Robert Bensh

Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer  •  Houston, TX US  •  robertbensh.net

Robert Bensh is an energy executive with over 20 years of experience as a chairman and chief executive. Internationally, Robert primarily focuses on the industry in Ukraine, Eastern Europe, South America, and the mid-continent U.S.



Robert Bensh has extensive knowledge pertaining to the Oil & Gas Industry. His skills have helped to develop several industry businesses.


Robert has a particular passion for Global Security as it relates to both the energy and political industries. He proudly advocates on the topic regularly.


Bensh is well-versed in subjects related to Ukraine and its current political and industrial climates due to his professional experience within the country.


Senior Managing Partner, Mar 2012 - Present

Pelicourt, LLC: Houston, TX and Kiev, Ukraine.

Managing Shareholder, Aug 2014 - Present

Leadville Resources: Kiev, Ukraine and London, England

Management Committee Member, Mar 2008 - Feb 2016

Gastek/Kub Gas

Blog Posts

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The Future of Oil: Where It's Headed

Industry executive Robert Bensh maps out a few of the biggest trends likely to affect the oil industry in the near future.

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Global Energy Resource Strategy

Robert Bensh explains why a Global Energy Resource Strategy is critical for the future.

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