Jenny Nguyen

Full-stack Developer  •  Sydney, AU  •  [email protected]

I have over six years of experience in developing back-end and front-end features for global companies in the logistical, sales and marketing and finance fields.

Technical Skill Summary

In the past six years, I have developed the following while on Version Control Systems such as Git and Team Foundation Server:

  • Web applications with node.js and Express as the backend; React and Redux as the frontend; and MySQL as the database.
  • Mobile applications with C# .NET or VB.NET as the backend; Cordova, AngularJS and JavaScript libraries as the frontend; and SQL Server as the database.
  • Web applications with C# .NET / VB.NET as the backend; AngularJS and JavaScript libraries as the frontend; and third-party web services that have their own storage architecture.
  • Web applications with Ruby on Rails as the backend; HTML, CSS and JavaScript as the frontend; and PostgreSQL as the database.
  • Enterprise-sized applications with C# .NET WinForms; WebForms and JavaScript as the frontend; and SQL Server as the database.
  • Android mobile application with a third-party RPC-JSON web service; and SQLite as the database.

Professional Experience

Software Developer @ SMASH! Inc, Nov 2018 - Present

SMASH! Inc organises the annual SMASH! Sydney Manga and Anime Show.


  • Implementing features on our server web application.
  • Implementing features on our internally and publically client web application.
  • Reviewing implemented features of fellow Software Developers.
  • Updating and reviewing documentation such as the Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD) of the web application and repository readme files.

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Analyst Programmer @ Prosegur Australia, Sep 2017 - Present

Prosegur Australia provides secure cash management solutions to large enterprises like the Big Four banks and small and medium companies like gyms and pubs.


  • Implementing features on a desktop web application that is internally client facing.
  • Implementing an API to a web service so the publically client facing desktop web application, which I am working on, and the mobile application can use the same API. 
  • Implementing features on a mobile-friendly web application that is publically client facing.
  • Implementing features on a cross-mobile platform app that is internally client facing.
  • Practising SCRUM development.

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Junior Developer @ WiseTech Global, Dec 2012 - Dec 2016

WiseTech Global develops leading enterprise software in the logistics field and has over 6,000 customers in over 125 countries.

Significant Recent Projects & Duties

  • Refactored the Human Resources module using SOLID principles and Test Driven Design using C# .NET WinForms so more features can be more easily implemented without breaking existing features.
  • Implemented features on the Human Resources module, such as being able to view at a glance or in detail of the latest result of an in-house test an applicant has completed, using C# .NET WebForms and JavaScript.
  • Documented the Human Resources module for the incoming Human Resources product manager to peruse and for knowledge transfer to other developers.
  • Implemented an email add-on in an enterprise system, which could be used on any record-based module without breaking existing email features, using C# .NET WinForms.
  • Solved issues on heavy logic sales reports, such as some records not being displayed, using T-SQL and automated tests in C#.
  • Mentored interns who were in their first year or last year of university and were doing their 6 months work placement.

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Student Ambassador @ Google, Feb 2012 - Dec 2012

I acted as a liaison between the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) and Google. I planned and hosted events with UTS clubs on campus, and helped Google understand my university better.

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Education Background

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, Diploma in Information Technology Professional Practice @ University of Technology Sydney, Jun 2017

Front-End Web Development @ General Assembly, Jun 2017

Extracurricular Activities

Vice President @ UTS Programmers' Society, Oct 2017 - Oct 2018

UTS Programmers' Society is a group dedicated to sharing information and resources in order to encourage learning in Information Technology, particularly in the area of programming, by hosting a variety of ongoing projects and events.


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Provided upon request.

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