Rick Garson

Rick Garson is an entertainment industry executive with years of experience. Rick Garson has created, produced, and developed an array of world-renowned entertainment and live events over the course of more than two decades in the industry. As a top-flight Executive Producer, with credits including the creation of the Billboard Music Awards, the Super Bowl TV Specials, Beijing Olympics”Divas in Beijing” and Birds Nest “Attraction” show.

Founder & CEO

11, CN
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Founder & CEO
VX Entertainment, 2016-Present 

VX Entertainment has built the world’s first Virtual Reality, Augment Reality, Hologram, 3D mapping, live streaming, showroom and studio in China. We combine the talents of an all-star team in the virtual entertainment and effects business. We innovate in technology and explore new ways of storytelling and production to be at the cutting-edge of the virtual environment at all times. Making entertainment magic a reality in live environments. 

Chairman & CEO
ZZYX Entertainment, 2008-2015

ZZYX Entertainment is a entertainment brand integration production company that creates and owns television and film programming. Their focus is on live events and brand integration. ZZYX Entertainment believes the next generation of media must deliver content to a full spectrum via traditional broadcast television, Mobile Media, Broadband IPTV, satellite TV and downloadable media - in essence, there are “Four Screens” that consumers connect to: Live Events, Television, Internet, and Wireless.

Garson Entertainment, 1995-2005

Creation of the highly successful NFL Jams and NFL Country CD/Home Video series. Bringing together top NFL Players and Top R&B/Pop/Hip Hop Artist performing duets together.

President & CEO 
Billboard Entertainment, 1989-1993

Developed and produced all media promotions for the Rolling Stones pay-per-view TV Special in association with the Steel Wheels Tours, becoming the first successful pay-per-view music special; Launched and The NFL / Super Bowl Saturday Night on TNT; Packaged and promoted the 10th Anniversary John Lennon TV Special, syndicated and broadcast worldwide; Created an on-going music premium campaign for Entertainment Weekly generating 600,000 new subscriptions in the first year and named “the most successful premium offer” by USA Today.


  • Television
  • Entertainment
  • Video

  • Broadcast
  • Music
  • Sponsorship

Professional Accomplishments

  • A Conspiracy of Hope
  • Super Bowl Television Ads
  • Beijing Olympics "Divas In Beijing"

  • Billboard Music Awards
  • The Steel Wheel Tours

Birds Nest "Attraction" Show

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