Robin Choi
Web Developer

I am a Web Developer who utilizes Javascript libraries such as AngularJS and ReactJS to develop and maintain websites. Confident in learning new technologies to improve and grow as a developer.  Constantly thinking of web apps that will be a solution to real-life problems.  Previously, I managed a restaurant to become one of the best Korean restaurants in the greater Seattle area.

[email protected]   •   206-696-0799   •   Seattle, WA
Experience                                                                                                                    Skills
Latchel, Dec 2016 - Feb 2017
Front-End Engineer - 2-month Contractor 
• Rebuilt a pricing calculator based on the number of units managed and price per unit 
• Eliminated a monthly expense from a 3rd party calculator by building an in-house calculator
Stone Korean Restaurant, Dec 2011 - Jun 2015
Manager / Server
• Increased sales by 30% by restructuring item prices based on popularity 
• Partnered with a delivery service company to increase lunch sales by 40% 
• Responded to customer complaints by altering order to meet their needs

Web Design - HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, jQuery, AJAX, AngularJS, ReactJS

DataBase Systems - MySQL, PostgreSQL, ActiveRecord, mongoDB

Version Control - Git workflow in agile development (Kanban)

Test Driven Development (TDD) - RSpec, Cabybara, Jasmine

MVC Frameworks - Ruby on Rails, Django, Sinatra

Languages - Ruby, Javascript, Python

Golf Skins, Jan 2017 - Feb 2017
I built this web application that is mobile friendly because I go golfing a lot with my friends and we get confused on who owes who at the end of the round. By using Angular 1.x, HTML5, CSS3, and Bootstrap, I created a quick and easy way to keep track of friendly golf wagers with your friends! Enter all the skins, pars, birdies, and more into the fields and it will calculate who owes who in real time. No more staring at the scorecard trying to do all the math in your head.
Shop n Stop, Apr 2016 - Jun 2016
Shop n Go is an e-commerce website I created for buying products using the Stripe API. I have implemented Elasticsearch to help you find your items as well as a category section to help narrow down your search. Primarily built with node.js, express.js, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery connected to mongoDB database.
PickUp, Nov 2015
My group and I built a web application to connect people by playing sports. From one-on-one to groups activities, PickUp finds events nearby based on your location using the Google Maps API. Primarily built using Ruby on Rails and Javascript with PostgreSQL on the backend. jQuery and AJAX was used to make the site dynamic and interactive.  
Flapper News, Oct 2015
Flapper News is a single page application my friend and I created to post interesting articles we find around the internet. The main purpose of this project was to learn AngularJs and the basic fundamentals to build powerful front-end applications. We learned more about directives, two-way data binding, controllers and much more. 
Education                                                                                                                       Achievements

Dev Bootcamp, Full-Stack Web Development, Jul 2015 - Dec 2015

• 1000+ hours in an intensive 19-week curriculum focused on building web applications with JavaScript, Ruby on Rails, jQuery, SQL, HTML and CSS 
• Collaborated daily by pair-programming to help each other understand concepts 
• Maximized productivity in teams with agile methodologies 
• Implemented giving and receiving actionable, specific, and kind 360-degree feedback to improve weaknesses and pad our strengths
Metro Parks Tacoma Hackathon - April 2017
We prototyped an app that allows users to check-in to local parks. After a number amount of check-ins, you unlock a badge to redeem a discount code or coupon to local community events. Built with React, Redux, HTML, SCSS.
Hack the Dot Seattle (1st place) - Dec 2016 
We created a funny functional website based on the domain name at a 2 hour Hackathon. The website features a button to randomize and display a funny holiday tip along with a picture. Built with HTML/CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. 
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