The Key Differences between Resume and CV

in a short, concise and clear way which is accessible to the employers. If you have already prepared a CV, you’re done with the difficult part of compiling your work and educational qualifications. Let’s check out the key differences between a resume and CV and how you can consolidate the information you have to transform your CV into a resume. Differences between Resume and CV Length - A CV can be several pages long. A resume should not ideally... Read more



and should be updated frequently. If you want to know how to make a CV, there are many resources on this page. A CV may seem like a drawn out version of your resume, but there are a few key differences that you must follow. What are the major differences between a CV and a resume? The biggest recognizable difference between most CVs and a correctly formatted resume is the length. Amateur resumes are generally limited to one page, two... Read more


Creative Personal Branding - 5 Steps to Build Your Very Own Brand

when it comes to growing your website’s online presence in the most organic way possible. Websites with little to no quality content continue to get buried by resourceful, authoritative websites filled with great content. Content can come in many difference forms - not just articles as many people still think. Some of the various forms of content that can and should be used in personal branding strategy include, but are not limited to Articles and Blog Posts, Whitepapers and eBooks... Read more


How to Find Startups that Allow You to Work Remotely

you head downtown and have your morning brew at your favorite coffee shop. And while you’re there, you can work too. Remote work is similar to freelance work in that you get to choose where you work. The only difference is that with remote work, you work directly with a company and are part of its remote team. Since 2014, more companies particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom have been integrating remote teams in their work... Read more


How to Boost Your CV with Freelance Work

lot faster. Whichever site you choose to use, you need to create a compelling and captivating profile that will sell your services and draw in potential employers. CV writing and profile writing are very similar, but they do have their differences. You’ll want to include solid text that’s straight to the point and a captivating description of yourself as well as your skills. To give you the best shot at securing that first job. Securing your First Job... Read more


9 Critical Mistakes to Avoid When Applying for a Job in IT

time-sensitive technical problems regularly and will need to be able to think on your feet. If your background is in back-end technologies like PHP or Ruby, some common PHP interview questions may include basic things like understanding the difference between GET and POST requests or being able to evaluate the output of a regular expression within a PHP code block. Whiteboard questions are often stressful for developers, but many large organizations like Google and Amazon still use them... Read more


5 Ways to Build an Unstoppable Personal Brand in 2016

is, own that story. Talk about it with reverence, passion, and love. That enthusiasm, that uniqueness—that is what differentiates you and it’s what people are going to notice. Tip: Creating your very own narrative can make all the difference in the success of your personal brand. Here’s How to Create the Story of Your Own Personal Brand ! 3. Tap Your Circle of Colleagues and Friends The old adage about it’s not what you know, but who... Read more


How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College

If you think that you weren’t that much active in college, just focus more on the relevant coursework. Even if you need to do some serious brainstorming, it’s crucial for the success of your resume to create a difference with your educational qualifications. Include a Major Achievements Section Did you work for a student government, organize an event, present at a seminar or conference, volunteer for social services, or write for the newsletter at college? If so, then... Read more


CakeResume Guide

that you’ll easily get a job online through the use of career sites than any other source for job hunting which marks the importance and advantage of having a CakeResume. As soon as your CakeResume is already posted in different websites, it will become visible to many recruiters and employers online which will increase your chances of getting hired in a much better way than mailing your resume to different employers in different companies. Here are the following benefits... Read more


CakeResume for Developers

CakeResume is intended not just to job hunters or freelancers, but also to other enthusiast in different fields including developers. This will be a great opportunity for the developers to introduce not just his/her skills and capabilities but also his/her amazing developed works and projects. Developers are known to be great when it comes to navigating online tools, but not all the things that he/she can do. CakeResume is the best way for a developer to showcase... Read more


Resume That Will Land You a Programming Job

If you want to stand out against the competition, you will need a resume that shows your ability to handle and execute for the job you're applying for. Considering most entry-level developers lack professional experience , it’s important to include information which will allow you to differentiate yourself. Here are some tips to provide the edge you need. Look Beyond Internships Internships can be a great first step in the professional world, but it is possible to get... Read more


How to make a CV? 9 Basic Rules

formulate it clearly. Avoid a statement like “any position” as it won’t give the employer an idea of what you want. Also, do not include mutually exclusive positions, even if you are equally proficient in both. Instead, make several different resumes for each specific position that meets your skills. Yes, you have to spend a little more time, but the result won’t keep itself waiting! Photo by Flazingo Photos, used under CC BY / Desaturated from original List the... Read more


8 Tips to Make Your Resume Stand Out

it stand out. Resumes are living documents Resumes are not meant to be static, unchanging from job opening to job opening. They are living — but no, your curriculum vitae should never walk and talk — documents and should be modified for different job openings. Some skills are more relevant to certain employment opportunities than others. If applying to a veterinarian's office, you may want to include formal experience you've had with animals or experiences demonstrating caring and compassion. Conversely... Read more


Top 6 Resume Mistakes for Recent Graduates

and check whether you need to fix them in your CV? Then read on, as you are about to learn some very specific truth. 6 mistakes not to make on your resume 1. Do not send the same resume to different companies. The principle that one size fits all is not applicable in this case. The companies you are applying for hate to learn that you are not particularly interested in their position but rather want to get any job... Read more


Applying for Internships and Jobs at Startups

varied work, but also greater recognition of your contribution in whatever it is you are tasked with. Learn on the go. Because you are less likely to be pigeonholed into one specific role, you can interact with and learn from different departments, workers, or dig deeper into different aspects of the business on your own. This can prove to be a wonderful education for you going forward because you will have seen things first-hand while they developed, as well... Read more


Secrets of How to Become a Freelance Writer in College

write. That’s what all students are taught to do at school - and that’s what you can turn into a career. Moreover, it’s a very diverse job as you are able to work in various niches and craft different types of texts, starting from articles and ending with ads. So what exactly do you need to do to start working as a freelance writer? 1. Choose a niche or the niches you specialize in. Sure, you are able... Read more


面試技巧 – 自我介紹四招式,讓你完美落地第一問

眾不同,想想看有共同經驗的申請者會說什麼,而你是否能跳脫這個答案提出不樣的見解,try to be different! 幾乎過去經驗都可以適用 STAR 面試法來做解釋,能幫助你清楚表達、也幫他人輕鬆理解,所以請事... Read more


Top 9 Resume Builders

documents such as diplomas, certificates, and qualifications. Resume.io Resume.io helps you write and design a mind blowing, professional and very effective resume hiring managers are looking for. Creddle Creddle is a resume builder that allows you to choose different layouts. It has an organized and professional feel, giving you many options to customize and make your resume unique. These are a few of the top resume builders that you can consider using in order to create the best... Read more


CakeResume for Freelancers

job enthusiast toward achieving their goals in life, which is to become hired and to earn trust from potential employers and customers. Being self-employed does not mean that you do not need to create your resume anymore. CakeResume is different from your usual concept of what resume is. It is made not just to show what you can do to contribute in particular company but also tells more about the stuff you love and just being yourself that makes... Read more


Simple Tips for Creating a First-Class Personal Portfolio

they’re categorized by logos, websites, and banners, whatever. Clearly Say What Work You’re Available For You might be noticing a theme in these tips - make it as easy as possible for the visitor. And this tip is no different: clearly say what work you’re available for to the prospective client. Don’t make them figure out what type of work you do. Clearly say it. Don’t Forget the X Factor – Your Uniqueness This is an extension... Read more

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