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Education 學歷



Via University (Aarhus, Denmark)

Teacher Education - Exchange

Skill 技能

Toeic 700+  Word  Excel  PowerPoint Google analytic certifications   

ERP Implementation Project Management   丙級電腦軟體應用技術士   

Work Experience 工作經歷



四月 2021 - 五月 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

實習生- 2個月
1. 協助國外客戶的書信翻譯及文件。
2. 協助相關文書事宜(報價單、出貨單銷貨單製作)
3. 協助文件彙整


cupoti 沏禾舞茶_沏禾舞茶餐飲


五月 2020 - 五月 2021
Taipei, Taiwan

1. 進行咖啡及其他飲料之調製。
2. 行銷企劃發想。
3. 帶領新人製作學習熟悉環境。
4. 定期盤點剩下的飲料與食材。
5. 負責清洗酒杯、餐具、吧台設備以及周遭工作環境。
6. 負責結帳與收銀,並整理現金收據。


Scoop's ice cream shop

七月 2019 - 九月 2019
Taipei, Taiwan

1. Prepare ice products and other beverages.
2. Regularly check the remaining drinks and ingredients.
3. Responsible for receipt and checkout.
4. Communicate and assist guests.


Moose Tooth Grill

七月 2019 - 九月 2019
Taipei, Taiwan

1. Responds to guest inquiries and requests.
2. Answer phone calls and manage the seating chart.
3. Doing some side work


Adirondack Pub & Brewery

七月 2019 - 九月 2019
Taipei, Taiwan

1. Responds to guest inquiries and requests.
2. Answer phone calls and manage the seating chart.
3. Doing some side work


著。シンプル 文藝良品

十月 2018 - 二月 2019
Taipei, Taiwan




六月 2018 - 十二月 2018
Taipei, Taiwan

1. 指導學生作業
2. 協助學生練習

Autobiography 自傳

嗨!我是陳薇如,活潑外向、樂於接受挑戰、勇於突破自我的女大學畢業於朝陽科技大學應用外語系,系所專注與教學與商務上的英文應用技巧。我的畢業專題也把大學所學的技巧運用得淋漓盡致,主題 '' Gap Year '' 拿下了全國英語教學暨商務管理學生專題競賽的第二名。

校園社團經驗豐富,大學間我不只參與過學生會實習生也擔任了系學會的公關長,在學生會中與其他夥伴們舉辦發想許多全校性活動,在系學會中負責跨系所溝通交流,構想與執行企劃,這些經歷使我具備高執行力、高協調溝通能力,還有最重要的團隊合作能力!除了豐富的校園生活,我也利用課餘時間去探索世界,熱愛冒險與突破的我在大二暑假那年選擇一人到美國紐約Work and Travel ,在文化衝擊與不熟悉種種因素下,也培養出我更高的抗壓性與危機處理能力。

大三我申請到丹麥 VIA University (Aarus campus) 交換,主修Teacher Eduacation ,深刻的體悟到歐洲教育與台灣的差別,講求實際操作的教育體制,短短的時間也提升了我的執行能力與自律性,雖然因為疫情終止了交換計畫但依然受益良多。綜合以上經驗,相較於他人,我具有企劃力、溝通力、執行力、高抗壓性,以及領導能力,更能跨領域及有效率的協助團隊執行任務!

Hi! I am Fiona, a positive and outgoing girl, who is willing to accept challenges and dare to break through herself! I graduated from the Department of Applied English of Chaoyang University of Science and Technology. The department focuses on teaching and business English application skills. My graduation project also used those skills perfectly. The theme " Gap Year '' won second place in the national English teaching and business management student competition.

 I have rich experience in campus clubs. I have not only been an intern in the student association of Chaoyang but served as the public relations director of the student association of the department. I organized many schoolwide activities in the student council with other partners. I was responsible for cross-departmental communication and creative ideas in the department. These experiences have enabled me to have high execution ability, high coordination and communication skills, and the most important is teamwork ability! In addition to the rich campus life, I also use my spare time to explore the world. I love adventure. In the summer of my sophomore year, I chose to go to New York for work and travel by myself. Under the influence of cultural shock and unfamiliar factors, I have also cultivated my higher stress resistance and crisis management ability. 

In my junior year, I applied for an exchange at VIA University (Aarhus Campus) in Denmark, majoring in Teacher Education. I deeply realized the difference between European education and Taiwan. Denmark's practical education system has also improved my execution ability and self-discipline in a short time. Although the exchange program was interrupted because of the epidemic, it still benefited a lot. According to the above experience, I have planning, communication, execution ability, high-pressure resistance, and leadership skills. I am more able to assist the team with carrying out tasks on a cross-field and perform efficiently!

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