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Robert Bensh is an energy executive and managing Partner of Bensh Energy Advisors with over 20 years of experience as a chairman and chief executive. Internationally, Robert primarily focuses on the industry in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, South America, and the mid-continent U.S. Bensh Energy Advisors advises government and national oil companies, major and independent commercial oil companies, LNG producers and trading houses, petrochemical producers, renewable energy companies, oilfield service firms, private equity investors and sovereign wealth funds as they seek to compete in a dynamic industry.

Originally from New York and now based in Houston Texas, Robert has hard worked to develop partnerships all across the globe. As a leading international energy executive, Robert has worked with nearly a dozen big name corporations. He's helped them refine and further develop their oil and gas businesses. Each of his roles has seen him boot these companies' growth, revenue, and production. His experience doesn't stop there-- he has also worked in building funds, capital, and acquisitions.

Robert Bensh originally received a Bachelors of Science degree from Arizona State University in Political Science and History. He believes that this education provided him an excellent foundation on which to build a career in a challenging and ever-changing industry. Later, he returned to Arizona State University to start studying toward a Master of Arts degree in Global Security. The program enabled him to further his skills in enabling strategic and innovative thinking, developing analytics, supporting interdisciplinary engagement. Robert also graduated from the University of Toronto as part of the Directors Education Program with the Institute of Corporate Directors, a program developed to for board directors to refined their corporate governance skills. 

Although he isn't a politician, Robert Bensh is known for his excellent understanding of his industry and how it relates to political events. He has been included in several discussions on policy as it relates to energy, both in the United States and abroad. Today he is a sough-after advisor. Many groups have asked him to advise on the market, including a television group in Ukraine. Thanks to his strong track record, excellent career, and extensive travels, Robert is a strong voice within the industry that many admire and trust.

Interested in staying up-to-date on all the happenings in the oil and gas industry around the world? Visit Robert Bensh's blogs or find him on social media for his commentary! Check out RobertBensh.info for more.

Robert Bensh's Skills


Robert Bensh has extensive knowledge pertaining to the Oil & Gas Industry. His skills have helped to develop several industry businesses.


Robert has a particular passion for Global Security as it relates to both the energy and political industries. He proudly advocates on the topic regularly.


Bensh is well-versed in subjects related to Ukraine and its current political and industrial climates due to his professional experience within the country.

Robert Bensh's Experience

Senior Managing Partner, Mar 2012 - Present

Pelicourt, LLC: Houston, TX and Kiev, Ukraine.

Managing Shareholder, Aug 2014 - Present

Leadville Resources: Kiev, Ukraine and London, England

Management Committee Member, Mar 2008 - Feb 2016

Gastek/Kub Gas


Arizona State University, Master of Arts (MA), Global Security, 2013 - 2017

Robert Bensh earned his MA in Global Security from Arizona State University.

University of Toronto - Rotman School of Management, 2013 - 2014

Robert Bensh participated in the Directors Education Program through the University of Toronto.

Arizona State University

Robert Bensh earned his B.S. in Political Science from Arizona State University.

Bensh Energy Advisors

Bensh Energy Advisors is a leading energy advisory firm that provides a deep understanding of the global LNG market. They offer a wide range of services to the investment community and financial institutions. Bensh Energy advises various oil and gas companies, including major and independent oil companies, commercial and industrial firms, and LNG producers, on how to maintain their competitive advantage.

Projects on Behance

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