CakeResume Guide

Table of Contents Introduction Traditional Resume vs. LinkedIn vs. CakeResume vs. Personal Site What makes CakeResume different or very advantageous than the traditional resume, LinkedIn and personal site? Traditional Resume LinkedIn Personal Website CakeResume How to Build a CakeResume? Process of Building a Resume through CakeResume Make a brief introduction of yourself List Your Most Interesting Skills List Your Entire Experiences List Your Works You can also try adding a quote on your CakeResume Aside you professional skills, it is... Read more


CakeResume vs. Resume: The Resume to Land Your Dream Job

professional title. Often it’s what you are trying to add to the world that says it all. And that’s where CakeResume comes to play. Let’s check out how CakeResume helps your profile stand out from a regular resume. Personal Branding Resume is important for people who are seeking jobs. CakeResume is meant not only for jobs but also to showcase what you have done and what you are capable of. It is more like an interactive digital... Read more


履歷和 CV 有什麼不一樣

歐洲、中東、非洲和亞洲偶些國家,企業則會要求求職者使用 CV 而非 Resume。 至於台灣,準備 Resume 就好。除非是打算申請國外工作或學校,如果申請說明中有說要附 CV 再附上即可。 參考文獻 The Balance - Curriculum Vitae (CV) vs. a Resume... Read more

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