Danny Wang

Entry Level Front-End Web Developer with extreme passion about making new applications/features from scratch. Enjoy learning new stuff and helping others acquire new skills. Having great communication skills working with people from different fields. Looking for a Front-End/Full-stack developer position to sharpen the skills I acquired.Aiming to be a full-stack developer in the future.

Entry Level Front-End/Full-stack Web Developer
[email protected]

Work Experience

Amazingtalker, Junior Front-end Developer, Mar 2020 ~ June 2020

Front-end developing(vue.js) and back-end developing(ruby on rails). 
●Refactoring partial legacy code on both front-end and back-end,improving maintainability and performance. 


Iscom, Junior Consultant, Nov 2018 ~ Feb 2019

Assisting our clients implementing smart factory by performing site inspection and complete necessary documents for government funding program.
●Giving live demonstrations about data collecting software,showing the collected data and what the 
data represents.
Collaborate with developers on our HR/EIP system by collecting clients feedback and reported issues.Performing functional testing after the issues addressed.


Hess International Educational Group, English Teacher, Jul 2014 ~ Jul 2016

Collaborate with foreign teachers from different countries,giving specific suggestions according to their performance and helping students fit in different teaching style.
Design and perform in-class activities base on students learning process,age and ability.For each student,I'll send a report to the parents according to their kid's performance at the end of each semester.Parents and students then get to decide whether they'll move on to the next level.The three classes I taught in the two years period all got 95% and higher 
retention rate
Communicate with parents on a monthly basis,helping them understand how their kids doing in class and provide learning suggestions.If I notice a student finds the current level way to difficult/easy,I'll have their parents know and arrange the 
student skip/redo the current level. During those two years,I arranged 2 students skipped and 4 students redid the same level. 


Bonnie Cram School, Math Teacher, Jul 2013 ~ Jul 2015

Courses and material design,teaching classes that have between 5~12 students.Design different tests for each student base on their current abilities. 
Provide online learning resources for students and introduce the idea of "Flipped Classroom" to one of my class.



Alpha Camp,Full-Stack Web Development Courses,2019~present


National Tsing Hua University, Master of Technology Management , 2014 ~ 2017


National Chiao Tung University Bechlor, Management Science, 2010 ~ 2014




  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • Sass/Scss
  • Bootstrap
  • Materialize
  • Vue.js
  • Nuxt.js
  • vuetify.js


  • Node
  • Express
  • Ruby on rails
  • GraphQL


  • Chinese(Native)
  • English(Fluent)

  • Japanese(Beginner)


  • MySql
  • Postgres
  • MongoDb
  • Firebase

Reversion Control

  • Git (gitflow)
  • SVN

Other Tools

  • Trello
  • VScode
  • Heroku
  • Travis CI
  • Slack
  • Docker
  • Google chrome extension

 Side Projects

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Nextmeal is an online food ordering platform developed by a three-man team.The platform was built on Vue,Express,Node and Mysql and many third-party APIs. Check out our site and our github page for more detail.

Main Contribution

  • ERD and RESTful API design
  • User authentication, analytic report panel for restaurants owner and admin
  • Cooperate with teammates to set up database, create seeders, and deploy the app
  • Database and model configuration, back-end automation testing and Node.js scheduler integration
  • Write Unit tests and API Documentation
  • Code review for teammates



Vinterestis basically a pinterest inspired clone which mainly built with vue.js,vuetify,mongodb,graphql,vue-apollo,json-web-token and firebase storage.You can find out more detail here.

Kits and API used

  • vue.js
  • vuetify
  • vue-router
  • vuex
  • firebase
  • vue-apollo
  • graphQL
  • mongodb
  • node.js

Practice Highlight

  • graphQL for backend server
  • front-end layout
  • vuetify usage
  • firesbase storage
  • hand craft waterfall layout
  • hand craft lazy-load and infinite scrolling
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Simple Twitter Clone(Demo/Github)


Simple Twitter Cloneis a dumb down twitter clone using HTML/CSS/Javascript which inspired by a online tutorial. For css management ,I use stylus as css preprocessor. Just try to keep codes more maintainable. It's only for front-end layout practicing, mainly focuses on the layout of three pages(main, login & new feeds)

Built with

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Javascript
  • Stylus

Practice Highlight

  • Modern Web Layout design(mostly with flex&grid)
  • Stylus CSS Preprocessor