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If you have ever wondered what it would be like to be a wolf or how the pack and their lives work, you can find out now. Wolf Tales Home and Heart is a great game by Foxie Ventures that allows you to build your own wolf pack and see what it would be like to be a wolf. At the beginning of the game you start as a lone wolf. As you progress, you can build your pack by recruiting cubs from breeding, from allied clans or by recruiting a rival clan’s alpha by defeating him in a combat. If you decide to breed, there is a chance that the cub will be born a level higher than its parents, which is a great advantage. It is a good idea to breed the highest level wolves since they bring more chances of stronger cubs. Also, at the beginning your den can hold up to five wolves, and if you want a larger pack you have to build/dig a larger den. Wolf Tales: Home & Heart is a great PVP game with modes that offer a lot. When you enter the PVP mode in a den, the battle starts immediately and you are assigned either a red or blue team. Then, you have to run around, securing bases and attacking the other team. However, you may encounter players at a higher level than yours, which could get frustrating if you can’t level up fast.

In this game, you will of course have currencies. Meat is one of the essential currencies and you can get it from a rabbit or a rival wolf after defeating them to gain meat. You can use meat to level up your wolf and its abilities. Digging bigger dens and breeding also require meat, and you will probably spend plenty of time farming for meat to satisfy your in-game needs.

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