Tsung-Ju Tsai (Rufus Tsai)

Project Manager  /   Taipei,TW

  • Currently working as a PM in Access Taiwan Lab.
  • Cooperatively leading Shonen-Jump-plus app project with Japan team.
  • Side project : Refactoring Taiwan Fish Database for NGO TOCFS foundation.
  • A 5 years experienced web engineer and 2 years Windows software engineer. Mainly code PHP on MVC frameworks. Also familiar with HTML/CSS/JS.
  • Rich Linux knowledge. Wrote several shell-script tools for work efficiency.
  • Familiar with AWS services: EC2, CloudFormation, API Gateway + Lambda and etc. 
  • Self-demanding of Devops and automation. Using docker for fast building and deploying environment. 


Coding Language

PHP, HTML/CSS, JavaScript, Python, Shell Script



(EC2, CloudFormation, Lambda, S3)

Linux, Docker, CakePHP, Laravel, PostgreSQL, MySQL

Spoken Languages

English (TOEIC 750, 2005/10), Japanese (JLPL N1, 2018/07)

Work Experience

Access Taiwan Lab, Project Manager, Dec 2020 ~ Current

Develops IoT, Embedded Browser, App software products.
  • Cooperatively leading Shonen-Jump-plus app project with Japan team.
  • Leading a 10 members team including iOS, Android, backend and Website frontend.
  • Controlling project schedule, resources, budget and cost.
  • Co-work with companies in Japan by projects.

(Side job) TOCFS foundation , Technology Consultant, Jul 2020 ~ Current

A NGO foundation works on ocean conservation and fish sustainability.
  • Side project : Refactoring Taiwan Fish Database for NGO TOCFS foundation.
  • Provides and executes system security solutions. Such as dealing with firewall and ssh defense settings.
  • Checks Linux system problems and provides solutions for each project.
  • Builds testing and develop environment architecture.

Novelworks (OSAKA, JAPAN), Senior Engineer, Jun 2019 ~ Jan 2020

Provides cloud solution, kintone partner service. (kintone is a CRM SaaS similar to Salesforce).
  • Developed kintone-based products: Let's Tone - a little RPG game for increasing everyone's contribution in kintone. (By JavaScript)
  • Managed projects, maintained other products. Wrote shell-script for integrating git repositories.
  • In-house technical consultant: provided Oauth flow solution, in-house education courses for git flow and docker usage, and security response of blocking foreign system attack.
  • Upgraded and updated System environment : upgraded old system for new Wordpress version, SSL certificate updated, and extended swap space.
  • Conducted and hosted two promotion seminars in Taiwan.
Quit reason: Did jobs that beyond an engineer's responsibility. From customer service call to conducting whole seminar.


Cookbiz (OSAKA, JAPAN), Backend Engineer, Jun 2018 ~ May 2019

A publicly traded company provides talent platform (https://cookbiz.jp/) and recruiting related services for catering industry.
  • Direct plus: A direct contact service and dashboard for companies. Responsible for environment building, job posting and flow management page, and in-house management function.
  • Depended on product, developed among different PHP framework: CakePHP, Yii, Cookbiz-Framework.
  • Joined Infra-team. Responsible for AWS CloudWatch monitoring, creating docker environment, and used CloudFormation for system update.
  • Wrote shell-script for searching and replacing words, test command integration, and i18n translation words mapping tool.
  • Simulated TDD: wrote each code with unit-test code. 
  • Scrum style management: daily scrum, once two weeks sprint, weekly review, and two weeks retrospective.
  • Complete Git flow version control.
Quit reason: The company was downsizing and outsourcing develop team. 


Radical-Opti (OSAKA, JAPAN), Engineer, Jul 2015 ~ Apr 2018

Provides EC-CUBE platform based customization, solution provider.
  • Run the floor: leaded project and partly developed.
  • Self-completed projects: iDA recruiting (recruiting web service), Wakasa cross-domain api (Jsonp)
  • Team work projects: Kokuyo, Sodastream e-commerce sites. Customized EC-Cube web module with designers and frondend engineers.
  • Built Linux environments for development and production.
  • Created shell-script for routine keyword search.


EasyUse Digital Technology Project Engineer , May 2012 ~ Oct 2014

Provides e-bill and e-flyer sending integration system and customization.
  • Based on project, customized electric-bill system and bill-layout for bank and insurance companies.
  • Developed window services, scheduled tasks, web pages with C#, ASP.NET.
  • Provided on-call service to install system and fix problems in person. 
  • Project evaluation, customized function design.



Virginia Commonwealth University, Master of Science (MS), Global Marketing, 2009 ~ 2011

・President of Taiwanese Student Association at VCU from 2009 ~ 2010

・One year Computer Science program from 2008 ~ 2009


Tamkang University, Bachelor’s Degree, Information Management, 2002 ~ 2006

・Class Leader from 2002 ~ 2003



Readings 00 00@2x

Run The Floor

(2017/11 ~ 2018/01)

It is a RWD e-commerce website for Japan Basketball-league products. Was responsible for lead, infrastructure design, backend development, test, and deployment. Average ¥500,000 revenue per month after released. 1.5 times of revenue when events were held.

Readings 00 01@2x

After-sales fix Application

(2019/11/11 ~ 2019/11/29)

A Serverless computing service which is activated by AWS S3 web page calls a AWS Lambda function to react with kintone api. To fast creating fix requirement forms and customer data in kintone records. Was completed alone.

Readings 00 00@2x

Unnamed project

(2020/04/05 ~ current)

An ongoing e-commerce project which is prototyped by EC-Cube module. Design, built, and developed alone.

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