New Trends in Resume Writing

Most of you must have heard about the phrase “Actions speak louder than Words” at some point in your life. But when it comes to resume writing, it’s important to put your actions into the right words to leave a lasting impression on the recipient. The right verbiage and layout can clearly highlight your accomplishments, state your experience and emphasize your value addition to the projects undertaken. Today, we have picked the top 5 trends that can help your... Read more


Using CakeResume as Your Distinctive Personal Brand

Your resume is much like your own brand to sell to your prospective employers. When you are aiming for a job, it will most likely that your resume will land in a sea of other resumes. That means you have to ensure that your resume stands out and that it follows today’s trends. Only in this way you will be able to catch the attention of the hiring manager. Fortunately, you now have a way to effectively catch the... Read more


“Haves and “Have Nots” for Resumes – 11 New Rules

whenever you post something on a social media, and it relates to your job or your background, be certain that it jibes with what your resume says. Everything must be in sync. Be Mindful of Short Attention Spans: The newest trend in resume writing is short, snackable one-liners, almost as if you tweeting. And this seems to be the trend with cover letters as well. If you can write one-line statements of accomplishments and then leave lots of... Read more


9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

few days a week or completing projects on your own without the supervision of others, it's time to brush up! Some large organizations still have traditional employment expectations, but as IT professionals become harder and harder to find, the trend of working remotely is likely to continue to gain popularity. In conclusion, if you're applying to a new IT position, try to familiarize yourself with recent development trends and make sure your skills are in tip-top shape... Read more


Branding Yourself Online [Infographic]

up followers. Newer entrants to the social network space include Meerkat and Periscope . Live video streaming is predicted to be a hot feature for many users. So, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out on the top trending media to use for branding. Today, much emphasis is placed on personal branding, especially in the online world. Start creating content on your personal website and build distribution by using social networks. Through dedication and hard work, you will... Read more


How to Find Startups that Allow You to Work Remotely

your online profile. There are other online sites that you can visit to search for the best career opportunities for remote work. The proliferation of these online sites is further proof that the business community has become truly global. This trend is expected to continue well into the next 5 to 10 years. With globalization come the challenges of uncertainty, ambiguity and potential volatility. The approach is no longer to find fixed, mechanical solutions but adapt flexibility and mobility strategies... Read more



遍及 50 多國,並擁有全世界最先進的全球威脅情報,能妥善保護您的網世界。如需更多資訊,請至: 。 查看更多工程師履歷範本 延伸閱讀: 【工程師必看】掌握這幾招,輕鬆寫出吸睛履歷! 工程師... Read more



面我們來看看一個例子 : MARKETING EXECUTIVE 15+ years of in-depth involvement in all levels of marketing (skill) , having sound knowledge of marketing strategies and its principles, quick grasp of new technologies and market trends (knowledge), with the ability to formulate strategies, make decisions, and plan with confidence ( traits/personality) . Tips : 這地方可所謂 「門面 」,一定要讓面試官一眼看穿,你的技能... Read more


CakeResume Guide

very effective and eye-catching resume just like a piece of cake. One of the fast thriving and becoming very in demand or common to expert professionals and fresh professionals alike is CakeResume. One of the reasons behind this impressive trend is that this particular web builder enables a person to highlight more of his best assets and skills which will surely encourage your potential employers or other users of the site to hire you and then avail whatever service... Read more


Personal Branding - Why and How?

need to build a personal brand? In order to establish yourself in today’s competitive world, you need attain a stature through packaging and strategizing. This will help you to get more clients and become more popular. People have a tendency to go by the brands these days. So, it is necessary for a person to build up a brand. In order to build a strong personal branding, you need to follow the tips mentioned below: Build Your Own Platform... Read more


10 Reasons Recruiters Do Not Want to Consider Your Resume

may have indicated that you participated in certain projects but when questioned, your responses don’t add up. Your references may even end up not being able to back up your story. Lying on a resume is morally unjustifiable and tends to haunt people as they can be easily exposed at any time. Be as truthful as you possibly can be! 5. Empty Adjectives Most people tend to use certain adjectives to describe themselves. They can be intelligent, successful, and... Read more


5 Content Marketing Tips To Boost Your Personal Brand

tool that helps you plan out your content on a weekly, monthly, or even yearly basis. Basically, it is a place for you to decide what you are going to write, and when you are going to write it. Plans tend to get put into action, and that is exactly the point of an editorial calendar. Tip: Never worry with scheduling contents for your site anymore. Here’s CoSchedule , the perfect application to manage your Content Scheduling! Once you’ve... Read more

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