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Rubin Spann, Global Marketing Expert

Rubin Spann is a Global Marketing Expert. His experience spans over 5,475 days (15+ years), and he specializes in managing the process on how medical device, pharmaceutical, and healthcare technology companies move closer to their customers through “the brand diplomacy process."

Throughout his career, Rubin has proven himself time and time again to be a forward & innovative thinker and an exceptional executioner of both strategy and tactics to meet top-line revenue corporate objectives.

Rubin Spann is the founder & head of Global Marketing Squared, a boutique branding & product launch firm for the healthcare sector, helping companies keep the promise to their customers by understanding their unique wants and needs.

Global Marketing Expert
Chicago, Illinois, US
[email protected]


Vice President of Global Marketing - Global Marketing Squared


Global Marketing Squared (GMS²) is a boutique global healthcare product launch and branding firm. Currently, Rubin Spann leads the strategic partnership with a cutting-edge dental start-up to commercialize a new, proprietary in-office/hospital diagnostic technology across US, Europe, and Asia. Deliverables from Rubin include developing and spearheading a go-to-market strategy plan, annual marketing plan, 5-year strategic growth plan, product positioning, communications platform, sales force training materials, a seven-year product portfolio roadmap for the organization and all areas of launch preparation.

Director of Global Strategic Marketing, Wound Care Hospital Capital Products - Acelity

At Acelity, Rubin Spann was responsible for all areas of global strategic marketing for a $500M hospital based portfolio (Negative Pressure Wound Therapy) including: Capital, Consumables and Biologic products. Rubin was also responsible for global life-cycle management, pricing, VOC, go-to-market strategy and global brand, and product positioning.

Global Group Director of Marketing, Orthopedic Capital and Consumable Products - CONMED Corporation

At CONMED Corporation, Rubin Spann partnered with the executive leadership of a medical device company, spearheading transformation and trailblazing global, customer-centric marketing strategy, driving revenue growth and profitability for the multimillion-dollar Orthopedics division. Rubin Spann revamped product portfolio and directed cross-functional efforts in innovating, launching and promoting new products in multiple countries. Rubin also built, led, and energized global, high performing marketing team, in addition to managing global marketing P&L.

Director of Global Marketing, Dental Prosthetics And Software Technology - BIOMET 3i

Rubin Spann defined global marketing vision, strategy and messaging for penetrating the Digital Dentistry market. Rubin also produced, managed and measured all areas of global commercial marketing (B2B and B2C), customizing strategies and tactics to maximize success in different regions. At BIOMET 3i, Rubin Spann built and led a world-class marketing organization distributed across North America, Asia, Australia, Europe and Africa/Middle East.

Head of Global Commercial Marketing - Digital Dentistry & Software Technology, Straumann Dental


Introduced world-class marketing practices, including branding, product positioning and effective launches to enable this Swiss-based dental solutions company, which had primarily focused on product development, to accelerate top-line revenue growth. Served as key change agent, establishing marketing infrastructure, processes, best practices and KPIs/metrics, as well as crafting integrated, multichannel marketing strategies that maximized market share and growth among Dentists and Dental Technician channels. 

Managed global marketing budget, as well as built, led and coached team of regional marketing managers across North America, Asia, Australia, Europe, Africa/Middle East and other emerging markets.

Director, Client Services - Pharmaceutical Rx Brands, Omnicom Global Group


Crafted, in close collaboration with clients, integrated, global and national marketing, product management and market education initiatives targeting consumer, physician and retail/pharmacy channels that fostered robust growth and market share for global advertising and marketing communications company. Acquired new Rx clients, as well as strengthened existing client relationships, continually identifying incremental revenue opportunities. Clients/products: Novo Nordisk (insulin portfolio), Novartis (oral hypertensive medication), and GlaxoSmithKline (weight loss management).

Global Brand Manager, Novartis Ophthalmic (formerly Alcon Labs.) 


Engineered and executed international Ophthalmology company’s first-ever, fully integrated marketing program, comprised of direct-to-consumer, direct-to-physician and direct-to-patient elements, which ignited growth for the $250M glaucoma product portfolio. Orchestrated and synergized the activities of internal stakeholders (sales, marketing, R&D, legal and regulatory compliance) and external parties (agencies) to bring marketing and product development initiatives to life.

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Global Marketing Expert, Rubin Spann, talks about his 5,475 days, the importance of keeping your brand promise, and why he isn't even close to slowing down.

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Rubin Spann breaks down the ‘secret’ behind why Global Marketing teams fail and why understanding the importance of brand diplomacy, a concept that Global Marketing Squared lives by, can change the customer and patient experience so much.

Rubin Spann Breaks Down Brand Diplomacy

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Increasing Patient Loyalty in the Healthcare Industry 

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Rubin Spann currently resides in Memphis, Tennessee.