Roommate: Accidental Encounter

I had heard some sounds on the other side of my roommate's door as I came up to it, but I paid them no mind; I did as I usually did and gave a cursory knock before entering her room.

There she was, on the corner of her dresser, wearing nothing but a shirt, a thick dildo suction-cupped to the dresser buried almost to the hilt in her ass. Her legs were spread apart, one foot on her bed and the other up on the dresser top, and the one hand not bracing against the wall behind her was at her crotch, her fingers frozen against her sopping wet pussy as she paused in mid-gasp to stare at me with scandal in her fiery blue eyes.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. My gaze jumped from the curl of her toes to the indents where her nipples poked at her shift fabric, to the muss of her curly blonde hair. But I paid most attention to the fact that, despite having been staring at her for a few seconds now since my surprising entrance, she did not scream at me to leave or frantically attempt to conceal her intimate details.

She had gasped when I entered, and after a few seconds of disbelief, she exhaled and began to breathe again, her chest heaving beneath her shirt. My eyes returned to hers, and we stared at each other for a moment before the most subtlest of clues gave me an encouraging feeling. The twitch of her eyebrow, and the slightest tilt of her head to the side, and the resuming of the movement of her fingers in the juicy folds of her pussy gave hints of openness to exploration.

I decided then and there to proceed.

I was stepping out of the pool that my pants and shorts had made when I dropped them to the floor, and moving toward her before I knew what I was doing. My cock was already mostly hard, having been flaccid before entering the room, and it hardened fully as I made the journey across my roommate's floor. As I strode toward her, she kept her legs open, but removed her fingers from her snatch, and angled her hips such that her pussy was displayed to me fully. 

This event must have been prognosticated by the ancient seers, because, taking into account how long my legs were, the dresser was at the absolute perfect height for me to fuck my roommate in this position.

One last glance into her eyes showed nothing but blue-hot fire, so when I was within range, I grasped the base of my dick, aiming the head of it toward her slickest region, and let her soaking topography guide my glans into her entrance. She gasped abruptly as my muscular member pushed aside her tissues, and slipped inside of her. Her arms wrapped around my upper back as I sunk deeper into her incredibly tight corridor; no doubt the dildo she was impaled upon accounted for the extra level of tightness resisting the entrance of my reproductive organ into her own.

A shuddering breath left her as her body opened up to allow more of me in.


One of her legs snuck around my waist to rest against the small of my back, while the other remained planted against the bed frame. My eyes were squeezed shut, my racing mind trying desperately to contain how I felt, lest my loins release their load. With her depending on me primarily for balance, I splayed my hand against the wall behind her for a brace, and began moving in and out of her.

I opened my eyes and blinked; her face was mere inches from mine, watching me intently as the breath hissed in and out of her mouth. A panoply of thoughts expressed themselves across her facial features, as I'm sure was the same for me. Why are we doing this? What will this mean for us? Will we get caught? All that and more rushed through our minds too quickly to contemplate properly. The sensation and the intimacy we were creating together, however, were vast yet simple concepts, made to be revelled in. 

Catching my rhythm, my roommate began to bounce up and down on her dildo in time with my thrusts, and since she had been at work before I even entered the room, it was a mere dozen of seconds before she began to break tempo, speeding up her bounces and accelerating her breathing until her efforts culminated.

The walls of her vagina clamped on me as she buried her face in my neck and squealed, the pressure of her musculature so strong that when I pulled back to drive back in, I was forced out of her tunnel, so that when I pumped my hips intending to piston in, my hard cock slipped wildly up to slickly grind against her clitoris. My roommate's squeal turned into a shriek, and her body shook as if a downed electrical wire just touched her spine, and her fingernails dug into my upper back and drew red divots in their wake as she drew her hands down my back.

"Oh." I said dumbly as my dick swung from side to side held between us by both of our crotches, "Sorry!"

Her blonde head shook side to side as she convulsed once more before straightening up as best she could, drawing her arms off of me until she was just gripping my neck with her hands. Her eyes, inundated with pleasure, screamed at me to continue until I was done.

So I repositioned myself, and managed to squeeze myself back into her guts despite the dildo cramping the passage and the clamping of her vaginal walls. I plunged deep into her and began to fuck her, the impending end drawing nearer and nearer with each glide of lubricated skin over skin.

The floodgates opened, and my thrusts became stronger and slower. My breaths came ragged as the pleasure wave rose until the fluids rushed through me and blasted through my member and into my roommate, who hung on to me for dear life.


I throbbed over and over again, spastic thrusts of my hips attempting to deposit my ropes of semen deeper than the last time.

Finally I relaxed my tensed body with a deep breath, and I felt soft lips kissing my neck and cheek. My eyes, open but unseeing, came into focus on the flushed face of my roommate, and our breaths mingled together before sharing a slow, deliberate kiss, a kiss meant for the deepest of lovers. 

It was not what I wanted, but I pulled myself from her embrace, my cum following my cock out of her body to spatter on the tile floor. Her limbs were reluctant to let my body go, but they did, and I weaved on my feet, the heady orgasmic unbalance strong. For a moment I just stood there, the experience still flooding my brain, until I came back to earth with a start. I looked at her pussy, flooded with my pearly white secretion.

"I hope you, um…" I began.

"Don't worry about it." she said, cutting me off. Her tone was not resentful or accusatory, so I let the sentiment die. She lifted herself shakily up and off the dildo, with a grunt from her it left her anal cavity. I picked up my clothes and made to leave the room, my propriety returning more and more fully as the flood of dopamine leveled out. 

"See you later." 

I turned at the doorway to see her watching me leave, a fingernail in her mouth, and slick fluid trails on her thighs and jumping flames in her eyes. I nodded with a smile, and left the room. 

Yes. She would..


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