unique and also fully customizable way. Compared with a traditional resume that is typically text only and bland this one would use multimedia interfacing in order to allow numbers of users in terms of incorporating embedded links, videos, images and some other online tools intended... Read more


How to Stand Out in the Crowd as a Perfect Candidate

your research well and that you understand very well what the job is all about. This will set you apart as a good candidate because of the background search. When doing your research about a job, you can use online tools like LinkedIn and Glassdoor. They will help you get a good knowledge and experience the culture of other people working in the same job. You can also familiarize with the description of the job or posting. You should learn... Read more


Your CV - Gearing Up for Grad School

format is a combination of your first and last name. The phone number should be directed to you. The address should be your current address where you can receive mail any time soon. Introducing yourself with a single webpage using tools like CakeResume and adding the site link to your CV can also be a brilliant idea. Educational Qualifications List the educational institutions which you have attended, the years of attendance and the degree received. If you’re still to... Read more


How to Work Remotely? 12 Efficient Ways to Find Remote Jobs Online

110 employees are distributed all over the world. The company endeavors to connect the top 3% of the world’s software developers with the best tech companies for remote work. Buffer. Buffer is a company that provides its clients the tools to build an online audience. Their team of 85 people is spread all over the world, across 7 time zones from Hawaii to Paris. Buffer uses time zone differential to have their business run 24 hours. Upworthy. Do you... Read more


5 Tips for Creating a Personal Brand that Will Help You Out in Harsh Times

there are always at least a few people who achieved great success in it. Try to take all the best from them, analyzing their steps in this business. What qualities do they have? How they behave in different situations? What tools did they use to create their brand? Of course, you can’t just copy the "powers that be" and become as successful as they are, but they always have a lot of things to learn. At this note, I... Read more


5 Tips to Build a Strong Machine Learning Resume

CakeResume, both of top-notch quality compared to examples elsewhere. As you can see from both versions, a lot of concrete metrics and numbers are listed. These examples are also straight to the point, listing out experiences with big data tools, past projects, and published papers; They are also organized and not messy. Basically, these two tell what the writers have worked on and how well they’ve performed! Check out more Machine Learning & Data Analyst/Scientist/Engineer Resume Samples... Read more


【履歷教學─內容篇 Part 1】履歷表的忌諱?寫這些讓你一秒被人資刷掉

的小工具可以參考這篇文章;例如透過 email 追蹤工具,你可以知道對方(人資)有沒有開你的信喔 ;) 6 Easy Tools to Help You Write a Better Resume and Track its Performance Further Reading: 【履歷教學─心態篇】用什麼態度寫履歷表也有差嗎?你不知道的... Read more


Applying for Internships and Jobs at Startups

from the very get-go. Students all over the world struggle to do just this: they lack the skills or the creativity to create well-crafted, innovative resumes that stand out from the rest. Instead of resorting to low-level tools to develop choppy graphics and images, CakeResume provides an easy, intuitive way to develop highly creative resumes. Built-in templates, drag-and-drop editing, and dozens of options will allow you to create unique and vivid resumes within minutes... Read more


CakeResume Guide

great importance in order for you to achieve your coveted goals in stepping on to the next level of attaining your dream job. With today’s very modern world, writing your resume is much easier because there are numbers of tools or resume builders that can give you a hand like CakeResume, LinkedIn and personal websites. Though the traditional resume is outdated, it is not yet obsolete and is still being used in some parts of the world, we can... Read more


7 Effective Tips for a Successful Engineering Resume

Your resume can be engineered to function as a strong marketing tool. Although engineering jobs encompass a wide range of fields, there are some very effective resume strategies which can be applied across multiple disciplines. Let’s check out these seven pieces of expert advice to keep in mind while writing an engineering resume. Think Precision When it comes to engineering, precision is of paramount importance. The same likewise precision must also be applied for an engineering resume. Many engineers... Read more


8 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

contact you in the case of hire, and headers are usually not considered in searching for such information. Also, if you include links to professional sites such as LinkedIn, clean up the length of its URL with a link shortening tool such as bit.ly. Ask someone to review your resume Reach out to hiring managers or upper-level employees at companies related to fields you are applying for. It may take a few tries to locate someone willing to... Read more


5 Ways to Build an Unstoppable Personal Brand in 2016

the most sure-fire way to have people help you in return. No one has ever done it alone. 4. Post with a Purpose So much of brand building today is done via social media. It’s such a powerful tool, but you need to know how to use it, and use it wisely. Everything you post should reflect who you are , and the ethos of your own personal brand. Play to your strengths and take time to curate your... Read more


New Trends in Resume Writing

twitter handle, blog site and any other online links that further authenticate your credentials and bring out your personality. Now that you are aware of the key things that can help you get the desired results from your resume, what if you get the tool that can enable you put your best foot forward and design a killer resume in minutes? Try our friendly and easy-to-use resume writing software with simple drag and drop features for free now!... Read more


5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand

the content post, encourage discussions to keep readers engaged and coming back to posts by asking questions on the bottoms of posts, or by promoting a discussion via the post you share the content through. CakeResume is also a great tool to introduce yourself with a single webpage . 5. Make Use Of An Editorial Calendar Setting goals, making a plan, and forcing yourself to stick with it, is extremely helpful when it comes to content marketing. If you want your... Read more


How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College

shot company can tell you they started from zero, just like you! As a recent graduate, remember to emphasize your educational background and any activities or accomplishments you have done during your college years for your resume. Building up a distinctive personal brand with a tool like CakeResume can also be a very effective strategy to help start your career. As a final tip, write a strong cover letter that will complement your resume. Good luck with the job hunt!... Read more


職涯專訪》如何前往矽谷 Facebook 實習,並取得正職工作?—— 專訪 Facebook 軟體工程師 - 謝宇和

回饋更快調整自己到最佳狀態。 Facebook 的工程團隊文化 軟體工程師實習的一天 宇和進入的組別是 Internal tool team,負責開發出開發工具,幫助工程師寫程式或開發新功能更順利,比較偏向功能性的職務。雖然... Read more

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