I'm a passionate software engineer, architect, serverless enthusiast, and technical writer with several years of professional experience in the German automotive industry working for clients like Porsche AG. In those years, I've built and delivered several services to production with various technologies & migrated existing ones from on-premise to the cloud.

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Esslingen am Neckar

 hello . at . tpschmidt . dot . com


Services, Technologies & Frameworks

AWS (Top 20% ), Java (Top 20% ), Azure, Kotlin, Node.js, PulumiTerraform, CloudFormation, Serverless Framework, Lambda, DynamoDB, Spring / Spring Boot, Nest.js, NoSQL, JavaScript, Angular, SQL, Bash, Python, Fargate, Elastic Container Service, Docker, Kafka, Avro, LDAP, HTML, SCSS, TailwindCSS, Apigee, ElasticSearch / Kibana (ELK), RestAssured, Ping Federate


DevOps, Domain Driven Design, Test-Driven Development, Clean Architecture, Clean Code, KISS, Continuous Integration & Delivery, SCRUM/Agile, SAFe, Test Automation, Event-Driven Architecture

Jenkins/JobDSL, Maven, Git, Jira/Confluence, Office365, Teams, Slack, Zoom, Selenium, BrowserStack, Postman/Newman, JMeter


Major Project Experiences

AWS Fundamentals - Role: Author and Trainer
since 07 / 2022, ongoing - awsfundamentals.com

- An e-book (1,5k+ sales) and newsletter (8k+ subscribers - one issue every two weeks) to teach people around the world about how to use AWS in real-world projects.


STIHL ID - Customer: STIHL AG, Role: Cloud Architect & Software Engineer
since 11 / 2021, ongoing - app.stihl.com

- Developing a distributed identity-management solution for STIHL customers on Azure.

- Creating and maintaining a platform inside a mono-repository for multiple teams to quickly building and deliver applications via blueprints and shared libraries.


LeaseTeq Portal - Customer: LeaseTeq AG, Role: Backend Engineer
08 / 2022 - 04 / 2023 - leaseteq.ch

- Implementing the business logic to create and sync leasing contract details between different parties.


PorscheID - Customer: Porsche AG, Role: Tech-Lead & Software Engineer
02 / 2017 - 10 / 2021 - my.porsche.com

- Architecture & implementation of various services and processes:

Customer Profile Core Backend · Consent Management System · Signup & Vehicle Registration/Confirmation · Communication with the Vehicles Gateway (MBB) and other external services · Kafka Integration · Apigee Proxies for Public APIs · Communication with SAP CRM Systems · Data Model Migration

- Migration of existing on-premise services to the AWS cloud with zero downtime.

Technologies/Stack: AWS (ECS, DynamoDB, Lambda, SQS, CloudFront, ...), Java, Kotlin, Node.js, Nest.js, Serverless Framework, CloudFormation, Terraform, Apigee

Insights: >1m users & serving millions of requests per day, 100% uptime with a multi-region & multi-availability zone setup with fail-overs & traffic shifting for deployments


Weddingtastic - Role: Tech-Lead & Software Engineer
since 09 / 2019, ongoing - weddingtastic.com

- Design & implementation of a solely serverless architecture powered by Lambda, DynamoDB, SQS, S3, CloudFront & various other services:

Authentication & Authorization · Content Upload & Delivery · User Management · REST APIs for Web and iOS/Android clients · Real-Time Events · Email Communication & more

- Implementation of both Web-Frontends

Technologies/Stack: AWS (S3, DynamoDB, Lambda, SQS, CloudFront, ...), Terraform, Serverless, Node.js, Nest.js, TailwindCSS, Angular

Insights: everything pay-per-use, almost zero upfront costs from starting development to reaching production MVP, now serving several thousand requests per day


Aerwork - Role: Backend Software Engineer
07 / 2020 - 07 / 2021 - aerwork.app

- Architecture & Implementation of the serverless backend services, built on AWS:

Authentication & Authorization with Cognito · Content Management · Email Communication & more

Technologies/Stack: AWS (DynamoDB, Lambda, SQS, CloudFront, ...), Serverless, CloudFormation, Node.js, Nest.js, JavaScript



  •  AWS Community Builder - since 2012; sharing knowledge & content to enhance AWS' worldwide community.
  •   Winner MyPorsche ShipIt Day 2019 - built a Telegram ChatBot for natural-language based search to eat out.
  •  Top 2000 Writer June 2021 - one of the writers where members spend the most reading time.
  •  Top 1500 Writer July 2021 - one of the writers where members spend the most reading time.
  • Software Engineering Practise Lead at iC Consult 2020/21 - building an advanced internal tech community.
  • Scientific Assistant at KIT 2012 - working at the institute for data structures & algorithms.

Work Experience

Freelancer - Independent Cloud Consultant & Software Engineer
since 10 / 2021

Consultancy services for cloud architecture & software engineering in all web areas.


Dashbird - Developer Advocate
since 09 / 2021

Increasing awareness of the product through talks, articles, podcasts and more. Educating users on how to get the best out of it & creating and maintaining a community. Being the intersection between the developers & the team at Dashbird.


iC Consult GmbH - Software Engineer, Architect & Consultant
02 / 2017 - 10 / 2021

Helping clients to move to the AWS cloud while enhancing their core products in parallel. Creating new services from scratch, fully serverless with minimized operations and endless scalability.


iC Consult GmbH / Karlsruhe Institut of Technology - Working Student
04 / 2016 - 09 / 2016

Master thesis about software quality, security and identity and access management (IAM). Also building a technical analysis tool for reviewing & rating usability of several customer-facing IAM products across different industries.



Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,
Master's Degree (1.9), Computer Science

Main Emphasis: Telematics & Software Engineering

2014 ~ 2016

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology,
Bachelor's Degree, Computer Science

Main Emphasis: Software Engineering

2009 ~ 2014

General University Entrance Qualification
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