With creativity, integrity and adventure. Never falter in the face of adversity and non-linear thinking.

Help partner and company themselves gain achievements is helping me gain achievements.

Favorite Exercise
Basketball, Jogging 

˙Having 17 years of strong hands-on Java development experience.
˙Extensive domain know-how in developing sports websites.
˙Having profound full life cycle experience in building projects/ teams and exceptional problem-solving abilities.
˙Outstanding ability to achieve projects successfully to help a company make a huge profit.
˙Excellent leadership to motivate members and create self-achievement.
˙Outstanding ability to develop creative solutions for complex problems.
˙Web development: J2EE, JavaScript
˙Solid understanding of Tomcat servers.
˙Experience with PL/SQL and AJAX services.

Key skills
Used on Project : Spring Boot,  MyBatis, Redis, Kafka, ELK, jQuery 

˙Low Latency
1. Set cache in application level service, respond data from cache to clients. Filter duplicate requests in application level service and forward to actual service level(like data-api service) service. Actual service level send data to storage level (e.g. DB, Kafka, Redis) after completing the process. Synchronize data between the cache in application level service and storage level service.
2. Setup middle level server by Socket(e.g. use TCP framework) between application service and actual service, and respond to client via AsyncResponse.  

˙Production running environment

Oracle, MySql, PostgrelSQL

Maven, Git, Svn, Ant

Intellij, Eclipse

SCJP (Sun Certified Programmer for Java 4)

  Taipei City, Taiwan


Sports Exchange/Book

Sports : Cricket/Soccer/Tennis
Game category : Exchange, SportsBook, FancyBet, BookMaker, Casino, BPoker, Binary
Concurrent users : 150K+
Target market area : India

Cock Fighting Book

Sports : Cock Fighting
Concurrent users : 10K+
Target market area : Vietnam

Asia Exchange

First Asian Bet Exchange Online System offering thousands of players to bet. 

Electric credit and loan system

Online system in Credit Investigation and Loan for Taiwan Business Bank.


2021.04 ~ now

Cryptocurrency industry

BTSE - Team lead ( Now )

B2B solution. 

90% hands-on coding.

Coaching team members.

Project experience: 
1. Integrate Singapore Singpass to have qualifications for applying cryptocurrency license.

2. Innovate members-agent group system.

3. Build AddressBook approval system.

4. Innovate withdraw procedure by phone and PinCode.

Cryptocurrency industry

ACE Exchange - Assistant Manager

Duty : -

 Handle whole exchange system and revelant services.

- Make OKR(Objectives and Key Results) of Department with CEO.

- Solution resolve

2020.04 - 2021.02

Assistant Manager


NEUTEC is a flat organization. In order to reach the market and be flexible in response. Build BU by product/project.

I'm the first Team Lead to be promoted to Assistant Manager. Duty to handle all technical decisions and architecture for products in BU. Also, to manage all developers in BU.

Assistant Manager is like VP Level of other companies in NEUTEC. No higher position can be promoted from Assistant Manager.

- Head of BU engineers

- Make OKR(Objectives and Key Results) of BU with GM

- Requirements management

- Coaching team lead

- Handle technical architecture

- Solution resolve.

- 20%~80% hands-on coding

- Code review

Two own products

1. Cricket

Concurrent Online Users : 150k+

Market Area : India

2. Cock fighting

Concurrent Online Users : 10k+

Market Area : Vietnam

2015.10 - 2020.03

Team Lead and Project Manager


NEUTEC is a flat organization that make flexible response to the market. In this fast growing stage of the company, Team Lead is also a project/product owner. GM usually like to do decision making directly with the team lead.

Number of team members : 10+

- Head of Project engineers

- Project planning with GM.

- Requirements management

- Handle technical architecture

- Solution resolve

- 30%~100% hands-on coding

- Code review

Own two projects

1. Cricket

Concurrent Online Users : 100k+

Market Area : India

2. Cock Fighting

Concurrent Online Users : 10k+

Market Area : Vietnam

2014.11 - 2015.10

Senior Software Engineer


1. Horse Racing Book

2. Matching system

3. Australia horse racing project

2009.12 - 2013.12

Software Engineer

Beyond Global

First Asian Bet Exchange Online System offers thousands of players to bet.

Site : Player/Agent/OP/Trading
Contribution :
Distribute the process of mass transaction, and handle data transport frequently between server and client. 
Make clients great experience of real-time transaction response to attract new clients and increase income for company. 

Duties : 1.Transaction Module 2. Bill System 3. Account Tax&Commission architecture.

Major issue fixed : DWR failed to read input.
Platform : Unix.
Skill Use : JAVA, JSP, JavaScript, Oracle PL/SQL, Spring MVC, DWR, JQuery.
Web Server : Tomcat.
DB : Oracle

2009.07 - 2009.11

Software Engineer


Top 1 Semiconductor Foundry in the world.

Contribution : Enhance Flex input function on Web.

Duties : Develop Detection and Collection System.
Platform : Windows.
Skill Use : Flex JAVA JSP Struts.
Web Server : Tomcat.
DB : Oracle

2008.06 - 2009.07

Technical Consultant

MDCL Frontline

Contribution : Cooperate with engineers of Taiwan Mobile to enhance and maintain the MicroPayment system.

Duties : Develop MicroPayment System.
Skill Use : WML, JAVA, JSP, STRUTS, IBatis, Spring, AJAX.
Web Server : BEA WebLogic
DB : Oracle

2006.05 - 2008.06

Programmer Leader


Contribution : 
For Taiwan Business Bank to develop an online credit investigation and loading system. Increase work efficiency of credit/load operation.
Task arrangement and technical training for programmers. Requirements gathering, demonstrating system, customer training.

Project Name : Electric credit and loan system.
Duties : SD & PG Leader & PG & SA & DBA & Trouble shooting.
Web Server : IBM WAS.
DB : DB2.
Produced Document : SRS, SDS, System stress report document.

2005.01 - 2006.03



Contribution :
Develop Knowledge Management System. Involved in demonstrating system and customer training.

Military Intelligence Agency, automatically gathers and classify military information system.
Duties : customize.
Position : PG Leader.
Skill Use : JAVA, JSP, VB.
Web Server : Tomcat.

CDC, Automatically grab and retrieve disease information system.
Duties : customize.
Position : PG Leader.
Skill Use : JAVA, JSP, VB.
Web Server : Tomcat.

Hibank, Knowledge management system.
Duties : customize.
Skill Use : JSP.
Web Server : Tomcat.

IEK, Knowledge management system
Duties : customize.
Skill Use : JAVA, JSP, VB.
Web Server : Tomcat.



1999 - 2003

Chung Hua University

Information Management



  • JAVA
  • javascript/jquery
  • Linux

  • Chinese — 專業
  • English — 中階
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