Rick Shih

Hard work in Software industry

Taichung City, Taiwan
Email : [email protected]
Phone : 0975757747


        I graduated from the National Formosa University of Science and Technology of Science and Technology, majoring in the Department of Optoelectronics Engineering. During the university, I was exposed to programming language for a short time. During my graduation, I studied html/css at home while waiting for  A notice of military service. I was more curious and wanted to further understand and study. I stumbled upon the course of the Institute for Information Industry when searching for relevant information on the Internet, and received A notice of military service not long after.          

        When I was in the army, I met friends with Computer Science and Information Engineering major, asked a lot of programming language questions, and brought some materials into the camp to read. Not long after I was discharged from the army, I saw the news of the course of the Taichung Institute for Information Industry, and I also signed up for a full-end development class.In this course, I learned and used the front-end html / css / javascript to the back-end php / laravel and the database mySQL, In the course, we have to find team members for actual development. We encountered many problems that were not encountered in the class during the production of the topic, but the engineers had to find a way to solve the problem on their own. Before the training, we completed this topic as scheduled, and The presentation was completed on the day of the training. The entire course gave me more experience in planning, process design and problem solving.

Work Experience

Full-end website development engineer  training course •  Institute for Information Industry

July 2021 - Present

        In this course, I learned many programming languages, from front-end html / css / javascript to back-end php / laravel or database mySQL application, and finally made a project with the team, which greatly improved my programming language ability. There is also a great improvement in teamwork and communication skills. No matter what MVC architecture needs to be used, how to plan the content of the data sheet need to participate in the discussion.


國立虎尾科技大學 (NFU), 學士學位, Department of Electro-Optical Engineering

2016 - 2020

Personality and interest

        I like to make friends. As long as I can talk to or who I am interested in, I will develop topics and develop relationships with each other. In my spare time, I will search for things I am interested in recently to try. I like to go jogging to school alone at night, during jogging. You can release all the stress, just focus on jogging. 

        On holidays, I like to go to the theater to watch the movie, enjoy the sensory stimulation of the big screen, or travel around Taiwan with my family, eat all over the food, and go deep into the culture of each place.


  • word + powerpoint + excel
  • HTML / CSS
  • Bootstrap
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • PHP
  • Laravel Framework
  • MySQL


  • Chinese — Native Language
  • English — Elementary 
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