環境的她,更能在學員講述自己的狀況時,引導學員站在職場上其他人的角度思考。而學員往往在Winnie的引導之下,發現自己所面對的問題,其實並不只有「轉職」一個答案。 Winnie以一名學員的經驗為例,當... Read more



所成長等等。說到底,「轉職」的想法之所以會萌生,其實都源自於「想要更好」的追求。 透過與CakeResume職涯顧問Winnie的訪談與轉職講座,我們收穫了許多關於轉職的不同切入面。轉職不應該是衝動之下的決定,既... Read more



上司做出決定時思考「如果我在他的位置,我會怎麼做」。 「你不喜歡他們的話,我們當然不用變成他們,」 Winnie 提醒求職者:「可是,這不代表我們不能從他身上學到一些技巧。」 2. 工作上的成績 工作上的成績,Winnie... Read more


The Wall of CakeResume

said resume builder as your partner in writing resume. Using this tool will not just give you the opportunity of being included in the wall of CakeResume but will also provide higher possibilities of interviews from desired employers. Being in this latest generation, making sure that we are always doing our best to be ahead among others should be considered. And if we want a job, we should therefore have the best resume to start the journey of winning it.... Read more


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future employer. Getting your task related fear eliminated and beating writer’s block will enable you to get on with the business of landing your dream job. Using CakeResume is like having a resume coach right by your side during the entire process. All of the resources that you have to create in order to get a winning resume are right at your fingertips. Learn more about CakeResume and leverage the power of having a professional made resume, with ease.... Read more

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