Ryan Lai  賴冠宇

+886 919-873-159
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  New Taipei City, Taiwan
         Hsinchu City, Taiwan

Back-end  |  Full-stack  Web Developer

  • Equipped with web development, communication, and business analytical skills.
    具備技能:(1) 網站全端開發、(2) 合作溝通、(3) 商業和財務分析
  • Making a career change to the software sector and currently seeking a position as a junior back-end engineer.
  • Seeking a sense of achievement by building products.

At first, as a financial analyst, I cultivated an interest in coding by learning R language and estimated that COVID-19 will accelerate future growth of internet sectors and change other existing sectors permanently.


Tech Skills 


  • Node.js / Express / Handlebars
  • MVC Framework
  • RESTful API
  • Third-party APIs  串接第三方 API
  • Object-oriented Programming
  • Functional Programming(Ramda.js)

Database  |  Deployment

  • MySQL (Sequelize)
  • MongoDB (mongoose)
  • ERD Design  資料關聯圖
  • Heroku

Front-end  |  Other Tools

  • JavaScript (ES6+)
  • HTML 5 / CSS 3
  • Bootstrap / RWD / Axios
  • Highcharts (Data visualization)
  • Git / GitHub

Business Skills


  • Top-down analyze industries and business models in the domestic and foreign markets. 總體至個體,分析產業結構和商模
  • Analyze corporate financial risk with a data-driven mindset.
  • Build foreign investment forecasting.  建立國外投資案財務預測

Sales  |  Communication

  • Drive cross-functional collaboration.
  • Negotiate with clients for mutual benefit.
  • Cold call and sales pitch.  陌生業務開發和拜訪

Side Project & Tech Blog

E-commerce Platform | Multi-Payment Gateway

Tech Blog | Medium  技術部落格


Full-stack Development Program  •  AlPHA Camp  |  Coding Bootcamp  •  2020/08 - 2021/03


Financial Management Analyst

MOMO (Fubon momo.com Inc.  Stock Symbol: 8454.TW)  |  E-commerce  •  2018/11 - 2020/05

  • Integrated data from multiple departments to build foreign investment forecasting.
    Analyzed multiple companies for potential collaboration and investment and identified business risk by reorganizing and reinterpreting financial and operational data.
  • Analyzed competitive strategies of 3 rival companies in the retail market to track potential competitors.
    Monitored 2 foreign subsidiary companies in Thailand and China for post-investment management.
  • Analyzed marketing strategies of 4 e-payments and 6 credit cards for new payment tool assessment.

Relationship Manager (Business Development & Sales)

TWFIN Platform (TW SME Counseling Foundation)  |  Fintech  •  2018/01 - 2018/10

  • Collaborated with business consultants in building 3 product lines, including providing financial and management consulting services for start-ups and small and medium enterprises. 
  • Implemented cooperative marketing with TAITRA (Taiwan External Trade Development Council 外貿協會).

Sales Specialist

Chailease Finance Co., Ltd. (Stock Symbol: 5871.TW)  |  Corporate Financing  •  2014/08 - 2017/06

  • Collaborated with multiple departments, including legal, risk management, operation, and more.
    Negotiated with clients, CFOs and other professional managers, for mutual benefit.
  • Provided custom financing solutions across 8 industries, including food, biotech, maternal and child, manufacturing, and others.
  • Cold-called and visited 6 jumbo companies per week on average. 
    Acquired brand new clients, accounting for 80% of the annual individual sales target. 

Other Experience

Designed Business Model and Started a New Business • Foreign Investment in Taiwan  |  Start-up  •  2020/06 - 2020/07

  • Collaborated with partners and an accounting firm in designing a business model with an investment process, outlining steps in creating a custom domestic portfolio for overseas clients. 
  • Gained big-picture thinking and accumulated experience in making decisions even though it failed eventually.


  • Ministry of Economic Affairs - Financial Management Consulting Training  經濟部 - 財務管理顧問結訓 
  • Personal Insurance Representative  人生保險(壽險)業務員 
  • Property Insurance Representative  產物保險業務員


Tamkang University  淡江大學

International Business Administration

2009/09 - 2013/06

Mandatory Military Service

Coast Guard Administration  海巡署

  • Trained 8 rookies.
  • Published 2 articles on knowledge management and local fishing culture.

2013/10 - 2014/07


Mandarin Chinese

English (TOEIC 805)

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