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Ostra Fine Foods is the most prominent retailer of cheap seafood from Vietnam. It is located within Phnom Penh, OSTRA Fine Foods is a gourmet food distributor across Cambodia comprising Kep, Kampot, Sihanoukville, Siem Reap, and Battambong Provinces. Their mission is to supply the most affordable and freshest food most affordable food products from Vietnam to their clients. Ostra Fine Foods also offers an affordable seafood and experience Oyster Bars located at Samdach Sothearos, Eden Garden, Boeung Snor as well as Siem Reap.

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ostra fine foods

Dory fish is a type of pangasius catfish. It can grow to a huge size, and their feeding to body weight ratio can be described as a an occurrence and they also take a vegetarian, diet of soya. The species found that are found in Singapore are mostly from Cambodia I believe, they are generally processed into fishballs as well as are sold as surimi crabsticks.

Pacific Dory is a fresh aquaculture fish that is primarily by the Mekong River system. It is among the most popular aquaculture species in the world and is quickly growing into one of the sought-after fish species in Europe as well as northern America in north America, Europe and Australia. Pacific Dory is a fast and easy to use and economical product suitable for hotels, restaurants buffets, functions and restaurants. Pacific Dory fillets are simple to defrost, have no bones and do not cause wasted food. They're among the most value-for-money fish fillets available, which makes Pacific Dory the perfect item for the modern-day cost-conscious chef. The majority of them are sold in packages of four fillets, this fish is also suitable to be included on the menu of a la carte. Pacific Dory is a lean mild fish that gives plenty of options for cooking techniques, however the most effective method is to maintain its soft texture and delicate taste. It requires only a few ingredients to improve the taste and typically all that is needed are the most basic ingredients like lemon juice and olive oil, salt and pepper. Pacific Dory - a Healthy Option Like all seafood, Pacific Dory contains a lot of protein, and also low in fat. Consuming it two to three times per week, it lowers the risk of developing heart disease strokes, bowel cancer, and heart attacks and aids to prevent many other illnesses. Regular consumption of fish is considered to be a way to live more longevity and a healthier life.As as such, eating fish as part of a healthy diet program is recommended by health professionals and doctors across the globe.

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ostra fine foods

Worst possible service ever. Met with a sales manager at a chamber event and expressed that I wanted to order the next day please follow for my new restaurant and Skybar. No call and no response to my messages. Two weeks later I tried again and still haven’t had one conversation with a human! Called the number list on Google today and says the number can not be reached. I have no idea how this place stays in business but they have lost my business worth 185 seat restaurant!!!!

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