那些科技新創教我的事 II「 成長最快的方式,就是直接動手做產品 」- 鄭翔元 (Velodash 工程師)

的時候,篩選到最後剩兩家在抉擇,有一個關鍵因素讓我選擇了 Velodash 而非另一家公司,因為可以使用FlutterFlutter 是能夠跨平台開發的套件,不像以往在 iOS 和 Android 系統下,要用各自的程式語言開發,現在透過Flutter... Read more


Resume That Will Land You a Programming Job

a fresh graduate with no mentionable experience, you should read How to Write a Resume When You’re Just Out of College ! Include Relevant Information Only One of the most common observations by hiring managers is that entry-level developers clutter their resume with unnecessary or unrelated facts. If you are an entry-level developer having trouble filling a one page resume because of not enough experience, it is still better to focus on job-relevant experiences. List one or... Read more


9 Resume Mistakes People Think Cost Them the Job

10 20%? You want to be as specific as possible to showcase your measurable results. So, instead of saying “I increased the sales,” you could say, “I increase the sales by more than 44% in one year.” #4 Avoid the clutter Let’s say this article was a big blog of text with no subheadings, no paragraphs, and no organization, would you want to read it? Probably not. Since hiring managers will only glance at your resume for a few... Read more

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