Alice Chen / RuoPing Chen / 陳若平

I have three years of UIUX work experience. Through formulating design styles, designing all elements, user experience, and team discussions. I enhance projects UI, UX and improve many projects I have handled, including multiple versions of Web, App, Desktop, and Windows.

  Taiwan Province, Taiwan


2022 Career Portfolio:
2016 :  


email   :  [email protected]

Work Experience

六月 2019 - Present

UIUX Designer

BXB Electronics co. ltd

•Mainly cooperate with Frontend Developers, work responsible for most new products projects UIUX of the company.
•Some products have Desktop, App, and Windows version programs to cooperate with back-end engineers.
•Create a new icons system for all projects.
•Create a style guide and design guidelines.
•All graphics use for the system.
•Create and maintain system consistency.
•Animation for parts of graphics.
•Improve the complex operating system design into an intuitive operation design.
•Improve the company's unfriendly user experience.


2018 - 2019

Technische Hochschule Brandenburg

Exchange Student, Informatik und Medien

2016 - 2019

National Yunlin University of Science & Technology

Master's Degree, Industrial Design

2012 - 2016

Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology

Bachelor's Degree, Creative Product Design.




  • Style Guide
  • System Components Guideline
  • Sketch Symbols
  • Consistency of icons
  • Improve User Experience
  • Communicate with Frontend Developers

  • Illustrator
  • Photoshop
  • After Effects
  • Sketch
  • Zeplin
  • Figma
  • LottieFiles

  • Chinese 
  • English — TOEIC 770, IELTS 5.5


VDM Video Wall System

You can use your TV wall intuitively. Make UIUX in a visual way, users can get started quickly.
Official Introduction
My Portfolio_VDM

Digital Signage Schedule

Create your own digital Signage and schedule it. Including a graphic editor and schedule setting UIUX.
My Portfolio_MT3
Exhibition video

Streaming Media Processor

UIUX of Recording and Streaming. You can operate your multiple customs settings for users.
My Portfolio_732

Earthquake Warning App

Except for the logo, Improve this App into a new UI, UX, GUI. Now only update the Android version.
Official Introduction
My Portfolio_Earthquake Warning

Weather Forecast

This series of graphics makes for our weather forecast system.

MT2 + Multimedia Scheduler Diagram

MT2 Plus is an updated MT2 version. Create a new clear and easy learning to schedule UI for users.
My Portfolio MT2PLUS

VDM Video Wall System V.2

You can use your TV wall intuitively. Make UIUX in a visual way, users can get started quickly.
My Portfolio VDM4051

Control System

ECS is a design solution for controlling all types of equipment.


2015 Mobileheros Smart City Application Service Design Competition

Corporate Award

2016 13th YSED Competition, Industrial Design

Honorable Mention Award

2016 13th YSED Competition, Software Application Design

Quality Award

2016 13th LEXUS Award

Special Award

2016 Let The Dream Fly School Creative Competition

Third Award

2016 National Creative Competition, Creativity in Taichung

Gold Award



An Investigation of User Experience of VoiceOver with Mobile Phone


An Investigation of User Experience Models for Mobile Assistive Technology Interaction: A Case Study of VoiceOver

Paper Award

2018.05 Chinese Institute of Design
An Investigation of User Experience of VoiceOver with Mobile Phone.

Outstanding Paper

Thanks for,
Who accompany me through. At first job, all colleagues of the RD2 department create a nice work environment. We are learning and challenge new stuff together.— By Alice 

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