Ren-Hao, Yeh

Software Engineer

Developing a stock crawler website uses Django.
The developed mask detector uses Yolo and is ported to Android.
I love solving problems.

  Taiwan    [email protected] (+886)905143016


VR Development Intern

Moldex3d  •  July 2021 - August 2021

Develop VR using Three.js, render Gltf model in VR scene, use Enable3d to grab model and collision detect

Web Intern

Tatung Company  •  July 2020 - August 2020

Develop website using Django, query MS SQL, display data on website, deploy to Azure using Docker


Tatung University

Bachelor of Science of Computer Science and Engineering  •  2017 - 2021

Majored in computer graphics and game programming uses Three.js

Stock Crawler Website

Using Django to develop a stock crawler website, reading time is reduced by 75%

Mask Detection App

The training model uses Yolo, ported to Android, and solved the problem of low performance, increasing FPS 200%

Computer Graphics

Collision Detection, Multiple Viewports
Custom Geometry, Picking with Raycaster
Gooch, Toon, MatCap Shading
Billboard, Perlin Noise

Game Programming

Kinematic Drive & Dynamic Drive
Inverse Kinematic